Weight Loss

Despite the bad reputation, video games can be really good for you. Scientists have studied for a long time with different video games to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder to avoid surgery in these cases. In Virtual Reality Analgesia Research Center in Seattle, physicians and scientists are using video arcade games in the treatment of pediatric patients with burns. This is a surprise, in the same way video games are also coming to the market of weight loss. Scientists agree that the combination of video games and exercise is a great idea, since many children spend hours playing, in front of the TV.

One of the games for Xbox 360 and other consoles that incorporate exercise is the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). DDR is a pad with arrows of colors, where dance with a character on the screen, players simply follow the guidelines that show the arrows to the right on the keyboard. A typical training in the DDR has a duration of 15 minutes, although longer dances can be programmed. Another example of how to use video games to exercise is the Entertrainer. This simple device can be connected to any TV and then it is attached to the chest. The mcequina works while you keep your heart rate.

If you stop moving, however, the machine will start to lower the volume of the TV until finally shut off. How to keep your heart rate, however, is up to you. Jumping, running in place, and waving the arms are acceptable techniques. If you need a little more guidance, you can choose GameRunner, one of the best innovations in video games arriving arrived at the market, as well as the Nintendo Wii. GameRunner looks like a normal tape, except that can be hooked to video games in first person as a shooter. The use of these special games devices should be from the start in order to keep the characters to race, GameRunner is one of the best ways to enjoy an interactively video games. Other video games that can be used to exercise and lose weight are: EyeToy Kinetic, where a small camera is connected to a TV in a way such that you becomes the main character of the video game. Once on the screen, you are prompted to remove, punching, and destroy a series of objects to make certain movements in real life. Finally, Tetris Weightlifting is one of the video created to develop muscle tone in place and performing an optimal workout fcisico and games until cardiovascular. To put the pieces in place, you are asked to move a weight bar, which provides an important training to the upper part of the body.