What is heroin? In its pure form, heroin – it's completely white powder. But more often he found a pink-gray, brown and black. Its color depends on the impurities which it is diluted. These include sugar, caffeine and other substances. Street heroin is sometimes 'diluted' strychnine and other impurities. Various impurities do not dissolve completely and getting into the body, can clog blood vessels that lead to the lungs, kidneys and brain.

This alone can lead to infection or failure vital organs. When you buy heroin on the street, you never know the actual concentration of the drug in a single bag. Thus, addicts are constantly at risk of overdose. Addicts take heroin by injection, smoking or inhaling through the nose. During the first administration the drug creates a powerful euphoria. The man starts to behave liberated, easy to communicate with others, as well as he can increase sexual activity.

But all this while. Heroin is highly addictive, as breaking from him extremely painful. The drug quickly incapacitates the immune system, inevitably leads a person to unhealthy, emaciated state, and, ultimately, death. Statistics. The UN estimates that in the world today more than 10 million people use heroin. Out of every thousand taking opium, three will die this year. More than 85% of the world opium production accounts for Afghanistan. The cost of the crop is 600 million dollars a year. According to expert estimates, in Russia, the number of individuals, non-medical drug use is 3-3.5 million people, most of whom are drug users of opium. Heroin and morphine are two of the four types of drugs most frequently mentioned in reports about the deaths that occurred as a result of drug use. HIV cases registered in 87 Russian regions. The greatest number found in Moscow (15 805 cases). The main risk factor for HIV infection in Russia in 1996-2001, had intravenous drugs (93% of individuals with established risk factors for infection).


Scheduled drugs and systematic treatment can cure most of the cited problems of infertility, except the aging and chronic diseases. BGR Group has similar goals. But these treatments are very expensive and can have harmful side effects. An additional treatment may be required to overcome the side effects. Treatments performed through IVF or IVF and ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, are the best among the other methods of treatment of infertility. In this technique, the eggs that are outside of the uterus, are fertilized by the sperm and then moved inside. This treatment is indicated when other techniques do not yield results.

This technique is a progression hormonal controlled ovulation and implies the taking of eggs from the ovaries of women. In this way it helps the sperm to fertilize in a fluid medium. But this is not a normal process, since it consists in the excavation of eggs from the ovary, it fertilizes then them is in a laboratory and returns them to enter the uterus. In the normal process, the human body decides to choose the healthiest for reproduction, but the embryologist in the artificial process, makes this decision. However, when does not appear the most healthy, or not choosing the healthier, this can cause ill-health of the child during childbirth and even later in life. Some alternative techniques, with a holistic approach, are becoming popular in order to cure the problem of secondary infertility.

These techniques are preferred by people since they have less or no side effects. The method of acupuncture, for example, above all acupuncture ear or handset, is very effective in cases in which it has been female infertility that has caused some kind of malfunction of the ovary. The hormonal message that is transferred from the brain, is the most beneficial result received from this technique. According to the research trials, women who have received acupuncture treatment about 30 times in a period of 3 months have shown good results. On the techniques of alternative treatment, diet and lifestyle changes, have a place of much importance. Regular consumption of foods that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, cocoa, green tea, black tea and soft drinks, have harmful effects on conception and it does not recommend them. According to a study, a cup and a half coffee, in a woman who is trying to get pregnant, assures the delay of conception. Thus, the coffee is a food that should be denied to patients who suffer from infertility.Diets that include fish contaminated with PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls may also be cause for the substantial reduction of the ability to become pregnant. According to a study, women who consumed more than one meal that had fish contaminated with PCBs (acquired in Lake Ontario), developed a decline in their fertility within the first month. The best result for the treatment of infertility has been achieved through Chinese medicine, with acupuncture and, of course, with a holistic approach. The holistic approach comes to the depth of the problem and only then a delivery physical and spiritual, as well as also the emotional treatment, and not only the research of bodies carried out by Western medicine is performed. On the other hand, the conventional approach to the problem of infertility cannot detect and successfully eliminate the real causes, and Moreover, it may cause side effects. The holistic approach suggests a natural remedy and a way of life that can really solve the problem fast, and bring to light the real cause.