Security Managing Director

Extensive engagement from the 75th anniversary / company is partner of art and culture facilities food. KoTTER is services competent partner in the area of art and culture for many years. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the family-owned company with its headquarters engaged in food with an extensive sponsorship for the Ballet Coppelia”in the Aaltho Theatre food. The production of Roland Petit premiered now successfully and returns for the new season (from end of September). Such as for arts and culture’s social commitment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

“Because without the commitment of private patrons, art and culture projects are unthinkable for a long time,” explains Frederick p. Kotter kotter Security Managing Director. At the same time we want to document with the theatre and Philharmonic food in this way our long-standing commitment.” An example of the Aaltho theater is the Philharmonie. Here the company has a purchase TheaterMobils”the theater and Philharmonie Essen GmbH are financially supported. In addition to the transportation of scenery parts is ensured by the minibus specially, that the actors during their visits easy access at the destination.

With the continuous financial support of the information media KoTTER contributes further to promote the sophisticated artistic activities in the capital of the culture services. As a service partner, the company provides various safety and services for arts and cultural institutions. This ranges from inlet controls over supervisory, wardrobe and cash services and cleaning services to the running of the shop. The Kal group emerges from a security company founded 75 years ago. The business areas span of human safety and safety engineering cleaning and personal services to the building management. If individual services or services as complex system solutions for customers are provided: KoTTER is services for quality of service. The systems service provider is represented with more than 85 offices in over 50 locations in Germany and achieved a group turnover of 280 million in 2008 with its nationwide 12,400 employees. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. More information is available in the Internet under:

PAL Dragos: The Future After Postmodernism

The future means also the overcoming of the intellectualism, selfishness and a unilateral materialism after Postmodernity from Postmodernism to the overcoming of the postmodern retro modern. This effort includes the development of new skills, in particular a new access to the human body. The matter”of the human body, we talk about the physical body, must be understood in connection with those forces that provide this material with a structure and make. The natural sciences have a methodological problem with these powers, which we can also call body forces, since they are subject to the laws of matter. Body forces are not irdischer and this provides the opportunity to establish a connection with the cosmic forces, to lead the people from his materialistic isolation and to get back with the wholeness in connection. We call the ability to communicate with the body forces sentience. They must however the intellect work together. If I call the future after Postmodernism as a retro modern, I emphasise the need, the skills of the intellect and the Enlightenment, these achievements of modernism, to take in the future.

These skills come through abstraction and speculation in postmodernism to serious damage. The ability still to be developed the sensation (using their structure) is the basis of individual ethics, which can replace the collective morality, like any kind of collectivism. Retro modern redeemed even the individual Socialist movements with their enemy the body rule catalogues. Capitalism also requires a metamorphosis. His vivid design requires the liberation of this formation of society from the grasp of the bourgeois subject. “The crisis of the bourgeois state economics see also from the same author: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation”, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: to the postmodernist you can from the same author Read also the press release from the 17.01.2012: what is postmodernism? -Infighting – self destruction”under:, under the heading: more press releases.

Han Shan

I see my task is to guide people and to accompany, to unlock your own deeply hidden wisdom and strength and this apply profitably in their lives. (Master Han Shan) The Nava DISA is Retreat Center for all suitable deep knowledge and understanding would integrate into your life. Whether to open new doors to create new alternative courses of action or to experience just a break at a place of harmony and to collect new energy. Harmony, culture, meditation and nature pure without giving up luxury is located in the Nava DISA retreat center. The Nava DISA retreat center Shan was designed by master Han trained proactive and is designed according to Feng Shui principles. The generously in the forest parks combine with meditation Islands, pavilions, relaxation areas, gardens, ponds, waterfalls and special symbol places harmony with stunning wild beauty. The heart of Nava DISA is the octagonal Meditationssala, is given the opportunity to the guided meditation. The restaurant Pavilion with its large terrace serves as a social Center for the exchange of views, relaxing and getting to know or even in silence fresh coconut milk to enjoy.

The bungalows with their large window surfaces are harmoniously integrated into the nature and allow a living close to nature. They are equipped according to international standards with air conditioning, shower, toilet, refrigerator and kitchenette. Approximately 60 to 100 square metres large bungalows are decorated according to facilities with living room, bedroom or living room and two bedrooms, with seating and many useful accessories. A dream is the corresponding terrace, which is ideal to rest and relax. In accordance with our biological clock, vegetarian specialities are served for breakfast and lunch. Enjoying the meals at this pace facilitates the optimal mental performance and physical freshness. There is a light evening meal on request.

The vegetarian meals are prepared by two cooks of the international gastronomy. In a retreat you are equipped with master Han Shan with the tools and methods, enabling it to open your deep inner wisdom and your powerful potential to develop. In doing so, retire completely from everyday life and allow themselves, without practicing the basics of inner opening external interference in a harmonious atmosphere. They are in themselves learn how the “law of nature – the natural laws of energy” your life influence, how can you deal with these energies and profitably applying it to your life. Learn how to overcome the limitations imposed on conventional training systems and Sciences us, through the development of the deep, inner wisdom. The results are new options and optimal results. In the Nava DISA retreat center, you will understand how the energies that determine your life impact. And permanently and profitably use these energies for himself. Just who can properly assess its own strength to apply consciously know positively guide other people and can act from a position of wisdom and strength. This wisdom and the deep, powerful Findings allow you insights into the law to win the natural energy laws of nature. Step by step you see how the phenomena of our world arise and pass again. You will learn how these phenomena can affect you and how to deal effectively with them. Strengthened and retooled from the retreat–go ready to face the world. Information and organization in Germany Katrin Mountain in Hindenburg Street 12a 35683 Dillenburg phone: + 49 (0) 2771-5000 fax: + 49 (0) 2771-5702 E-Mail: Internet: