Spiritual Intelligence

Peace is something alive, awake trying to subjugate the forces of war holistic education only implemented from the initial levels of the schools can achieve a culture of peace in their students, current mechanistic models promote educational in that sense the internal belligerence in students, as if in combat is the slogan winners and losers, where are awarded to the former and the latter are excluded. From this perspective, the educational model does not fulfill its role of ethics and comprehensive training, to become the quintessential, exclusionary and discriminative. In the book "Intelligence Spiritual (beyond multiple intelligences and emotional), Dr. Gallegos reveals spirituality as transformative moves us, mature us, frees us from fear, and ignorance of the units of our true nature and through she assumed responsibility for our own enlightenment, spirituality gives us power, confidence and certainty. So far only have been written on the second level of intelligence, but the third level of intelligence is the top level and corresponds to the spiritual understanding that is uniquely human and its base is wisdom, that is, the holistic vision capability a really deep and meaningful interpretations.

It is the transcendence, going beyond the material, the biological from the psychic, is the transpersonal intelligence, multiple intelligences beyond (until now considered in some models of education), religion, psychology paranormal, or personal development. Spirituality has been present in man to Throughout its history, sometimes hiding other periods of time standing out, is perennial philosophy, is universal love. This book takes us from the hand so that we ourselves find that spiritual intelligence, being an inside job that only be achieved through the Auto inquiry. The book "Education for Life and Peace. Beyond the quality of education.

Dr. Gallegos has masterfully central aspects of holistic education, and some of them, the nature of holistic vision, spirituality, new awareness, obstacles to a comprehensive vision, learning, intelligence, role of educator and inclusive society. It also offers the most significant dialogues 6 lectures given at the World Education Forum Holistic based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. CONCLUSIONS Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, has helped us to recognize meaning rigor connections characteristics of different types of approaches are currently showing in the educational environment. But here most important issue is the general reflection on what I tried, among other things to capture in this essay. Historicism, Dr. Gallegos highlights the aspect of spirituality, from the Kantian position that Western culture has sought to eliminate by reducing the person and the entire society the concept of "human nature"; "rational man", thus erasing potential of individual subjectivity and canceling the same as the basic sense of compassion that individuals deployed in community. The high value that societies have given reason and the scientistic approach, has done more than distract and marginalize the significance of other aspects of the individual and society that has to do with his current life, as would be the beauty, values supreme humanity. Dr. Gallegos has clarified that holistic education is not only an educational alternative, but a life education, as the four pillars of learning have been made by the Commission for the XXI Century Education of UNESCO. '.