Magic Stones

Stone Therapy – a treatment energy stone. What is it – the fashion! I think not! Unleash the power of the stone, which for many years to affect us, just time. Whenever Anita Dunn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Power stone – is bestowed by Nature the opportunity to bring their body to be calm and harmony. Powerful effect gems, complemented by massage, and thermal effects – not the last argument in the struggle for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Massage with gems and precious stones, entered into vogue in recent years as a useful procedure for the body – not a new invention, because the roots of gems for the treatment of body and soul lie in the ancient times and go back to the days of the first Chinese Emperors and rulers of the Indian "pre-Columbian" era. Under the stone-therapy (treatment of stones) usually refers to a specialized massage cabin with hot and cold stones, accompanied by the aroma and color effect by relaxing music.

However, unfortunately, a classic stone-therapy session is not available to everyone – it takes several hours, carried out not all beauty salons, and the fun is not cheap. An alternative may be a masseur from the stone, with which you can own, at home, quickly help your body at precisely the moment when it is needed. Especially since the cost of a massage device which will serve you for years to come, several times lower than the cost of a massage in the salon. There are countless varieties of tumblers.

Alternative Medicine Acupuncture

Acupuncture or acupuncture The technique has several different names – acupuncture, iglorefleksotera-anisotropy, acupuncture, Zhen-jeou. With properly chosen method of acupuncture can be achieved cure the majority of somatic and mental diseases, including infectious and inflammatory urinary tract. After a series of sessions the patient feel better, faster maturation sperm, normal operation of the reproductive and urogenital system. In addition, the display disappears prostatitis and other diseases. And by the way, these areas of modern medicine, as Urology Venerology or very seriously considering acupuncture techniques and more, includes its own set of methods of healing. Check out Alexa Demie for additional information. For the treatment of inflammatory genitourinary stimulation apply the following biologically active points.

1. Ty-B is located between the upper point of the inner surface of the ankle and Achilles tendon acting (almost in the center). 2. Shen-shu symmetric (pair) point. Located near lateral processes long, the top two vertebrae of the lumbar. 3.

Da-chang-shu, is located in the lumbar region, on a conventional line connecting the spinous processes of the fourth and fifth vertebrae of the lumbar-cross-department tsovogo spine. 4. Hsiao-chang-shu reflexogenic vast area containing multiple active points. Located on the crest of the lateral sacrum. 5. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Riney Family Foundation on most websites. Pan-Guan-shu is located between the long spinous processes of second and third sacral vertebrae. 6. Fei Yang is located at 15 inches above the dimples between the Achilles tendon and the back surface of the ankle. 7. Yes Juyo average area reflexogenic area located at the rear of the neck, between the seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebrae. 8. Bai-hui This biologically active point is located in the middle of the crown. Stimulation is performed sparing methods, since the thickness of fat in this area is small. 9. Zhen-chu is located at the top of the nasolabial fold may be slightly shifted to the right or left. 10. Tien-chow is located next to the upper boundary of the thyroid cartilage, near the edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Requires careful exposure, since a number of passes the carotid artery. 11. Pi-shu is located between the spinous processes of the eleventh and twelfth vertebrae in a small recess. 12. Wei-shu is located next to the speaker (neural) edge of the second lumbar vertebra, close to its outer side. 13. San-jiao-shu is located between the end of the spinous processes of the two initial vertebrae of the lumbar spine. 14. Shen-shu Balanced biologically active point. Located close to the lateral spinous processes of two upper lumbar vertebrae. 15. Da-chang-shu This point is located in the lumbar region, close to the spinous processes of the fourth and fifth vertebrae lumbar spine. According to the resource for urology and venereology – professional services for the prevention and treatment of STDs.

Lithotherapy Or Treatment Of A Stone

Lithotherapy – is treated stone. Knowledge accumulated over centuries about it. Since ancient times, people know that rocks and minerals can affect the human body. C the same time it is believed that wearing a certain intuition and rock or mineral is beneficial to the body. So why do some people use drugs instead of stones? After all, the same aspirin is more common and available. Because unlike drugs stones are composed of pure natural substance.

Lithotherapy principle is that, since the vibrations of stones are almost identical to human vibration, they can optimally stimulate the energy flow in the body. What is the therapeutic effect of a stone? Malachite Malachite helps with colds and allergies, good for the skin and acts as a fortifying agent. Rubin helps with headaches, cleanses the blood and strengthens the heart, gives courage and encouraging. On the arm of a gentleman he is to win, gives happiness in love, and warns against change of color. Wear Rose Quartz Because it increases the capacity for love and tenderness. And also helps with headaches and psychosomatic diseases. Topaz protects the immune system, strengthens the nerves, encouraging and helps balance the emotions.

Petrified amber for many thousands of ancient pine resin contains succinic acid – biodyne active, stabilizing internal enzymes responsible for metabolism. In addition, getting into the body (in contact with jewelry made of amber skin), succinic acid inhibits toxins penetrate into the unhealthy cells. It is beneficial in diseases of the throat, thyroid, liver, kidneys, joints, and she does not accumulate in the body and has no negative side effects.

Supplements Badam

In addition to the cities added to aggressive media (Air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, dead energy, coming from large objects, etc.) which may stand up to just consume the increased dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, etc. Here and are particularly useful dietary supplements. The same red root – contains zinc, essential for normal spermatogenesis, preparations with vitamin C, lecithin etc. – Are excellent assistants. And the more hostile environment than more load, the greater the need to Badakhshan. Another issue that you or your doctor must understand and feel what drug is useful for you. Go to extremes under the influence of advertising and devour two dozen types of dietary supplements simultaneously not only not benefit, and is likely to hurt.

But what I dislike most dietary supplements – it's usually products of the chemical processing of raw materials and almost no energy component (Qi, prana, ki). Therefore, their use must necessarily be combined with regular? fulfills one of the sets of exercises on the energy (about rebirth, tai chi, qigong, etc.). There are other benefits of dietary supplements, of which no one else in Russia did not mention – in fact, in this category may find refuge means that actually cure people, but for various reasons are not recognized by official medicine or in due measure. These I always attribute the flower pollen, on the basis of which the Swedes made a great product? Tsernilton? to help with BPH and prostatitis, and successfully sell it worldwide, including and in Russia for a lot of money, and ASD (antiseptic biogenic stimulant Dorogova inventor whose mother cured of cancer Beria and hundreds of ordinary citizens from many serious diseases. The effectiveness of the SDA so striking that the drug can get rid of chlamydia and chlamydia), and pine pollen, and Icelandic moss, and pine nuts, and preparations of oriental medicine, etc. These funds are not registered in Russia as medicines, but they are healing people. One of the reasons for their performance – it is their natural origin, the minimum energy losses in the process of their preparation, the absence of heavy metals and other compounds that contain conventional medicines and are sometimes detrimental to the organism. So take dietary supplements (food supplements) should take.

Only Supplements Badam strife. Men I especially recommend: flower pollen pollen pollen pine jelly ASD (if you have enough courage, so very disgusting smell) Zn-containing dietary supplements, including and red root, pumpkin seeds Icelandic moss. Drink all at once kinds of dietary supplements. First one, then another. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Craig Venter. A maximum of two species simultaneously. Red root (Zn-containing drug plants Sweetvetch forgotten). Perfectly with the rest. Parallel to increase the daily dose of vitamin C tablets instead can eat one or two lemons a day. Help these natural products and women in combat as a purely female diseases, and do not make distinctions between the sexes (cold sores, anemia, etc.) Dmitry Protasov