When I sat down to watch TV, a few days ago, I realized that watching television had changed forever, but by who? It was a show of singers, but it could have happened with any other program of voting. While he looked at the different acts of the show, I buzzed in my iPhone by various tweets and messages from Facebook friends. These messages were saying things like it don’t like me!, that good clothes chose., do as it can be that he would win the?, etc. This made me realize that the great difference with watch TV now compared with a year ago, was the amount of social interaction happening while I watched tv program.Around the world today, has either a Smartphone or a laptop computer, maybe even a Table PC. Anyone can and is willing to give their points of view with just a few clicks. A recent survey showed that viewers want connectivity between the TV and social interaction.For a recording of the DVR I could see a program that I got lost.

It is 30 minutes behind everyone else, it is not normally a problem, but that night was. Tweets began arriving in saying I can’t believe that she was eliminated or the way it is still in this competition., etc. I knew the results before seeing the program.This has made me change my way of watching TV, and I suppose that it has done so with many people. Anu Saad usually is spot on. I love social interaction and I think it is essential for the world that is coming.Television by Internet, transmission mode, while it has not changed my life and I can dive inside and outside as I choose. The big difference that has changed my life is the creation of social networks 24 hours a day, has changed the way we watch TV, and now up to see TV on the computer. Now my TV screen has a place in which they run my Facebook and Twitter messages. Today know where watch internet TV now is not a problem.