Biological Networks

I am the biological networks that supports each and every one of the species inhabiting me you my beloved human included. Gaia lately has been writing, commenting on the end of the world, sobe which brought prophecies, especially that of the Mayans and everything concerning to the year 2012, specifically in December of that year. Some will say Wiles, fantasies, perhaps others will take it a little more seriously, considering what messages contain, what we have predicted for this year. There is a popular saying that says that when the River sounds stone brings, so before this excitement you have to stop and evaluate what. He has been written, that the beliefs and ideas are not only product of the mind, also are mental beings that have life and power. We need to be well aware that since the beginning of mankind was born the noosphere-sphere of the things of the spirit – with the unfolding of the myths and gods. From fully our souls and our minds, the noosphere It is in us and we in the noosphere.

. Indeed, there is already a movement of publicity about this year, which has interested many, as happened with the predictions of Y2K that nothing happened. A book named December 2012 of Juan Carlos Garcia, who many consider that it is commercial, has appeared regardless of the information that can bring. The fact, that the objective of this article is to delve into the evidence presented with respect to this year. .

mundoprofecias. com presents a writing of journalist Kate Ravilious ten theories about end of the world 2012 namely: theory of Reinhard Stindl, doctor of Medicine of the University of Vienna, climate change: at the end of this century is possible that gases greenhouses have doubled and that the global temperature has increased at least two grades. This is more heat of what Earth has experienced in the last million and a half years.