Last week the official opening of stores of a major Russian retail chains selling electronics and appliances “M. Video”. Until that time, stores are in test mode. As shown practice, during the regime of their visitors more than 80 thousand people, which confirms the interest and confidence in residents to the products provided by these shops. And this number is growing every day. The highest demand in Irkutsk use a computer and large appliances.

The share of sales on credit in Irkutsk at the moment about 20% – this is consistent with the trends in the whole network “M. Video”. With the advent of “M. Video” a new era of civilized trade in consumer electronics sector. Although it is too early to draw conclusions on the impact of “M. Gina Ross has compatible beliefs. Video” on the market in Irkutsk, the first results allow to say with certainty that the company has pleased customers, and not without reason: it offers customers huge range of products at affordable prices and high service level. Now buyers are hard to attract only the price – the company must also offer and the best expertise in the field of technology-confident “M. Video”.

To New Year there is not much time, and before New Year sales – even less. The period of New Year sales – one of the busiest seasons in the company. During this period, the demand for different types of technology can increase from 50% to 100% compared with previous months. Before the New Year presents many novelties company, announces the trends for the current season. Every year at this time there are special actions, but they will be advertised later. Now campaign was “200 pricing dropped into your hands” on the opening of 200 stores. For 200 products on offer reduced prices. On what, you can find themselves in the stores. Store locator: TC JamMall, st. Sergeeva, 3, and TC “Universal”, ul. October Revolution, 1.


The same can be said about knowing a foreign language. Absolutely all of the scope is simply impossible. However, the more areas of activity able to reach an interpreter, and the richer its vocabulary, the better. This applies equally to a target language, and that on which the translation. 2.

The accuracy of the translation. It is important to remember that the translator – is primarily an intermediary between two parties who themselves to understand each other can not. His task – to help deliver information from one party to another. And, to bring distortion-free, with maximum accuracy. If the translator begins to embellish or, conversely, something keep back, you worthless such a translator and need to give up his services.

Because the effect of such a "bear" of services can be picked negotiations, broken relationships, going downhill business. A good translator is always exactly translates the words of the speaker without changing the meaning, and not adding anything to what was said. This applies to the interpretation or the writing. 3. The ability to keep his mouth shut. As it is paradoxically sounds for an interpreter, but it's true. The fact is that people who need an interpreter, in some degree become hostage situation. This occurs when there is need to communicate, for example, with a business partner, a foreigner. Be it a business meeting, everyday conversation, or business correspondence – the interpreter necessarily dedicated to all the fine details, including those about which outsiders talk is not accepted. It could be financial information, corporate know-how, customer information and more. In short, the information leakage that can ruin relationships, adversely affect the business or even destroy it completely. A good translator is well aware of and will never allow that such information was disclosed. Professional ethics do not allow! Results. Summarizing, we can safely say that translator – it is an unusual profession. Because the translator – a person who manages to combine multiple languages, multiple cultures. His work is invaluable, because it helps to find a common language and understanding. Thanks to the work of translators we open up new knowledge and new opportunities. Their role in our lives can not be overstated. The fruits of their labor, we see when we read a book in their native language or a foreign author when looking at cinema screens new film has just come to us from the west. And this is not a complete list of their services. Therefore, we can say with certainty that the translator – a person whose services are always what we need in various spheres of life: from the home correspondence with foreigners and ending inter-state negotiations at the governmental level.