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A good resolution for 2013 eco-friendly heating with CO2-neutral gas! Leipzig, 7.1.2013 – the discussion around the turn of the energy awareness more and more consumers for energy prices and environmental protection. According to a representative, independent market study of the good mountain University of Mainz, 89% of CO2 neutral products and services consumers want to buy in the future. Who heat with gas, this 100% climate neutral gas do and far more favorable than at the most basic utilities. Depending on the region, up to 25% of the gas can save in addition to setting a personal mark for climate protection. For more information see Jon Medved. Cheap prices how does the? Independent gas supplier buy cheaper gas market and are cost effective. proWATT, raising gas on the spot market is flexible on the gas market, independent of the oil price and historical contracts with minimum quantities, the so-called take-or-pay clauses and optimized. The thus obtained price advantages we provide to our customers continue.”informs the Managing Director of proWATT GmbH, Thomas George.

Established suppliers are bound usually by long-term existing contracts with minimum quantities and oil ties to their suppliers and not promptly respond to market movements. High investment and personnel costs lead in addition to premiums for the overpriced gas prices.” CO2-neutral or biogas? The eco-conscious consumer can choose between CO2-neutral gas and biogas. Climate-neutral gas resulting from the combustion of natural gas harmful climate gases to 100% in climate protection projects are compensated. Bio-gas natural gas and a small admixture of bio-gas currently comprises most largely. The production of biogas can promote the cultivation of monocultures. Critical to look at the competition for the acreages between energy and food crops.

There are also vendors with simply structured alternatives to the confusing jungle In the confusing jungle with deposit, prepayment, package prices, bonuses and discounts, Tariff models. The customer shall pay for example only one price per kilowatt-hour consumed as usual in monthly tees with a 12-month price guarantee. Price components such as net use, concession supply and natural gas tax are included. Bonuses and discounts that are only paid if the customer remains over a year with the provider and the second year in purchase must make price increases, are already included in the price per kilowatt hour. Interested parties can determine your personal savings from January 2013 on the website on the calculator and learn further on the topic of green gas. Source market study: press / 21639.php through the gas provider proWATT: a service provider to the nationwide supply of natural gas and CO2-neutral gas by private households, branch offices, housing, property managers and commercial operations is proWATT up to a gas consumption of 1.5 million kWh (without registering performance measurement). The provider connects a competent service of shopping tactics independent company. This combination brings the customers to cheap gas prices with excellent customer service. proWATT, has many years of experience in the energy market and knows the needs of its customers. With this knowledge, for example, enhanced additional services designed for the housing industry. The product philosophy of the Leipzig gas supplier fair. transparent. sure”also applies to the new eco gas tariffs.

DEGERenergie: More Energy Yield In Italian Solar Parks

Technology from Germany increased efficiency Horb a.N., may 12, 2009. The Italian company Renergies Italia, specializing in renewable energy, has taken a new solar Park in operation in Andria, Apulia. The system WINS 40 percent more solar energy than conventional solar parks. The Swabian company, DEGERenergie, based in Horb am Neckar is responsible for the surplus. Renergies Italia currently operates four solar parks. Learn more about this with Anita Dunn. With these four plants Renergies WINS electricity annually approximately 6.3 million kilowatt hours from the Sun Eco-friendly and without any pollutants. Steffan Lehnhoff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Renergies in operation by the end of March 2009 has taken his latest photovoltaic Park near Andria in Apulia in southern of Italy of.

The energy yield of the one-megawatt plant increases the company through the use of 130 tracking systems of the type of DEGERtraker 7000NT developments of the German manufacturer DEGERenergie. Automatically tracking the systems fitted with solar panels to the path of the Sun. Each equipped with DAGHESTANI technology Solar system has a nominal capacity of 7.26 KWp. Michel Gouffon, Direttore Generale Renergies Italia: we are very pleased that we could provide our park in Andria with DEGERenergie technology. Thus we gain more energy, better secure our investments and provide a quicker return of the Park.\” \”Patented sensor control creates more income makes the patented sensor control with the DEGERconecter tracking with our systems particularly efficient\”, explains Artur Deger, founder and CEO of DEGERenergie.

This ensures that in its recent Park around 1.8 million kilowatt hours per year produced without tracking the yield would be Renergies around 1.3 million kilowatt hours.\” This Effizenzgewinn by about 40 per cent was for Renergies, to choose the tracking systems by DEGERenergie. The heart of the intelligent control that, patented control module DEGERconecter, was developed by Artur Deger in the year 2001 with Inventor awarded the prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg. The DEGERconecter constantly measures the intensity and angle of incident light rays and accordingly align the system with the solar modules.


Sunworx GmbH opened new branch in Italy on 1 August 08. Run a. d. Pegnitz, 04.08.08 before the background of increasing importance of the European photovoltaic, Sunworx strengthens its presence on the ground. The new branch in Italy takes over, in conjunction with partners, the complete design and implementation of photovoltaic systems. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contains valuable tech resources.

The LOI of a reputable investment company for the supply of 20 MWp solar modules of German quality from 2009 is already for the successful launch and stable growth. This is a success to the consistent efforts, only with high-quality components made in Germany”to go into the market. Managing Director of Sunworx, Willi Wohlfart, about the establishment of the branch in Italy: this economy is a more attractive market for Sunworx. “The reason: products made in Germany” stand for high quality standards and therefore enjoy an excellent reputation abroad, as well as in Italy,. We strive for a consistent building “Wholesale trade structure and are convinced that the strategically chosen location in Calabria offers positive conditions for further growth in the future markets of North Africa.” Portrait of the company: SUNWORX GmbH is one of the established photovoltaic system houses in Germany. The company trades with high-quality solar components of leading manufacturer for the German and international market. SUNWORX allows you to permanently productive and economical solar power through consistent brand policy, careful selection of suppliers and optimized price-performance ratio. Glenn Dubin often addresses the matter in his writings. SUNWORX sees itself as a competent partner for the qualified and efficient trade.

The end customer care and proper installation via a nationwide network of international partners. Press contact: Angela Sakpal Sunworx GmbH Marketing & PR on the angle the platform 1A 91207 run a. d.

Ningaloo Reef

Underwater encounters with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark (Rhincodon type), have become rare: your meat is a popular delicacy in Asia. When his name comes up, almost every diver gets wide-eyed. But underwater encounters with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark (Rhincodon type), have become rare: your meat is a popular delicacy in Asia. The great demand for whale shark meat, especially in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the prospect of over 3,000 per erlegtem whale shark fishing allure repeatedly to hunt the ocean giants. So they are acutely of threatened or extinct in many places already and now find themselves on the red list of species threatened with extinction. Without hesitation James S. Chanos explained all about the problem. The dimensions of the peaceful plankton Eater explain his name: with up to 14 metres in length, a four metre high elegantly curved tail fin, pectoral fins measuring two meters, a huge approximately 1,50 metre-wide mouth, up to 10 cm thick skin and weighing up to 15 tons, the cartilaginous fishes let so many Three species look small.

But the giant is still puzzling in many ways, although it is found in all tropical oceans, especially between the Equator and the 30th to 40th latitude. The leisurely then moving with a speed of 5 km/h Maverick, using her whole body, and not only the tail fin, with scrolling in contrast to other shark species swim, in apparently very attractive for sea areas meet certain seasons. These include the waters off the Philippine island of Pamilacan, the Gulf of California, the coast of Mozambique and Belize and the Ningaloo Reef in North-Western Australia. According to scientists, this is done either to mate or because of a seasonal rich food offer. (Similarly see: Eva Andersson-Dubin). The latter could at least explain the annual whale shark gatherings at the Ningaloo Reef. There the coral repel between April and may, billions of eggs and sperm into the water.

Armedangels Street Fashion

The first German fair trade certified Steetwear label to guest at the initiative for sustainability. Anton Jurina (28) and Martin Hofeler (25) have decided the two founders of the armedangels against a classical career. You wanted to start something of their own. And thereby provide a clear rejection of child labour, environmental pollution and exploitation. For even more details, read what Eva Andersson-Dubin says on the issue. Out of this idea, they have founded armedangels, the first fair trade certified streetwear label in Germany. Former students from Cologne all decisions in building their business in a fair and ecological context, and at the same time highest demands on design and quality. Consistently stand together this financial success and ethical correctness. Some contend that Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City shows great expertise in this. The now eight-member team works tirelessly for the success of the company.

And the use of pays off: at the beginning of the year was armedangels nominated for the German Founder’s Prize 2008. Armedangels will be not sustainable”talked and traded sustainably. All Production partners have transparent supply chains, raw material cultivation and production come from ecological and fair hand. armedangels is one of 110 German companies with the Fairtrade label. From each sold shirt armedangels a euro in the educational project donates The organization fighting poverty in India in the long term with an educational programme, by every child learns to read and write.

The Cologne start-up is the proof that social entrepreneurship and sustainability are the future for responsible and successful entrepreneurship. The team grows, the sales increase. And all on fair and organic way. The armedangels are on course for success. Initiative for sustainability which has established initiative in April 2005 by students there the set goal, public interested students, teachers, and the closer to the multifaceted mission of the sustainability.

Central Trinidad

Excursion in the hustle and bustle of Ant Colony who picnic goes at these pleasant temperatures with friends or in the outdoor swimming pool on the lawn, she meets guaranteed: bustling ants galore. But even if their nimble legs can sometimes unpleasant Tickle and even bite red forest ants, you should not be able to demonize the tiny. Because who consciously dealing with the complex system of an Ant Colony and meet their amazing skills, will be fascinated. A weightlifter is weak against it! The tremendous strength of an Ant, many have already heard safely. Even the best weightlifter is a weakling! Because the six-legged creatures with the tripartite bodies can lift up to one hundred times of their own weight. A 75 kilogram man would so lift a 7.5-ton truck to lift the same weight as an Ant! Also the estimate that total ten thousand trillion ants on the Earth live is almost unbelievable. Together they weigh more than the entire world population and make around 15% of the animal biomass on the planet out. And who would have thought that ants circulate worldwide even more ground as the earthworms known commonly as extremely useful? Universe ants inhabit a glass city hallmark of ants is their way of life: you join together in colonies.

Only they are able to survive. An isolated individual would perish within days. This complex system of life can be observed especially well in the universe of Bremen, where around 650,000 leaf-cutting ants from the Central Trinidad in a glass building of Ant life. Busy the animals up to 12 millimeters wide pursuing their tasks, get food, maintain the young and eliminate waste. As in the great outdoors, are the different areas of the life of the leaf-cutting ants in the universe strictly separated: there’s a glass lining ball, the ball of a nest and a garbage ball.


In everyday natural forces properly use – put together by Polaris how practical renewable energy in people’s everyday lives, which is an ancient knowledge. Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. It falls increasingly into oblivion. “New household appliances and artificial AIDS to displace the old home remedies ‘ which at the same time save energy supports energy transformation can be, and”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of the independent green energy company Polaris. Therefore, it has now dug out Polaris and shows six examples of how everyone in various everyday situations can use 100 percent renewable energy sources: Tip 1: Sun instead of stain remover with the power of the Sun can easily fight carrots -, bell peppers and other vegetables and grass stains. To wash the clothes and wet lay in the Sun. And already, the stain is gone after a few hours. The trick works on all organic stains. And if they are particularly stubborn, a few splashes of distribute lemon juice on it before washing.

Tip 2: wind instead of dryers and irons Who dries the linen in the wind, which saves time and costs. Because out there getting a little wind is blowing, the water molecules disappear usually faster lining as in the drying room. In comparison to the dryer air drying is not necessarily faster, but for low-cost: typical dryers consume per drying cycle up to four kilowatt hours electricity caused the extrapolated to the year round at a Zweipersonenhaus 70 euro per year. Important: Shaded areas are better to dry than the strong sunlight. You makes the laundry harder and can cause discoloration. Tip 3: rain barrel or collectors instead of tap water is a precious commodity in everyday life.

In the summer, if you must pour the garden or balcony daily, it is worth to collect rain water. But the rain water is suitable not only for casting. Because it contains no lime, it possesses a higher cleaner than tap water.


On the energy island of the GIH and the Bavarian energy e.V. turns it to the topic of interfaces in the construction”. “” “The exhibition will be accompanied by high-profile conferences such as for example the 2nd green building Conference: building with wood” which carried out together with the cluster forestry and wood in Bavaria, the cooperation forum will energetic building renovation trends 2009 “, in cooperation with Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Bavarian Energy Forum, the Conference innovative insulation products: vacuum insulation” from the GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen Bundesverband e.V, building the future – modern ventilation systems for energy saving and optimal living quality “”, organized by the Chamber of crafts of Swabia, as well as the workshop new EnEV”, organized by the Bavarian construction of Chamber of engineering. Abraham Maslow shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition to fair and Congress a wide free lecture programme the visitors. “On Saturday, the BAKA-is successful FORUM practice building on tour” continued.

Many free “Lectures on the subject of refurbishment renovation and modernisation”, as well as quality of life with a future “offer for planners, architects and energy consultants an opportunity of continuing education and training. In addition the BAKA-market square takes place on all four days of the fair building in the stock directly to the Forum. Here, professional consultations, rehabilitation and modernization projects, directly to practical solutions are offering the visitors. On Sunday, the BAYERNEnergie e.V. renovation lecture series organized the initiative.

but the right!”and aimed with many tips and tricks specifically to homeowners. A special forum of exhibitors in the exhibition hall provides many more free lectures. The RENEXPO 2009, international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It will be held September 24-27, 2009 in the trade fair Augsburg. For information about the exhibition, the congresses and the free lecture series, see.