Wine From The Grape Merlot

The Merlot grape, is the first grapes of the season that curiously coincides with the period in which the birds devour their berries. This is how the origin of the word Merlot comes from the similarity between the color of the plumage of birds with the dark color of the berries. This grape is discovered until the 17TH century in the vineyards of Pomeril and Saint-Emilion and is until the end of the 19th century when spreads over the entire North of Italy. In fact, today is cultivated in 14 wine regions of this country, particularly in Venice where even there is a route of the Merlot. This grape always had considered how complementary ls Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. To how much reached notable proportions in the Pomerol bordeless, but however, nowadays it is common to find this grape varietal, mostly young people with an exquisite fragrance. The great advantages of this variety of grapes, is it acclimatizes them perfectly in different soils and different climates. Among the flavors that can be found in wines that made from this grape are spices, fruits, mint, chocolate, currant, and plum. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

The Children And The Limits

The route has white stripes at the sides and dividing a line segment in the middle. The route is demarcated. It is the inside, is the outside and this medium. Without those stripes on the sides, without those limits indicated, the great freedom of the road is a chaos of blindness and fear, uncertainty and hesitation. We can then define to the limits as constraints on the way, in protective fences, in containers and referential frameworks.

They are not an end in itself, they are an instrument for performing purposes. When they are one can act and choose. Up, if you want, you can leave the road. Also to get out need to know the limits. ESO: the boundaries are so there can be freedom. Precisely the opposite of what one might think: they do not curtail freedom, awarded it.

The stripes are not the way; the road is between them and within that be among them your can choose the rhythm, movement, displacement, speed, heading, which, when, the as and if you want you stop moving you, you stop and everything that your childbearing imagination of propose. You can do so knowing that you are inside and that he is going outside of those boundaries, these stripes. And you choose. THIS IS YOUR FREEDOM, AND THE YOU HAVE BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIMITS. Twenty-first century the century of the child in the past value was the elder, the presence of tradition. The new century I put the child at the center of the new story. It is no longer the old what it’s worth, but what’s new, is not the recordkeeping? n traditions which deserves applause, but the change, the younger, that by the mere fact of being young as means renewal? n, opening up to a future of progress. Freedom!, the child should determine which should be their course. Then parents and teacher is ran on one side to let to his Majesty the child, teen, young, new world and new world in May 1968 was written in Paris: banned ban. Prohibited do not be young and child walking in the Middle, not grew more happy neither reached the heights of freedom. On the other hand, grew up in a vacuum, without limits, without borders, without guiding posters without sustenance, without support. Accordingly it did not grow. Limits, what all we have lost: our children because not the met, us because we liberated them. The boundaries are the coordinates of the values, beliefs, manners, fashions and end of existence and coexistence rules. Identity. For them one is or might be someone. Live is to live between l? mite, in alg? n frame, between horizons. It germinates within that space and freedom develops. We interpret evil: we thought that freedom is given. and it is not true: freedom is not given, freedom is taken, boots, will conquer, is achieved, sculpts, by swivelling slaveries, confrontanse with limits, accepting some, rejecting others, but using them as references on the road. Besides freedom is a means, not an end. There you have, to do something with it, something that your choose. yY as you choose? You choose between options. The options are the l? limits within which freedom acquires meaning, to the rechar ones and adopt other. IS free that chooses a life project (source:) (The children and the L? Jaime Barilko mites) original author and source of the article.

Dandelion Wine

Here you can pick up a gift to your boss. Actually, there may be only one problem – the problem of choice. Solid gait pass by aircraft models (here you'll be back for his own pleasure later) and buy a solid board box for paper with the logo of the museum on the cover. This massive wooden casket closes on the small key and gives the impression of something confidential and weighty. It does not matter whether the boss to keep the documents out there or just drive the toy, it is important as it will add solidity to his image. With difficulty breaking away from the contemplation of art, so dear man's heart, it's time to think about what you can to please a woman's heart. Right there, all at the same store at the Museum of the Air Force, you bought a cute kulonchik-airplane, but feel that this is not enough to please your romantic half.

But do not worry! There is a technologically advanced of Ohio something that is arguably the quintessence of romance, something that can breathe the magic in any winter evening. This – Dandelion Wine. Admit it, when you read the novel by Ray Bradbury, you probably thought it was fiction, an allegory of a miracle. Maybe at first it was so, but now in Ohio, in Dover Every year a festival of dandelions. Dish of dandelions, crafts from dandelions, paintings, praising this humble flower and wine winery Breytenbah can see and buy it.