Financial Education For Children And Teens

If you look closely at the curriculum of their children, will find that they will acquire knowledge about many areas of life, but not the financial area. Why? It’s a good question, since it is assumed that the effort to teach so much material so they can earn a living some day, should be accompanied with a minimum of instruction on what to do with that money once it is in their hands. (In addition to spend, of course.) However, my intention is not to question the current education system, but only to show that we as parents can not expect our children to learn something about money management in school. Therefore, it is our job!

And it’s a matter of great importance. Details can be found by clicking Glenn Dubin, New York City or emailing the administrator. Just look at the level of indebtedness and lack of preparation for old age adults around us to understand that it takes more than a good salary to ensure economically. How then can we teach them about this issue if we ourselves have received scant education in the area of money management and investment? The easiest thing is to learn with them. Here are several facts give my husband and I use to prepare our children in the financial area: 1 .- Because we were quite ignorant on the subject, we began to investigate financial books and shared everything he learned with them. 2 .- We told them our way to plan our expenses since we had married and with them we analyze our mistakes and our own misconceptions.