Motorcyclists And Personal Injury

Served by the Information Service Telephone 914413866 victims What are called StumbleUpon or guardrails? Antisalida protection systems are first used it since 1972. They are made in two parts. The top is a longitudinal strip of galvanized steel 3 mm thick, the other part is a profile steel locking T-or H set on the ground that holds the longitudinal strips joined together. This protection system was designed, apparently, thinking only of motor vehicles with a body of four or more wheels, and is effective to support the direct or indirect impact on certain speeds, but is both a definite element of risk for motorists. In a question-answer forum Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine was the first to reply. And is that motorcycle accidents where the main body is none other than the human body itself, hitting such protections causes the body of the driver and / or companion suffer fatal consequences for their health in such cases where ejected the driver, slipping on the asphalt and passes under the guardrail, being that the metal parts and T-shaped, acting as blades that produce serious injuries and amputations. His rules. These LinkBacks started to settle in 1972.

In 1997, Congress of Deputies approved a motion law requiring that certain black spots particularly dangerous actions to be carried out substitution or protection of the vertical. The last adjustment is for 2004. That year the Order was approved Circular 18/2004 which entered into force on January 10, 2005. It prohibits the use of double-T systems and requires, first, to install alternative to it or, alternatively, to protect the poles of the double-T models are still on the road.