Istanbul, A City To Fall In Love

Have you ever been in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey I’ve been there 8 times and always find something new that inspires me. Istanbul is a city that is growing rapidly. Meanwhile, with an estimated 19 million inhabitants and a diameter of about 100 kilometers, making this city a seemingly endless metropolis that can always come up again with secrets. By creating an almost confusing size you have always the feeling to get to new places and parts of town. An incredibly wide range of goods from fruit to clothes lured to the many markets for shopping. The atmosphere, which is paying for this spectacle, you can certainly treat a good pop concert. Also culinary Istanbul is worth a visit. It is not the big, expensive restaurants that are worth a visit. The little small, almost inconspicuous restaurants are a real Gehimtipp. Here are some old family recipes are nachgekocht and uses secret spice blends. This is big-ENDand abundant quantities. Unsurpassed flavor you find in almost any restaurant a different specialty from the home region of each cook. Convincing hospitality and a healthy dose of serenity to complete the picture of people in Istanbul. Istanbul is worth trying and going up close to jedenfall a trip. Try exchanging the bath towel in the south of Spain with its gourmet guide from Istanbul.