This is a manifestation of acute circulatory disorders of the brain, usually due to embolism (blockage of blood vessels clot) or hemorrhage. Somatic Experiencing is actively involved in the matter. Hemorrhage occurs in people suffering from hypertension, often in conjunction with atherosclerosis. As a result, stroke is a sudden loss of mobility of one side of the body, arms, legs, face or all together. Restoration of speech and the ability to move gradually. Optimize this process and prophylaxis of recurrent stroke is possible with the following products. 1. Rehabilitation (restoration) of stimulants Piocal gives a significant improvement. Please visit Gina Ross if you seek more information. And patients, long-ailing, the results are more impressive than those who suffered a stroke recently.

It is possible that the functions of those cells that were destroyed as a result of a stroke, take on the other, until then inactive. 2. Control over the balance of blood pressure: Harmonization of the torus, stimulants Piocal, collecting herbs life 4. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease understood the implications. 3. The health of blood vessels (their elasticity, the ability to withstand swings in blood pressure) – Crown of herbal tea, dietary supplement Kaltsilamid, migi, collecting herbs life number 2.

4. Antioxidants help protect cholesterol from peroxidation and its subsequent deposition in the vascular wall – en tioksidantny complex phyto tea crown or Tibetan, as well as dietary supplements Kedrosil, Floritsa, migi, Vitaly. 5. Nutrients for vascular wall – biologically active additives (IGCI, Vitali, Apilam, Velamin, Floritsa) phytoremedy (Herbs life number 1, 2, 4, and herbal teas Crown, Heart), multivitamin tea Falcon. 6. In the control of cholesterol levels can help sorbents – In lihit, hits. 7. Beloyar (with an extract of hawthorn and calendula) will not only reduce cholesterol levels, but will also help reduce blood pressure to normal figures. 8. Aroma oils: peppermint (has vasodilator effect), geranium (with prolonged use normalizes blood pressure).

Lotus Flower

That is why they decided to use this symbol to represent the Renaissance. Egyptian symbols in modern times although these Egyptian symbols are several centuries old, can still be seen these days and was. They are used in different forms of art, from paintings and creative graffiti to tattoos. Visit any store of tattoos and you will find that the image or most common drawings that show customers are Egyptians, like the ankh or the eye of Horus symbols. Others, like David Weitzman cosmic jewelry designer, have created beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewelry Egyptian from these symbols. Through the use of symbols, Egyptian rings, pendants, bracelets and amulets, Weitzman continues the tradition and culture of the ancient Egypt and gives the user the same power and magic that were granted to these symbols long ago. Eye of Horus pendant for example, represents a powerful, crimp in a triangular border eye.

Those who want protection and life healthy can use this beautiful hanging eye of Horus, not only as a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also as a talisman against disease and malice. Necklace ankh of Weitzman, by contrast, allows the user to know the secret of the eternity of the soul. With a flower of Lotus and the ankh in different symbol pendants, Egyptian jewelry user can contemplate how the Lotus Flower plunges and rises during the day, and how the ankh is the key to life. The ancient tradition is not to be missed in the modern world. We can receive much inspiration, learning and realization of the culture of ancient times. Somatic Experiencing has firm opinions on the matter. Transforming these traditions and adapting them to fit into the modern world (as Weitzman has done with this Egyptian jewelry), we can show our ideals and our beliefs in many creative ways. Original author and source of the article

Eye Diseases

Our mentality is so arranged, that while a person is not a problem, he will not do anything so that its principle the arose. Hence immediately turn to the question about the correction of spoiled. One well-known and most frequently applicable methods of vision correction is the optical correction, namely the points. There is a lot of information. As the study found that about 30% of people suffer from visual impairment. In this method, vision correction has many advantages.

Spectacle correction is the most accessible method of vision correction. It all depends on the rim, which selects a patient in the optics shop offers a huge selection of frames, from the cheapest to the finest decorated with rhinestones and jewels. However, the process of selection of glasses should not be taken lightly. Incorrectly matched rim can cause migraine headaches and stress. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of lenses, as the only high-quality lenses to help correct the level of vision.

Points are easy to use, they can be worn at all times (with very poor vision), and wear only when required (reading, watching tv, working at the computer). Often this method of vision correction is simply no other alternative method. For example, children are not recommended to carry out laser correction or surgical intervention. Radical correction methods recommend t be done only after full maturation of the eye, which comes at the age of 18. Points – the easiest and most affordable method of correction of the fallen. However, this method has several disadvantages. Points can not guarantee 100% of vision correction. They limit peripheral vision because of the presence of frames and arches, also is an infringement of the stereoscopic effect and spatial perception. Glasses constitute a foreign object on his face. They always get dirty when the humidity and temperature, they can fog up, and the glasses practically impossible to engage in active sports. It should also be take into account the traumatic such a method of vision correction in children, the little restless and strive to fall, stumble, stumble. Shattered lens can severely damage the eyes. Points are often the cause of violations general well-being of man. If the rim or the lens is properly matched irreversibly leads to pereutomlyaemosti eye, it can also lead to poor circulation to the face, causing headaches, fatigue, malfunction. Conception glasses cause of visual impairment. Progression of eye disease is observed in 22% of cases during the spectacle correction of vision.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be frustrating, and potentially very dangerous if untreated. There are a number of different causes of back pain, some of which can be avoided. In many cases, back pain is resolved after several days of rest, and as a complement, the practice of back exercises, may thus feel improvement and progress in recovery. If the pain is extreme and prolonged, should consult a doctor immediately. One of the main causes of back pain is stress; Improper body mechanics, posture and lifting practices can lead to fatigue, especially in the lumbar or lower back. Somatic Experiencing has plenty of information regarding this issue. A herniated disc can also cause back pain. Older people who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis, often suffer from back pains.

In addition, these people are prone to spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal, which produces strong lower back pains. Some infections and inflammations can give rise to the back pain and similarly, trauma serious, such as falls and traffic accidents are cause of back pain. Applications of ice and heat help reduce headaches like massages; with a workout of back pain may disappear in a matter of weeks. There are several measures to prevent including back pain, maintain good body postures, be careful when stooping and lifting heavy objects, evenly support the body, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet so that the column is strong and flexible. If it is a mild case of back pain, rest in bed and try to minimize tension are the solution. Prolonged contact or intense pain is a signal that needs to see a doctor, for example if you feel numbness or tingling in the extremities.

Protect Against Alarm Car

Now on the market automotive equipment offers many kinds of car alarms and security and anti-theft devices, providing an average or maximum protection for the vehicle from theft or robbery. Structurally, all of the proposed car alarms can be divided into two types: compact and modular. Car alarm compact design is a monoblock, which contains in itself almost all the elements of the system – this electronic components, and a siren, and various sensors. But the disadvantage of this design is that all these electronic components are located in the siren, which is normally installed under the hood, and because of this they become more affordable car thieves. Checking article sources yields Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. as a relevant resource throughout. Car alarm modular design consists of the same parts, only arranged separately – electronic control unit, siren, external and internal sensors, each element is separate unit.

This type of signaling is often equipped with additional devices, such as central locking, locking trunk, windows, etc., which are controlled by remote control, pager, and introduce an additional comfort in communication with the driver in his car. Regardless of what design is car alarm, it can be in the following modes of operation. Its main mode – this mode of protection, ie its active state, with which all sensors are included and you will signal the slightest breach. Service mode or mode "Diamonds" – when it turned off all security functions except mode "panic", but may be kept in working order additional service functions. This mode is used mainly when you give your car repair car service. Mode "panic" – a mode of signaling, which include alarms to prevent or repellent car thieves.

"" – or else it is called "protection against attacks, it is used when a car stolen right before your eyes. In this case, after a specified period of time includes signals alarm and stops the engine, which is then blocked. Regime contained in the activity of thumb-pager. Almost all the car alarms use a service system that allows you to monitor and verify false alarms, automatic check of all sensors alarm, determine any malfunctions than relieve the driver from the lengthy and costly troubleshooting. The system can be configured way that bypasses the faulty elements, while retaining the overall health and protection of the car remains.

Physiological Red

Sometimes, upon arrival from the hospital as a consequence of infection from other children or by reason of use of dirty laundry, or because it was not observed proper skin care, children appear skin infections as pustules, abscesses, or even small boils that need proper care and emergency med. treatment. c) The yellowish tint is in the first days of life expression Physiological jaundice (not a disease, and eventually passes). Gina Ross might disagree with that approach. d) A bluish tint (cyanosis) of the person, and sometimes limbs, worsening after a strong weeping, calling into question the health of the child, so you should immediately seek medical attention. In the case of difficult childbirth, children can say superficial skin lesions (redness, cyanosis, necrosis of pressure) on the head, face and other parts of the body, but they pass within a few days. e)

Red spots in the form of ‘red strawberry’ different sizes, single and multiple, comparatively rare, and thereafter they are easy to handle dermatologist. They are called hemangiomas. e) On the forehead, upper eyelids, neck, rarely on the nose there are sometimes flat red spots that are formed as a result of congestion and expansion of capillary blood vessels. These red zones are amplified when the baby cries. As a rule, they disappear into During the first year of life. Only as an exception, these zones are located at the nose or forehead. though outwardly and disappear, it was still on life and are barely noticeable when agitated. g) sudamen (sudamina) or red from the heat appears especially in the mornings in small red bumps with a whitish tip, it is formed due to perspiration and can cause inflammation of the skin with diffuse redness, especially on the skin folds.

Three Measures To Build A Perfect Body

Continuing the theme of yesterday on “How to have a physique that no woman can resist” Today I will show what are the three key steps you should take into account if a perfect body, and which may be desirable for almost any woman . As the old adage: “A healthy mind in healthy body” and as we have trained a little mind but have not talked about building the perfect mind to learn how to seduce a woman, now we know some tips that are very easy to use and implement to build a healthy body and nice looking, not only for our own pleasure but for the taste of women.

Have you ever wondered how everyone can identify a person who actually looks good? We can even recognize other forms such as a building or a sculpture that just look good. Everyone has an inherent ability to recognize beauty when they see it, but few have been arrested and have tried to describe and measure it. There is a specific set of measures and ratios that can tell you which are the perfect proportions of the human body. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter A. Levine PhD. Classical Greek and Roman sculptors like Leonardo da Vinci discovered these proportions for a long time, but over time the concept has disappeared. The three measurements you need to know to determine the ideal proportions are: 1) Height 2) Waist 3) Shoulders

Research on human anatomy, sculptures of classical art, and psychology of attraction tells us that there is a specific form of the body and size that people find most attractive and pleasing to the eye. People who are closer to this ideal size are generally treated more favorably, because we live in a society governed by the beauty and perfection. Given the physical and social benefits that a perfectly proportioned body generates, do you not curious to know what your ideal size and shape and how to get specific? From the measurement of height, each person will have an ideal measurement of waist and shoulders that will equal the proportions of having a body perfect. These measures are not for discussion. Scientific research indicates that women are more attracted to a man when it presents these measures with the ideal proportions. Most people do not have of what these measures and how to achieve them. For starters, you need to know is where you are now compared with what would be your ideal. Once you know which is your starting point you can determine what to do to get where you want to be.

The fitness industry has always been striving to achieve these perfect proportions. However, until now nobody has been able to ascertain what is this “looks perfect”, how to measure and how to get it. Forget about just lifting weights to get a larger size, or doing cardio just to burn fat, focus on a specific training routine to build a body in perfect shape. For larger size only in the right places and lose inches where needed. Do not forget the three specific measures, and when you’re in the gym See your coach for proper training and be able to get your ideal shape. Stop thinking that bigger is better, and many times larger is not the best answer or the best. Do you think this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing more false than that are looking just the tip of the iceberg.

Cat Flu

Cat flu is a type of respiratory infection that often affects cats and is very similar to the symptoms of colds and flu that humans experience. This infection typically affects the upper respiratory tract – eyes, nose, mouth and trachea, and can also infect the bronchi and lungs. Your cat will not feel definitely in better condition and this bout of the flu most likely cause discomfort. It is caused by several viruses that are highly contagious. The feline virus flu can be transmitted directly through sneezing and secretion of certain body fluids such as downloads of the eye and nose as well as saliva.

It can also be spread indirectly in the food bowls, bedding, litter boxes and brushes. This virus tends to thrive in areas where the cats gather, such as catteries, rescue or feral colonies. All cats are susceptible to feline influenza regardless if they are vaccinated or not. Kittens and older cats and those suffering from feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus are predisposed. It is also important to note that once a cat has had cat flu, it is always a carrier of the virus. For this reason, vaccination against cat flu are vital – without regular vaccinations against the virus, your cat can contract a lung infection, pneumonia leading to death.

Common symptoms and signs of cat flu include: * sneezing * Eye problems * runny eyes or nose * Fever * Sore mouth, tongue, lips and gums * Difficulty breathing * Poor appetite with loss odor * Joint pain * Depression * Lethargy What causes cat flu? Cat flu is usually caused by two viruses, feline herpes virus (FHV-1) or feline calicivirus (FCV). Feline herpes virus is also known as feline rhinotracheitis (RVF). This virus strain is more severe than feline calicivirus and infects the eyes, nose, sinuses, pharynx and throat. The feline calicivirus infects the mouth, tongue, nose, eyes, joints, feet and may also cause fever and depression. Diagnosis of cat flu Diagnosis of cat flu is based on the symptoms, a diagnosis and a careful review of medical records for your cat. To verify the cause of cat flu, clean samples of your eyes and mouth and send the lab to identify viruses or bacteria. Help cat flu viral infections Although they can not be cured, treatment involves administering various medications and supportive care. Your veterinarian can prescribe medications such as antibiotics or eye drops. Vaccinations are also extremely important to protect your cat against cat flu. While adult cats should be vaccinated against cat flu annually, kittens should receive their first vaccination at 8 weeks of age. In severe cases, if your cat has difficulty eating or drinking, intravenous therapy may be required. The privacy of your cat may be necessary to prevent infection other cats. You need to follow your veterinarian’s instructions carefully to provide supportive care for your cat. Make sure the sleeping environment for your cat is warm, comfortable, and well ventilated. Maintain this area as health as possible and clean regularly. Clean Download eye and nose with salt water. Provide your food such as sardines in small amounts throughout the day and make sure that drinking water is always available. Lavish your furry friend with lots of love and attention. The natural remedies. The, pregnant women and older without any harmful side effects. The carefully selected ingredients such as feline calicivirus, borax, phosphorus and Pulsatilla and enhance the immune system.

MIdian, Son Of Abraham

Conference of Midian, son of Abraham The meeting, convened by Gabriel, was preceded by great expectations, because we had anticipated, which would have the opportunity to hear, nothing less, than one of the sons of the patriarch Abraham. Many of us even knew that there was a son of Abraham, called Midian, yes, we heard, the land of Midian, the priest of Midian, but it had happened we associate this name with that of the patriarch Abraham. Gabriel had informed us of the qualities of this man, his gentleness, his great erudition in all matters relating to the origins of mankind and of all registered by the scribes who wrote a the story of these origenesa following the directives of Moses. For even more details, read what Peter A. Levine PhD says on the issue. So we were all summoned eager to know, among us were wondering about how that would look, because intuitively, we felt, that we would see in him certain personality traits characteristic of the great patriarchs of old. When we were ready to enter the large conference room, to the extent that we were going to the ushers who had the task of locating in the same go, it was inevitable the fact that we stopped a moment to exchange greetings and hugs from each with others, as usual peer group who reunite again. These meetings have been constituted in a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and opinions, affections grow, develop healthy bonds of fellowship and friendship, and above all, discovering affinities, that special feeling that makes a difference when choose, who form our group of Midian trabajo.a words: Presented by Gabriel, standing in front of us, was a man of medium height, smiling face, deep-eyed, clear and warm at the same time, his whole appearance radiated dignity and grandeur befitting a being, which is known keeper of the moral and intellectual authority, which qualify him to speak, putting God as a witness on matters of great importance, issues of which we possess only a very limited and biased information. Other leaders such as Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease offer similar insights.

Weight Loss Food

If you only had to mention a kind of food that has been tested for weight loss, you would say salad? It is almost certain that you’ve asserted this response. Salads for weight loss work very effectively. The salads are exceptional for fat burning and probably the best kind of food that many people think when they want to lose weight. Peter A. Levine PhD shines more light on the discussion. Salads for weight loss work because lettuce, although you don’t know almost anything, is composed mostly of water. Water is an essential element to lose weight. Any type of food that is rich in water is excellent for lowering. This is because you’ll be eating too few carbohydrates, and a diet that controls carbohydrates will make you lose weight. Salads are also effective because they contain lots of fiber.

Fiber is one of the most important components in a diet. Fiber can help you to cleanse your digestive system and remove any offensive substance that is in its path. It is almost certain that you will see that you will lose weight every week if you keep a good habit of eating different types of salads every day. The salads for weight loss are also great because there are many types of vegetables of which you can choose. Some know better than others, depends on the taste of each person.

You will discover that you liked some vegetables more than others. Experiment and find the favorite vegetable to make salads that are to your liking. Some good choices are: 1. Lechuga2. Espinaca3. Watercress these vegetables work incredibly well and should be included in any kind of salad to maximize its slimming effect. Also you can add other healthy accompaniments to your salad to make it more delicious. However, salads aren’t the only food you need to lose weight. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.