The Usefulness Of Poetry

The utility of poetry. “Poetry is used to calm the storms of the soul, redeem a woman or a man or fill the heart of that feeling called love. May, in doses well served, feed the spirit, to scare away a lonely and sad. It also serves to reflect on whether the stones speak or if the moon is medicine for the broken heart. “(Octavio Paz) Some say that poetry is useless, which are tangles of words spoken by drunken fools, or are vomiting drug addicts.

However, everyone at some point in their lives have spoken verses of others or have issued foreign words that have come out with a sigh, have sung songs with lyrics that stir the soul. Octavio Paz continues: “Through of poetry can do about the flowers and turn the sky upside down, change the location later. A good resource for breaking the monotony and insomnia. A simple verse reverses the meaning of a word, of a statement. alez has to say. Verse is a violation of common sense, a drowning of poet, a mystic aura that drives the fingers, a scourge to silence. ” Say for example: fleas dream of buying a dog, and nobodies dream of leaving the poor with that rain a magical day good luck suddenly, it rains cats and dogs good luck but good luck does not rain yesterday, not today or tomorrow, or ever, or drizzle falls from heaven luck, even though the call and although no one will pique the left hand, or lift the right foot, or start the year by changing the broom “is cause a massacre in the structures of a society like ours, with bonanza of nobodies who profess painted dreams of superstition.

Not for nothing Eduardo Galeano ends his verse with “nobodies cost less than the bullet that kills them.” Poetry is useful in many ways: in the magical “brings out a buffalo with the arched neck.” (Juan Ramon Molina) can float a boat home by dark waves of Tegucigalpa: “This house boat glides through the waves of a human while dark Tegucigalpa slow sailing ships in bottles. ” (Mayra Oyuela, Honduras). Go to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more information. It makes us worthy of escapism: “We deserve the sea and the rain, the Revelation, what we invent, not the fish washed ashore, the keys to escape. (Gustavo Tisocco. Argentina) makes us love the unknown, “I love the silence and unknowns unanswered the question inappropriate, I love the days and times shared.” (Jose Maria Pinilla, Spain) reflects us as broken mirrors life: “Life is a lady advising and grow as death surrounded by snakes winding tree.” (Fernando Trejo, Mexico) with age confronts us: “How old do I have? Exactly the vivid. I do not know how many drunk nights with guitar bohemian, of long drinks drink up in the mornings, to see how the docks are left without masts. I’m an ageless man who hates the rush of time and torture of the schedule. ” (Horacio Hidrovo, Ecuador) We are longing: “He woke up crying time is Sunday I’m thinking of you. ” (Ligia Balarezo Mesones, Peru) Poetry is useful in many ways, but mostly it’s a tool to observe ourselves, involves turning the eyes inward, to begin to contemplate from the inside out. “Because when attention is focused internally poetry emerges and begins the emotional adventure of the word.