Once upon a time, when I was young, went in the studio is usually due to a desire for a "color" image. Well, who does not have an old childhood photo album of one or two of color photographs of the form "Dad, I'm mom" or "Mama, I'm male, and also a couple of photographs "I'm on a rocking horse" and "I'm on a tricycle." Of course earlier in the studio were backgrounds, accessories, and a bright light, but the main thing – it's "color" picture. The camera was, by the way, not everyone – Is not that now. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Celina Dubin on most websites. Now the camera is not just in every family – he is in every phone:) it would seem "Click" and the picture is ready. Color! So why do people still go to be photographed in the studio? First, and perhaps the main feature shooting in the studio – it's completely controlled lighting parameters. Only the studio allows the photographer to get a conceived image. The second (in general, probably the latter) feature Shooting in the studio – the background, or rather the possibility of abstracting from the background. It is very important for a portrait.

Portrait, taken somewhere in nature or in the interior, looks very different than a portrait in the studio. I do not say "better" or "Worse" – is "completely different". If you've seen studio photos, especially the contemporary studio photos, you understand what I mean. I think that these two features is enough to understand that even top-notch photographer in the wild shooting will not be able to get such a result as when shooting in the studio. Especially because some ideas can be realized only in the studio.

This is particularly true of light and shadows. But there is one feature – a professional photographer. Studio photos are more interesting than the "when I was little." In fairness, I note that there is not a more talented, "the present" photographers, and in modern technology. Remember what cameras photographed before? With constant light, and delayed a few seconds! Had to "keep smiling" long enough. Now, with the pulsed light and shutter speed can capture truly "instant". This is especially important when photographing children. That is, since the invention of the camera and the appearance of the first studio, in principle, nothing has changed. In the studio traditionally removed portfolio models, advertising photography articles, photo for online dating sites and marriage agencies, wedding photos, pregnant women and, of course, the flowers of life – the children! So good luck in choosing a professional photographer And do not forget to take the photo shoot more of your favorite photogenic accessories and most importantly – a good mood that stays with you forever in the form of studio photos.

Beaver Hunt

What can expect a hunter, after hunting for beaver? First, of course, skin. Then, meat, castor, beaver fat and souvenirs. So, in order. So many ask questions about the beaver meat. The answer is: it is not only edible, but tasty and healthy. Under the heading "recipes" I'll share recipes for cooking wild game, including the beaver. Beaver meat dark red. This color gives the meat red blood corpuscles.

In the beaver a lot of them, they keep the oxygen in the blood, helping the beaver, is under water a long time. Like any game, the beaver has a certain flavor characteristics. The only reason the beaver meat will have a specific, robust flavor (we're talking about fresh meat, of course), which is to remove it is not possible, it is not the right dressing the beaver carcass, as a result of which was cutting the castor. Which, in turn, got to the meat. Content jet tends to retain odors for a long time, there is no help either boiling or frying, not a lot of spices. Taste once such a "specific" meat, especially squeamish person, may repel the appetite for a long time. Beaver, a of the few animals that are not dangerous to humans suffering from parasites.

I've even seen a recipe marinating beaver worms (tapeworms, living in the intestines of a beaver). Reviews I have not seen, but if someone suggests, therefore, by at least edible. For all my time hunting beaver, I have not caught a single infected beaver. This is a fairly rare occurrence. With age, the meat becomes zhosche beaver. The optimum flavor characteristics in animals 03.02 years of age. They are usually harvested and in most cases. If the beaver svezhedobyty, be sure to try his liver by removing the pre-bile. It is well, very tasty! What are the ways you can make look category of "recipes". You should not throw out the kidneys, heart and lungs. For food, you can use it! Then I would divide the carcass of a beaver on the following parts: front (neck, front legs, ribs), the hind legs, lumbar spine, upper tail, the tail. The front portion can be used in soups, roast. With her little clean cut of meat, so use the better with bone, for navarchika, so to speak. On the hind legs and can be separated meat from the bones. It turns a lot of clippings. She's going to cook the cutlets, dumplings, barbecue, roast, goulash, and so on. Lumbar and upper tail coverts easily carve a big piece. Although the taste of meat differs from the lumbar upper tail. Perfect for cooking roast, goulash. I appreciate the tail only in young animals, no more than 2-3 years. The older the animal, the tail zhosche and its cooking time increases. The tail is prepared, usually with top, "scaly" skin layer. I would mention the dishes from the tail to the snack option. Not bad hot with cold beer. Speaking of beaver meat, I mean meat svezhedobytogo beaver, usually fired and skinned in for 3-4 hours. Under certain conditions, the meat (not carcass) can save the beaver in the woods for 3-5 days. I do not recommend eating the internal organs (liver, kidney, heart) if the beaver was caught more than 3-4 hours, and meat, if more days.