Mattress Manufacturers

Organic Cotton Mattress – Quilted mattress. Production and the right choice. Manufacture of mattresses – one of the main directions of our activity. Choose the right mattress is often not an easy task, since market is flooded with poor-quality mattresses, which may in the near future to come into disrepair, as well as use that is simply dangerous to health. During the long period of time we took some of the rules, following which you can choose for themselves the right cotton mattress.

In addition, we are glad to see you among our customers and potential customers! We make mattresses of various sizes, as well as using different filling materials. In the manufacture of mattresses in most cases, the following fillers: wool c / b (cotton), wool, regenerated fiber (PB), hollofayber, fleece, padding polyester, teak, calico. Mattress Quilted One of the most common filling is cotton wool mattress. It is 100% pure product, made from high quality, pure cotton. Because cotton mattresses can be processed by hot steam, and they do not lose their shape, they are often use in hospitals, on the railroad, the Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and dr.gosudarstvennyh institutions. Mattresses from reclaimed fiber mattresses regenerated fibers are not as durable as cotton mattresses.

They belong to the mattresses economy class and are much cheaper. This makes them the most popular among naseleniya.Ispolzuyutsya primarily for seasonal use: the holiday season, for seasonal workers, construction crews. Mattresses made of sheep wool for use in cold areas are best mattresses made of sheep wool.