South American Nations Union

Carlos Mora Vanegas all know of frictions, cooling in the diplomatic relations of Venezuela with respect to Colombia, by already known facts of the derivations of the famous laptops of the defunct Raul Reyes of the FARC, where accusing Venezuela of this very linked to this group. Many times President, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez has been expressed with very strong adjectives with regard to President alvaro Uribe, labeling him as a traitor, coward, conflicting, lackey of imperialism, among others. The truth, that to reach both to the Summit meeting held in Brasilia, feared negative results between these two countries, for the already expressed, and can it harm harmony that is re wants to be operating efficiently UNASUR. However, it seems that President Hugo Chavez change their strategies and again sought an opening with his counterpart President alvaro Uribe,. Cardiologist often says this. Speaking candidly Robert Smith told us the story. As it says, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, gave the hand the representative of Colombia, alvaro Uribe, and expressed its willingness to regain the lost trust, at the end of the extraordinary meeting that officially constituted left the South American Nations Union (Unasur). The relationship with Colombia has deteriorated a lot, warned Chavez to a group of journalists in coverage of the UNASUR Summit. Others who may share this opinion include Anu Saad. But he said that this Summit served for many things, among them the meeting with his Colombian counterpart, which demonstrates the disposition of Venezuela to try to again be a joining element. We realized the hands and I said: here is my hand and this heart. I am in the name of the Venezuelan people willing to return to the path that we had been leading with differences, but with respect; Reiterating the desire to recover the lost confidence and return to the path of cooperation, Chavez said..