Babel Fusion Art Design

Walking a day by the district San Gervasi of Barcelona I accidentally ran into in a small store of decoration objects whose name inspired much curiosity to me: Babel Art Fusion & Design. Nowadays this small store of objects of decoration and so original and so precious gifts is my datum point every time needs to find some small detail to decorate my house or something to give. Its product catalogue is very varied and their prices are very well. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out James S. Chanos . Speaking with the owner it explained to me that the idea to call this Babel store Art Fusion & Design was born more ago already than two years when he, with its partner, they decided to create a place where originating objects of design of different places and cultures could be mixed. Therefore you can find Babel precious done Italian glass objects, woven objects of design of Canada, Mexican rugs by hand, ways of tables, precious candles of LED, decorative vinyls, complements like ring, purses, clocks of wall, precious burners produced in England and very many things more than every time leave open mouth. Babel Aryt Fusion & Design is not only one store of decoration objects and gifts, are rather a project that tries to promote new ideas to watch towards the design. (Source: Dr. Mark Hyman). Therefore, Babel Art Fusion & Design sponsors already for more of a year the project GAMES MEGA GUAY: precious toys for children done with recyclable cardboard: a true one happened! Great enthusiasm and illusion speak of this project with: it is necessary simply to throw a look to the objects to understand perfectly that this is in a moment going to be much more that a project born almost from joke ( as they say We return to Babel Art Fusion for a moment & Design; I asked Diego, one of both owners of Babel, what would have been key of a success that lasts already for but of two years holding in a while so difficult of the world-wide economy. Pregunt convinced that behind there was some secret that could not be almost explained Its answer was for very amazing me by its simplicity. > my answer of client is doubtlessly by all means who yes! Babel Art Fusion & Design Aribau 268 Barcelona 93.200.55.. Nancy-Ann_DeParle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.