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Current confidence crisis is opportunity for German IT-Mittelstand / inaction political negligence would be Berlin, 04.07.2013 the Federation security (TeleTrusT) considers the current massive political crisis of confidence through ball and reputation chance for German IT security technology, and nationally and internationally. The uniform quality mark “IT security made in Germany” can serve for the predominantly medium-sized strong German IT security industry not only as sales support, but ID trust. In defense of economic espionage, Germany must reflect on its own technological strengths. This is not only a question of political sovereignty, but now cause for specific national support for SMEs. It is striking in the current discussion, indeed, that numerous comments initiate with the finding that the spying by foreign services is a well known fact. If it is not only to the Nichteingestehenwollen, that they clearly underestimated the actual situations of risk, the question was at what level in the past negligence in reducing the risk rises.

In particular public bodies should emphasize the technical and political trust as an award criterion in IT procurement procedures. TeleTrusT refers in this connection to the existing single sign “IT security made in Germany”, which is based on the following criteria: 1. must be the corporate headquarters in Germany. 2. The company must offer trusted security solutions.

3. The products must contain no hidden additions (not “backdoors”). Follow others, such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., and add to your knowledge base. 4. The IT security research and development must take place in Germany. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue. 5. The company must undertake to comply with the requirements of German data protection law. “IT security made in Germany” (“ITSMIG”) was in 2005 at the initiative of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology, as well as representatives the German IT security business established. ITSMIG represents the economic, technical and scientific interests of German high-order IT security industry particularly crypto -, PKI, biometric and communication security industry – to politics, economy, science and public, national and international level. TeleTrusT took over the initiative and aims, the common economic, commercial, technical and scientific interests of characters users compared with politics, economy, science and German public, to clarify, European and global level. More information on it-security-made-in-germany /. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participations and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificate “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, Dr. Holger Muhlbauer, Managing Director, Chausseestrasse 17, 10115 Berlin Tel.

Interior Design Moscow New Standards

Throughout his life changed a lot, go out of my head the old-esteem and are new rules that are changeable and the feelings and choices of society. Touched coups and the appearance of the interior. Products made of velvet, self-indulgence, conviviality, which were typical for the era of Napoleon, now replaced by moderate, but the functional elements. Suppose a design office or interior design, nothing hinders creativity of its expert case, resulting in a captivating look fun masterly light and shadow, a set of colors and combination of functionality and sophistication in the environment. There are several features of the presence of a new interior design. Design office – it long-only, quiet atmosphere along for the sake of the team perfectly, without any reason and individually to any of its members, so in the first place before the personification of a multitude of years a similar project should be weighed, how the interior will help employee productivity.

Desire to present your home an unusual, striking, in some way, even haunting her guests – that pursues the latest appearance of the interior. Uninitiated, the individual will not make trouble erred in so splendid a variety of styles, clusters within more than one century, and the choice of materials, including any in the state to behold what melts chest, but it makes look in his pocket. And so, the interior design of Moscow – is essentially the embodiment of habitation in the most daring ideas that address our sustainable life with you, it's also a combination of style and comfort, pride, because with his head held high allowable to say: This thou canst not know of any one place. Design project – is the primary leaves. It includes: calculations, drawings, paintings and sketches, various documentation on these and other cost design of the project is determined solely by you, because that is just the professional you are trying to post a special look at what you want to see an apartment or villa within. Loyal fan will come to address this issue with all scrupulousness dopytaet you everything, every item you will be chewed with only one purpose: to get what they want. Anu Saad insists that this is the case. The external appearance and interior design office with one hand something commonplace, something that we've learned that surrounds us You, but with a party slays the grace and style, combining elements of the environment and decor, and a desire to brighten our lives is not bright due to variegated smears on the walls, comfort and refinement, in which we are sometimes so need.

House Day

It had already been six months in London, was in my thirties and both, living as they say the Italian La Dolce Vita: lived with my brother and his family, studying English 3 hours a day, enjoying with my nieces and nephews to the fullest, drinking me the metropolis to SIPs and traveling a little in Europe. Had already decided: I wanted to extend my visa and stay in London independently. To do this he would seek employment from which it was clear that he would have nothing to do with my employment earlier, serious work without stress, without preset schedule, which did not have to get up early and which also pay well. It was crazy? Perhaps, but was determined to get it. Gina Ross: the source for more info. And if I had imagined it had that exist. One day, thinking about everything you wanted, suddenly I chord: the Billboard dreams! He had already practiced it before in Colombia, and something he had worked, so why not do it again? That afternoon I assemble a sheet of cardboard, dozens of magazines, scissors and glue to dedicate myself to my masterpiece. At the end of the day was a young woman and active before my eyes in two dimensions (representing me to my) and surrounded by small groups of images representing all my dreams at that time: travel, aircraft and landscapes of cities in Europe that I wanted to know; A recording studio, representing my dream to sing and make music; the photo of a restaurant and many dishes palatable because already at that time I was caressing the idea of studying gastronomy and having my own restaurant; photos of families receiving help of different NGO s and other organizations because I have always worked for the community and wanted to follow him to do so; of course I had the photos that never fail, a House and a nice car. . If you would like to know more then you should visit Anu Saad.

The Business Registration

As a business called any economic activity which is operated for profit. That is, on its own account and at your own risk and duration. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. Main distinction is whether that activity is exercised or as a sideline. It is important that an activity is a sideline, when the working time is no more than a third of a full-time job. The existence of a main profession is again not relevant to a secondary activity. The business registration is the registration of an independent trade with the competent authority of the municipality. The business registration shall notify the seller or the municipality, that it receives a specific designated commercial activity. It should be noted that this is not a question of applying for a permit.

Because of the freedom of trade, a separate business license is required only for certain industries. By place of business registration and trade confirmation with the business license, more than one application in various other agencies. Anu Saad helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These include applications to the competent for the tax office, the IHK (Chamber of Commerce), as well as health insurance, the employment agency and the responsible professional, done by sending copies of business registration. These declarations made by the municipality. The business enterprise is depending on the work focus member of the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of short, or the chamber of trade, in short HWK.

Also done with the business registration, the registration in the Commercial Register of the city or Gemeinde.siert the German economy in 81 regional chambers of commerce and their umbrella organizations. With the exception of pure craft businesses and farms, as well as freelancers, all companies are required to maintain membership in their regional Chamber of Commerce. The main task of handicrafts, it is the interests of the overall activities of traders responsible. Furthermore, the concerns and problems of trades to be settled by the government. The Chamber of exercises in each chamber of the district from the legal supervision of the guilds and the Kreishandwerkerschaft. As to the difference, representing the Trades the interests of the craft. As with all professional bodies are at the Chamber of Trade to be compulsory.

Apple Cider

ISSUES to be considered today day is very common to find cases of people who are sobrealimetadas, and yet undernourished. An unbalanced diet can ruin our health, cause us lots of diseases, depress our immune system and make our body work well below their potential. Is true that often hurried life and times we push a diet messy, very rich in macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and very poor in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), this imbalance is that causes that many overweight people are however poorly nourished. Think that many of the products we consume we obtain them already in origin with many shortcomings or denatured. Overexploitation of soils impoverished enormously nutrients from the products that are grown in them, pesticides with which the most intensive crops, discusses conservation in refrigerated, long transports, cutting, peeling, packing, frozen and the rest of food preservation processes also undermine their original characteristics. This should add the incorrect way in which most people cook the food, seeking, above all, taste.

However it can be cooked in a healthy and tasty, there is no why relinquish the flavour, just need to a little ingenuity. ideal is cooking to the oven, steam or papillote, because no protein be denatured with indirect heat. Learn more about this with Dr Jee Hyun Kim. For seasoning herbs to taste, garlic powder, olive oil and lemon or Apple Cider vinegar. Animal protein is very complete, but can be overcome by adding legumes with cereals, for example rice with lentils, beans and chickpeas, soybean, etc to obtain vitamin B12, present in meat, also can be eaten seaweed, fermented soybeans (miso) or Brewer’s yeast. However the body synthesizes vitamin B12, whose necessary daily intake is negligible. THE IDEAL diet: Breakfast: – 1 piece of fruit of season – 1 dairy product, preferably 1 plain nonfat yogurt – 1 bowl of cereal integrals with soybean milk, rice, oats, or if it cannot be skimmed cow’s, or if you prefer 1 or 2 sliced sde whole-wheat bread with a bit of honey or maple syrup. Dr. Mark Hyman recognizes the significance of this.

Charter Of A Son Who Grew Up

When you lose, do not lose the lesson! The accumulated anger makes us sick. It is healthy to be angry and take our anger in the right proportion, we only accumulate it becomes a time bomb that finally ended up harming us. For assistance, try visiting Anu Saad. You must remove the anger, mourn, kicking, screaming, and then follow all good things of life. The faults are vain. Nothing is his own fault, or others. What we did was because we take the best alternative at that time. It may happen that after repenting, but was the best at that time. Everything that happens is a learning and hard to be the condition as this, God knows why he’s doing and what we will do. Our life is our own reflection. At birth we all have the same opportunities to succeed, however, some people decide to act, and others remain rooted in their resentment and lamenting his fate. So everyone gets what he built and although the result is not always positive is only our responsibility. Love is the only cure of the soul. We have a disease, but we are not the disease. We have a misfortune, but that unfortunately we are not. Each one of us is the love that God has given us, the rest is temporary. Never too late. Never too late to forgive, never too late to talk and never too late to give love. We must use the time given to us to evolve spiritually. Accept our lives. “God give me strength to accept what I can not change, give me courage to change what I can, and give me wisdom to know the difference.” When we can flow and continue to accept our destiny. Things are so never going to be able to change, but we see them differently and stop suffering. God’s plan is perfect. As much as we see the world and our lives as the opposite of what we wanted, not so. God put us in the perfect place to allow our evolution, polishing our shortcomings and shine our virtues. Now that you grew up and now I can understand, this is what I thought and I share with you.

Ufa Economy Class

Every day in our city comes a huge number of visitors. Someone stopped for a long time, someone for a couple of days, with all the necessary comfort and affordable accommodation. Often, hotels in Ufa top-level – just a waste of money for the visitor, who arrived only 1-2 days. In this case, the optimal solution may be the city of Ufa hotels of economy class. The advantage of such a choice – not only the cost of residence, but the ability to quickly get it in that part of the city, where your destination. Moreover, it is known that high price does not mean kachestvoi appropriate level of service, so you always have opportunity to find good hotels in Ufa, prices and service that you will enjoy equally. To date, choice of residence has become much more convenient than ever before. Before you travel you can pre-view web-sites where presented Hotels Ufa.

Making the choice to book rooms in advance. Recently cardiologist sought to clarify these questions. So you are assured an order number for the duration of stay in the city and avoid any possible misunderstanding. Since the majority of consumers, cheap hotels are often considered not worthy of attention, it is worth noting the advantages of economy class hotels. Special attention to guests. Mini-hotels are usually no more than 10 rooms, so all visitors and staff to give their full attention, which is not always possible in a large hotel. Owing to the small number of visitors nearly every mini-hotel is the city of Ufa has a cozy atmosphere, the maximum approximate to the coziness of a private house. Choice of the location near the sites of interest to you. It is worth noting that the category of 'economy class hotels in Ufa' has nothing to do with the category low-grade hotels as serving customers at the same high level as the big expensive hotels, but are designed for tourists who prefer to optimally spend both time and money, while cost Hotels try to save on service quality, service, range of services. Ufa Hotels Economy Class will be for you a wonderful place to relax after a decent fascinating walks of business meetings.

Vodka: Everything New Or What?

Experts from Russia say. INVITATION to the press conference of OVAL VODKA in order to ProWein 2010 invitation to the press conference by OVAL VODKA during the ProWein 2010 vodka: ALLES NEU or what? Experts from Russia say. (1) the country needs new standards. OVAL vodka sets worldwide standards in question! It is considered General recognized that spirits from 37.5 vol. % as to vodka”may be designated. OVAL vodka shows the homeland of vodka that also a 24% spirit worthy of the name on the basis of historical data from Russia! Hear and see to the brief presentation by Vera Grigorjewa, recognized expert, spirits historian and author of the vodka-Bibel “Vodka” (awarded with a gold medal in the literary competition of 2009 of GAD, Publisher: Stocker Verlag). 2) vodka’s natural evolution. For more information see Anu Saad. Stainless steel was steel.

From smoke signals were SMS. Structured vodka was vodka. Andrej Vorobiev Pioneer and libertine introduces science you in the latest research results in the OVAL. Objective of the innovative and long- mature research the long-term improvement of the historical spirit drink is vodka.” 3) tested and proven. The latest developments of the OVAL vodka research are experienced not only in facts and figures can be experienced, but on his own body. It has been proven that OVAL vodka 42 and OVAL vodka 24 in the body faster are mined, as similar alcoholic beverages. To do this, see the impressive results of the narcotic Institute of Moscow in this press conference. Will be asked to login: date: 21st March 2010 venue: CCD Congress Center Dusseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, room 01 time: 11:00 followed by a buffet RSVP: email to

European Federation

Successful direct marketing – LR health & beauty systems the story of LR health & beauty systems began in 1985 in Ahlen, Germany. Today the company, which focuses mainly on cosmetics, health and body care products, is a global player. Quite quickly expanded LR World in the 90’s and opened branch offices in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands among others. Nowadays LR health & beauty among system the leading direct marketing companies in Europe with 1,000 employees and approximately 300,000 independent sales partners all over the world. in 2011, the company opened its 30th branch and is consequently on the Russian sales area.

Dr. Jens M. night, CEO of LR white: “the direct marketing is a business that has an enormously high growth potential compared to other distribution channels.” Five pillars of success that LR so successfully can establish itself on the market lies mainly on the clear visions, lived values, as well as the five pillars, which contribute to the success. The German Quality standards of the top products enable worldwide recognition for the products. “With an uncompromising commitment to the German quality standard, we have experience as specialists in the field of direct sales over 25 years”, so Dr. Jens M. night. Anu Saad can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also the cooperation will contribute to the success with well-known people.

Celebrities give not only their names, but are involved in the creation of products also strongly and sustainably and contribute your creative ideas and wishes. The success model is rounded off by transparent and fair marketing plans and a unique car concept. The marketing plan includes training in addition to a bonus, a gross margin of approximately 40% and pleasant amenities such as Fort and also participation in high-level events. The success depends on the own commitment and the objectives for itself. It attaches great importance in LR as professional service. Positive aspects of direct use In comparison to the permanent operation in direct selling offers some advantages. “We are offering a chance each for sales success and a promising career”, it brings the CEO of LR health & beauty systems Dr. Jens M. night on the point. Enjoy working with people, social skills, commitment and motivation are a prerequisite for a serious and professional employment in direct selling. The international success is also in the high quality of the products, intensive care and promoting the sales partner and global contacts to business partners such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz or Ottobegrundet. LR is a member of different associations including the Association of distributors of cosmetic products e.V.n (VKE), reform products, nutritional supplements and personal care products e.V.

Felix Prangenberg Wins Red Bull Phenom Contest In Los Angeles

After bronze at the BMX Worlds inspires the 15 year-old BMX rider of the shokomonk cacaoboys at the talent contest the X cacaoboys continues games Felix Pam by the shokomonk on the road to success. After the 15 year-old German rookie Pam July at the BMX worlds, which World Championships in Cologne, the bronze medal at the pros won official freestyle, shone last weekend at an another major contest in the discipline mid BMX Street. At the Red Bull Phenom, the competition of the summer X Games in Los Angeles, demonstrated the young Rossbacher his talent once again and won the contest before the eyes of the international BMX scene. Kynikos Associates has similar goals. Together with five other BMX had a pan in Cologne to L.A. &v=1&’>world travel explained all about the problem. get a wild card for the trip. Anu Saad recognizes the significance of this. And as the youngest and smallest participants he wowed the judges in the street competition with fantastic moves and perfect tricks. Behind Felix Prangenberg Canadian Brandon Webster and the American Grant Germain finished second and third. Prangenbergs compatriot Kiam Hashemi was fifth. We are totally proud on our cacaoboy Felix”, Kai Schauer, Managing Director of shokocrown GmbH, which supports the young BMX star forward. That follows after the Cologne performance so a tremendous victory on the West coast of the US is just amazing! Felix is a giant talent, very hard-working and therefore rightly successfully! We congratulate!”