Human Resources Advice

Among the challenges that behavior can identify following: To safeguard the strategy to compete with people keeping the values of the companies. Retain the loyalty of employees to possible adjustments in the size of the company. Minimizing the impact of economic adjustment of firms in the workforce. Use this time of crisis to open spaces to promote innovation and continuous improvement. Making strategic alliances with educational institutions, governments and international organizations for training of specialized personnel, such as in technology. Partner with various community stakeholders to generate alternative strategies for collaboration so that the social function of the company remains key for the economic crisis indicates very interesting note, it seems clear that the strategic fit of the companies behind each again in supporting the human resources area.

It is therefore interesting to note that human resource practices are specializing more and more to ensure a balance where persons at a time From the third decade of the twentieth century, made human resource practices will advance dramatically. Industrial enterprises requiring technologically advanced personnel. The development of higher education in the region, including universities specifically within schools of social science and economic education of administrative sciences and, therefore, of human resource management. The establishment of labor laws in each country in the region and its transformation to support the liberalization of economies, mainly during the 80s and 90s. The adoption of information technology to manage human resource practices. In their analysis considered another very important aspect to be taken into account as it is, as regards the Latin American labor policy and the matter indicate that the area of human resources is highly intertwined with the labor policy of the Latin American countries.