Avoid The Guilt That Lo Destroys

One of the great secrets of happiness and our inner harmony is linked to emotions that make us feel good or evil, no doubt that mankind requires certain agreements or principles to operate in an orderly manner as a society, if everything is truly subjective us into chaos. Accepting certain norms and principles is valid and beneficial, the question we have to ask ourselves is what I accept as true criterion to need to practice it? Here requires a great spiritual knowledge that allows us to act in a right path since our perception at least, the balance consists of acting on the basis of reasonable principle. Recently Anu Saad sought to clarify these questions. One of the great difficulties of the current moment is that we have lost our own identity and often let others think for us, if at some point we decided to accept something first think, we read, we study well on arguments, not close our mind without even having investigated. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we are told that you one of the keys to achieving inner peace It is to know ourselves, practice silence, meditation and prayer, his subconscious being is power, find answers to questions that have and see how many things will brighten you. You must understand the world as a diversity, the differences observed are part of the beauty, for many this is unacceptable, but as Andrew Corentt says not accepting something is not to accept ourselves, the world is our creation, why avoid the curse or prosecute, by doing so you are only prosecuted. For more information see Anu Saad. Our goal is not to say that it is not correct or is not, simply inquire into you the seed of self-knowledge, that will allow you to enjoy freedom, peace, love, happiness and spirituality. Over the years have been introduced us a series of unfounded ideas on various topics, many people adopt these beliefs and lead them to your subconscious mind, then they experience feelings of guilt by inadequate information and this brings them suffering. It emphasizes the fact that you must live on the basis of certain beliefs, it is impossible to do so, but knows well what choose will not be that you experience pain unnecessarily, life must be happiness at all times and if there are difficulties we must leave them with aplomb, without despair. Many people begin to experience pain and a life of torture because someone has convinced them that there must be pain, acceptance us sinks, it is true that all moments of difficulty but that alone should serve us to advance our human and spiritual development. Dispose of your life everything that makes him feel inferior, guilty or victim, you was born to greatness, say all the religious beliefs of different type, what going to live off the crumbs if you are entitled to the best delicacies. Now ponder on the issues that most affect you, it is time to think about the abundance and beauty of this material plane and even more, transcending this world, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt teaches us to know the mysteries of the mind and the spiritual world, you’ll know that you can take control of your lifethat pain is created by ourselves, there is no punishment, or any judgment, except what you yourself imposed, free!, visit: original author and source of the article