The Pilgrim’s way to Santiago de Compostela enjoys recently becoming popular. The pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain in the Middle Ages was already committed by thousands of people. Pilgrims came from all over Europe to the tomb of St. James the apostle. Nothing has changed until today. If necessary, the means of transport to the part – have become different. Still, most people walking pilgrimage.

2010 will be a challenge for the Spanish municipalities and provinces, through which runs the Pilgrim’s way. The reason: it is a Holy year, and the rush of visitors is almost double, so the projections. But you are prepared. The communities have created additional Pilgrim hostels reopened and overnight stay possibilities. The Wegemarkierungen have been renewed and some impassable place made passable. But there’s more: many churches and memorials have been spruced up and you remembered, that of the Pilgrim’s way a few years ago had been declared by the UNESCO as the world heritage.

The pilgrims can come. And they be: Pilgrim’s staff and Pilgrim Hat, with a long neck, as in the middle ages, or but modern dressed and equipped and indistinguishable from a tractor. But the appearance is indifferent. For those who go the way of St. James, it depends on the goal on their way. Many associate something spiritual, which must not necessarily be something religious with the pilgrimage. And they connect it to a centuries-old tradition, which has been maintained until today and last but not least experiencing a renaissance thanks to the book by comedian Hape Kerkeling. -But not in such a hurry who it with his goal, which should perhaps on of the year 2011 to wait, because then it will go to certainly somewhat quieter Jacobs route to Santiago de Compostela on the camino frances. Alexandra Maier pilgrimage route to the Cathedral