Farm Contractors

It was contracting people to work in a farm. One was about a new farm that was starting. He needed much people to work in the diverse activities.

They needed roceiro, cook, derrubadores of trees, etc. the proposal of a new job was good for Manuel. The father enters in the colloquy. You there a good thing pro Manuel. Back in the weeds it had not drunk. Of two one: or accepted it the service and leaves to drink or is in the city with a small job and drinking very. Manuel thinks very.

The heart does not want to leave it to go, but the proposal was not of if to play outside and it could exactly leave the vice. Accepted the proposal. At the half day the truck arrived. He was lotadinho of people. Each laborer uglier than the other. Manuel would be the cook. Pra this it was good. It made a good food and it liked to cook. The hard one back in the weeds was the woman lack. Manuel would go to be in the hinterland for six months, until the roada one to finish. Who knows would be more time. They would go to need people to plant the grass, to take care of of the pigs and hens and the oxen, etc. The car weighed anchor. They had left the city, they had caught the field, finished asphalt. They had caught a esburacada and very poeirenta soil road. They had walked the remaining portion of the day and the night without stopping. Of dawn they had stopped well in a farm. They had taken coffee and they made a snack. They had taken bath in one corregozinho and they had left of new.