New Highspeed Robotic Camera

SCC-C6403P – Dome Camera Series SmartDome. Continue to learn more with: Eva Andersson-Dubin. The camcorder SCC-C6403P used 10-fold digital zoom and built-in lens with a 32-fold optical zoom, due to what is provided by 320-fold increase, thanks to this Camera SCC-S6403P can just ‘grab’ an object at a distance using the autofocus. System for digital signal processor allows the camcorder Samsung SCC-C6403P reproduce clear and high quality image as bright and dark objects. Camcorder Samsung SCC-C6403P lets you clearly see objects in low light conditions, due to its high sensitivity, allowing to observe a minimum illumination 0.01 lux. The camera Samsung SCC-C6403P a function ‘Day / Night’. In addition, the chamber SSC-6403P provides a convenient pan in a manual mode in the range of 350 and tilt in the range of 90 in 64 steps. Due to the speed of angular displacement of up to 240 / sec in While working in the preset mode, the user can instantly observe desired points. The camera Samsung SCC-C6403P interfaces are RS-485 (half-duplex and full duplex) / RS-422 remote control, as well as possible organize a single system with up to 128 cameras with the use of exclusive controllers Samsung (SSC-1000 SSC-2000).

One of the main features of the camcorder Samsung SCC-C6403P is the presence of various avtofunktsy that can be set user. The function of this camera “Preset” is different from similar functions camcorders from other manufacturers: there is an opportunity not only to set the 128 camera positions, the values of the zoom and focus, but can also be image adjustments for the respective areas of observation. Thus, the user can pre-install and maintain the state of each of the controlled parameters of the camera that affect the image, such as aperture, speed shutter and white balance. This camera features Samsung SCC-C6403P expands application range camera SmartDome, taking into account the different circumstances of camera installation. Scan function crawls predefined areas to make it possible to quickly see the situation in critical locations. Camcorder Samsung SCC-C6403P addition supports automatic panning, which allows you to pan the camera with constant speed in designated areas to monitor designated by the user places the function “template” to preserve and repeat performed by the user within 30 seconds of operation pan / tilt / zoom (up to 3 operations), and provides a powerful input / output of alarm and motion detection. For the alarm function has four inputs and three outputs. Options alarm and motion detection can be used with reference to the functions of “Preset” and “Template”, specified by the user.


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