House Day

It had already been six months in London, was in my thirties and both, living as they say the Italian La Dolce Vita: lived with my brother and his family, studying English 3 hours a day, enjoying with my nieces and nephews to the fullest, drinking me the metropolis to SIPs and traveling a little in Europe. Had already decided: I wanted to extend my visa and stay in London independently. To do this he would seek employment from which it was clear that he would have nothing to do with my employment earlier, serious work without stress, without preset schedule, which did not have to get up early and which also pay well. It was crazy? Perhaps, but was determined to get it. Gina Ross: the source for more info. And if I had imagined it had that exist. One day, thinking about everything you wanted, suddenly I chord: the Billboard dreams! He had already practiced it before in Colombia, and something he had worked, so why not do it again? That afternoon I assemble a sheet of cardboard, dozens of magazines, scissors and glue to dedicate myself to my masterpiece. At the end of the day was a young woman and active before my eyes in two dimensions (representing me to my) and surrounded by small groups of images representing all my dreams at that time: travel, aircraft and landscapes of cities in Europe that I wanted to know; A recording studio, representing my dream to sing and make music; the photo of a restaurant and many dishes palatable because already at that time I was caressing the idea of studying gastronomy and having my own restaurant; photos of families receiving help of different NGO s and other organizations because I have always worked for the community and wanted to follow him to do so; of course I had the photos that never fail, a House and a nice car. . If you would like to know more then you should visit Anu Saad.