Psychological Problems

Environmental pollution has reached a peak already leading to global climate change. Destroy the old values of life, but replacing them did not come to any positive new, improved exclusion in society. The media is literally flooded the social consciousness of all violence and unhealthy relationships between people. The psyche of the people can not withstand such pressure that accompanied numerous somatic symptoms, as saying: “Where is fine – there and tear” that is, each affects the weakest systems and organs. Thus, violations of mental equilibrium cause a variety of organic disorders and diseases, and if you do not treat the cause, the treatment of organic lesions have no effect and the disease becomes chronic. Of course, you can retire to the countryside and try to get away from civilization, but is capable units. You can try to maintain health: to buy environmentally friendly food, drink clean water, physical activity, but from psychogenic factors listed anywhere or getting around it. Than the same how to treat unsound mind?

Traditionally we used to try to cope with such problems on their own. Psychoanalyst we replace the friends and acquaintances to whom we hurry to spill the goods to their problems, but it is in the best case. But, like our friends can not fully help us with the disease of spine, and it is necessary to consult a neurologist. Likewise, we need professional help for psychological upset psyche. Another “traditional” Russian way – to drown the problem in the wine, but in a modern variant – in a drugged oblivion. This is a road to nowhere, to a complete self-destruction of both physical and mental. Many believe that psychological disorders such as depression, neurosis, and it is like – will disappear after taking the medication, but it is not. Any disorder leaves a trail and not just psychological, but also quite noticeable physically. Therefore, self in such cases – it is the accumulation of health problems, which must pass from quantitative to qualitative. Parapsychologists working at the intersection of traditional psychology and parapsychology, may have real help in removing a psychological illness and the underlying reasons for their cause. If you need help, you mess up in life’s problems and troubles, you can not cope with their fears, lose the will to live – you should consult a physician. Together we can get out of the situation and revive the joy of existence and will to live and you’ll see that many of the problems only seem to be complicated, and many diseases recede.