Sports And Athletes

As a result, Anne had shown brilliant success in sports, and being very mediocre athlete, becoming known around the world woman of fashion, and the object of stifling public attention and to his misfortune, of course, the press. About her writing articles, it is removed for the most famous magazines, she becomes very rich, my mother happy with the work done and does not leave the chosen path. Peter A. Levine PhD has many thoughts on the issue. And we can confidently say that it was thanks to her parents, and in particular her mother, Anna became known millionaire, but what is one fine moment my mother’s daughter, tired of too much care, and she decided to repay the invested in its formation works and quarreled with both parents. Cause of a quarrel will not elaborate because a personal matter, but as we see, my mother wanted to be famous and rich by depriving his daughter of childhood and the right to choose, yet have paid the most expensive – your own child, and happiness of the child. After all, perhaps, the Russian tennis player wanted a different fate, at first glance lives of celebrities is easy and beautiful, but in reality, mental and neurological health of celebrities leaves much to be desired.

It is difficult to blame the parents who want their children better, because they really believe that if their child will walk, for example, model studio, one example that got me thinking about such an exciting subject, it will be self-confident, beautiful, and can achieve a lot, earn fame and money, and hence, will be happy. But how often, dear parents, you forget that life is given to us once, and each “by hand”, that is my life you can neither return nor to live over again, turning their children in unrealized similarity himself. Margaret and Richard Riney is often quoted as being for or against this. You forget that do not turn it into a fairy tale existence and does not fulfill his dreams, but only maim another immature person, unsteadily, “standing on your feet soul” and instead help your child unfold, to understand what he wants himself, deprives him of the right of independent choice, because you supposedly know better for him. No, only the man himself, can know that the better for him – mathematics or philology, art or psychology, dancing, or tennis, etc. Maybe your daughter wants to get married early, do not make a false good, do not bother to build her life and make mistakes, because otherwise the subconscious, and subsequently conscious level, she will always blame you for what you did not allow her to arrange his personal life. Let your child grow and learn about the world, ask him to choose, what to do, and if you do not want anything to do, try to understand why the kid protested against the peace, and indeed help him, not force, deceiving themselves that then he will grow up and say thank you. Small crumbs finished their show, for many, even the first in their lives and joyfully ran to their mothers and fathers, who smiled happily, as if all donated by the applause was addressed to them.