Rojan New Phone Secretariat

Rojan, the telephone of Secretariat for the real estate industry has recorded his work. Since 01.10.2009 caretaker and developer is on the phone in Nuremberg, Herpersdorf for real estate agents. Area of 100 square metres Office 12 employees spread across two layers in the sales order as telephone secretaries. The General Manager Mr. Jorg Endres knows the industry for 10 years and has long delayed the step into self-employment.

Finally, it was the tax adviser, who repeatedly said: “Man, that’s what they do, why they do not finally even do that?” It’s now so time with four months of intense preparations and a self-financed construction. A specially developed software for call acceptance offer completely new possibilities for real estate companies. Even the telephone system, based on an open source solution is a unique solution. “Much love there”, Jorg Endres says with a grin. The first customers are already operated thanks to collaborations, such as with the IVD and software manufacturers,. ring the phones in Herpersdorf already quite busy.

In terms of service and individual approach to the concept of Jorg Endres is right up front: we are working for each customer in the small team of maximum 4 Secretaries. So our customer knows my staff quickly, quickly know the customers and of course his caller. To increase the quality, the service and all are happy!” Monday to Friday the team by Rojan available from 07:00 until 20:00 and is used quite flexibly as Hall, as a supplement if all out of the House, or call and about the extension of the own business hours. Also on Saturday, important for agents, managers and developers, the service is active. According to the Rojan motto: more accessibility, more contacts, more business! The customer manages his absence times easily via the login “Sekretarin2. 0” on the Internet. So the Secretaries of Rojan know at any time what information they can give the caller. Detailed phone logs end up in various file formats to the Processing equal more convenient isn’t it after the end of the call the principal! To the performance spectrum of Rojan, see