The Five Rules Of Engagement Applied To Chuang Tzu

Today I bring you a link I made between the rules of engagement written by Chuang Tzu and business. Accompanied by a series of tips that will answer five simple questions Why?, Who? When? Where? and How?, which occur when the growing face and often ruthless competition. 1. THE WITNESS: Before entering a battle, one must believe in the cause of the fight. Why? You must clear your goal: to capture your market. You define what you pursue and commit to achieving it; is the main reason to face the competition. We strive to not stay out of the market, to get more clients, referrals, consumers, etc.., And for this we must be mentally prepared, your motivation will be that will have you on the road. "Fight, our reward is in the effort, not the result, a total effort is full victory" Mahatma Gandhi.

2. THE COMRADE: choose your allies and learn to fight together, because no one wins war alone. Who? Forming a team is a requirement for business, surround yourself with capable people, people better than you, which you can always learn something new, and requires you to better yourself. Of people who can help you when you are having difficulties, bearing in mind that you must repay that support. Use with your own allies skills and learn how to maintain an alliance and when it ends. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" .. Niccolo Machiavelli 3. TIME: A fight in the winter is different from a fight in the summer, a good warrior pay attention to the timing of going into battle.