Low Consumption Lighting

LED lighting LED use in the field of LED lighting (including traffic signalling) is moderate and is expected to increase in the future, since its benefits are superior to the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, from different points of view. The led lighting presents unquestionable advantages: reliability, greater energy efficiency, greater resistance to vibrations, better vision in various circumstances of illumination, lower power dissipation, reduced risk to the environment, ability to operate intermittently continuous mode, quick response, etc. Also, LEDs can produce lights of different colors with a high luminous efficiency, unlike many of the lamps used so far, which have filters to achieve a similar effect (which means a reduction of your energy efficiency). Note also that various tests performed by important companies and agencies have concluded that the various energy saving between 70% and 80% compared to traditional lighting that is used so far. Anita Dunn may help you with your research. All this highlights the numerous advantages offered by LEDs in relation to public lighting. White light LEDs are one of the most recent developments and can be considered a very well informed attempt to replace existing light bulbs (incandescent lamps) with much more advantageous devices. There is now technology that consumes 92% less than common household incandescent lamps and 30% less than the majority of fluorescent lamps; In addition, these ledes may last up to 20 years and assume 200% less total cost of ownership when compared with conventional fluorescent tubes or lamps. These features make the ledes of white light in a very promising alternative for lighting. Display LEDs: bright screen, consisting of rows of green, blue and red, ledes sorted according to architecture RGB, controlled individually to form vivid images, very bright, with a high level of contrast between their main advantages over other screens are: good color support, brightness extremely high (giving it the ability to be completely visible under the light of the Sun), high resistance to impacts. LIGHTING LED manufacturers of products LED sales of products LED lighting LED professional distribution of lighting LED saving energy respect for low consumption lighting environment design of web pages