Who knows the others is a scholar. Who is known, is a scholar. You are somebody, you can be certain. Because God never would waste its time to make ' ' ningum' '. He thinks about this: Amongst more than the 6 billion people in this world, he does not have two that they are equal All we are ' ' originais' '! But many insist on being copies of the others. It refuses to be a copy. It advances beyond the average! You are much more of what 208 bones, 500 muscles, 7 a thousand nerves and some kilos of skin. He prevents the minimum, pursues the maximum.

The people who have fear to go up higher in search of the triumph are those that had lost the confidence Or that they had lost the faith in its capacity. Some nor perceive that it has potential to make something more. If you do not help yourself to leave marasmo, who you will help? Nor always of pra to make everything But, nor therefore, if he refuses to make something that makes the difference If he does not strengthen to be accepted, but he fights to be you yourselves. How many significant things we leave to make in the life for finding that it is late excessively? It has force She is necessary if to convince of that the success, the triumph, is in you! Unknown author. CVR/