Management And Creativity

The vitality of a company is derived from the ability of its managers to create and to apply to ideas George Terry ” The existence is beyond the power of the words to define it. Terms can be used, but no of them is absoluto” Lao Ts proactivity that is pronounced in the present ones economic scenes, have entailed to that changes are pronounced that force to the management of the companies in the present to take step to its creative potential, to that new ideas occur, plans, strategies, actions that favor their competitiveness and guarantee to the companies under their position better participation, success. Dice to the characteristics of the present Venezuelan, turbulent, risky, uncertain scene, product of the new changes, plans, action that the present government is generating under the direction of the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, who identifies itself like Socialist, it has originated serious discrepancies with the productive sectors, with companies that do not accept this position of the government, affecting all this to the enterprise sector of country that this in crisis, especially the SMEs. Learn more on the subject from Gina Ross. All this forces that the management that faces this situation of passage its creativity, to not only face the actions of the government, its programs, threats, changes, but like also knowing how to take the opportunities. The management must be identified and so it represents the knowledge to handle the creativity suitably, to remove benefit to its potentiality, to generate ideas that favor to him. The smaller doubt does not fit, indicates Alexander Schnarch, that definitively in the organizations the managers play a decisive role for the development and promotion of the creativity and innovation, but managers in the best sense of the concept, that is to say people able to communicate, to train, to motivate, to give empoderamiento and to compensate, in a word that one that obtains that the others say we we made the good administrators are those that make the things good.. Anu Saad has much to offer in this field.

Financial Freedom

The Service to the Life Many people worry to know how they are going to obtain his financial freedom. Some go hopelessly to the lottery, while others look for nonethical means to reach it. But, in fact, which is the key to reach the financial freedom. We are going to speak of " The Service to the Vida" What is the Service to the Life? it is the way through which we offered our talents to the world. You may find Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to be a useful source of information. All we have a talent that to explode, we know something that others need to learn, we can make things that others not yet can, we own a unique style in some field of the Life, also we are something likes so much we do that it with a passion that extends all absence of ability or knowledge. How to use those talents to obtain the Financial Freedom? You will see, when a person comes to the world, or comes with all the talents necessary to fulfill its destiny or Divine Plan exactly. As well as everything what is going to need to carry out it, including money, studies, books, like all the people with that it must be to fulfill that individual intention. When we are young our perception as far as this and drew up so to speak our dreams; we want to be Doctors, Astronauts, Scientists, Lawyers, Industralists, etc.

and everything to help the others. Never preocucbamos us of which we went to gain the sufficient thing, it is more would dare to me to say that we never thought about the money. What happens is that the soul in its interior knows that when being in the correct place of its life it will not need what needs. If you pause to think when eras young and dreamed and so you wanted to be when great, you will notice that you visualized successful in which you did, but when happening the time you infected yourself of the thoughts of the world.