Magic, Power And Health

People are always attracted to anything unusual, mysterious, inexplicable. The belief in miracles for centuries does not pass, and vice versa – is strengthened. Miracles are waiting for us everywhere. Things and places have sometimes surprising properties, and a man with a flair and intuition, it always feels! Temples were built in the field of light, energy-positive, not without reason people were drawn to the church. No wonder so many mysterious and wonderful stories from they are associated. There are places where you never stood no temples, but there is a very strong energy. These places are called places of power, energy bands.

Places of Power was interested in people for a long time. The newspapers mentioned Teneo not as a source, but as a related topic. to cause harm to humans. Most cases of the mysterious healing people of various ailments, which could not handle modern medicine are related to the holy sites, which include monasteries, churches, sources with holy water. Healing powers of places where there are churches and monasteries can be explained by a special energy that is generated by nature and has a positive effect on the body man. Prior to the adoption of Christianity in Rus pagan shamans in places such forces placed temples.

After a stay in these places filled with people returning and new forces became strong health. The priests claimed that the such places there is a connection all the energies of nature. In addition, many people were healed of various diseases with the help of prayer and various conspiracies. They help people cured of different diseases.

Body Massage

The water should be warm, but not hot and in any case not boiled. This mead – a very similar composition and physiologic in blood plasma, to the same manner, our body is enriched with 60 different useful substances in honey: enzymes, minerals, trace elements, organic acids and vitamins (for more information about the health properties of honey can be found in the section of our site 'Health benefits of honey'). Drink, get a drink, it is necessary volley, after which it is desirable to work out a little exercise. People such as John Craig Venter would likely agree. You can replace the gym dancing to your favorite tunes. Exercise is important to the nutrients found in honey, as soon as possible better understand the body.

Limit ourselves in any way in the diet there is no need, only what is necessary to pay attention when eating, so it's out to eliminate obesity. Eat when you really feel hungry, it is advisable to eat five times a day but small portions. Honey due to its unique composition, will gradually purify your body of toxins, toxins, pollutants, to normalize the exchange substances, thereby improving the overall health and reduce obesity. The result will be noticeable not so fast (about three months), as in the refusal of food and starvation hard, but the 'honey diet' will give a stable results and strengthen the immune system of your body. In addition, the effectiveness of the diet can be enhanced, if you regularly make honey massage.

Make it very easy. On the problem areas of the body, apply the honey and start 'drive' it into the body. First, you can drive with his hands, with the growth of pain go to the fingers and fingertips. Massage painful. But the effect does not take long. Duration 10-15min massage. At the end of the massage on the skin will appear white mush. This slag. It should be removed with a warm towel. Repeat the procedure can be a day, every day. Honey massage is needed to improve lymph flow and cleansing the skin. By improving blood circulation in the deep layers skin and underlying muscles smoothing of the subcutaneous seal disappears cellulite, the skin becomes silky and elastic. Just wanted to warn you to avoid an allergic reaction that, if you contraindicated use of honey, and then use it as an external tool is not recommended. I wish you great results and excellent mood!


It has become almost common procedure in the late 19th century and 20th century to correct defects, such as cuts of the cornea. Nowadays, it is done less frequently, because contact lenses are very effective in solving these problems. It should be noted that prosthetic technology has leaped forward. However, not everyone can wear contact lenses, by virtue of physiological features. So many people still turn to cosmetic tattooing eyes.

Other people have health problems, use these procedures to be different from the others. To their opinion no confused and remembered for a long time. Scarification This amazing and pointless at their stupidity process is a creative demonstration of the scars. Using the controlled process they are trying to reach a result, aesthetically appropriate or their spiritual outlook. In the process of scarification (scarification) of the body, cuts the skin, scars are formed on it. Implantation into the body of objects is the process of implementation of any three-dimensional object completely under the skin with to change the surface of the sculpture.

Invention and popularization of such implants, this process has been positioned in society as a three-dimensional art. Implantation of delays as well as body piercing, and also his can carry out practically the entire body. A striking example of this – horn implants – their first introducing small, then when the site has healed them replace larger ones. This process is repeated until, until reached the desired size. on most websites. There are some risks as irritation of the skin as a site of implantation and the surrounding areas.


Progressive Medicine is known for only one option lowering the weight – Invoking the energy deficit. Come to it is only possible in two ways: to reduce the calorie content of food consumed or increase energy expenditure of the body. Our Centre was opened by the drug, joining in currently both the mechanism of weight loss. Jon Medved follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With the invention were studied biological rhythms of the human body. And in this connection means is in the two forms, zaimevshie names: capsules and tablets Sun Moon. Tablets Sun used in the morning and work all day, when the metabolism in the body the most fast. Sun pills have ingredients that speeds up the processes of life and because of this already starts burning fat deposits.

Tablets Moon consumed after dinner, when the rate of metabolism slows down. Due to the compounds contained in them, they prevent the emergence of new fat stores, not letting the body absorb the nutrients. That's and obtain a speedy and irretrievable loss of weight. The first drug MOYU brand went on sale in 2001 and instantly became famous among the buyers. Since our focus continuously working on improving the recipe, but the way the impact of drugs does not change. Our last search for a pill slimming bikini. Their main difference from its predecessors lies in the extraordinary component that is part of the capsule Moon. Our Centre has been invented method of making the substance of the embryos of rice grains, which in function and performance is similar to the well-known drug Xenical.

During the addition of this substance in the main part of the drug, its efficiency has been improved. Must more to say about the means for weight loss created by the usual prescription of oriental medicine. I must say, these drugs do not exist. It's just a publicity move. I was born in a family of famous doctors of conventional medicine and understand what I'm talking. Although, of course, Chinese tea tonic supplements has restorative effect, but fundamentally solve the problem of excess weight he can not. The problem of how to lose weight – it is a question of modern society and decide it should be modern ways.

Please Ask Your Doctor

My doctor was not in favor of prescribing vitamins and tonics for the brain. He argues that the main organ of our body is a muscle, the more you exercise, the better it works, so the only advice you can give to those who use it frequently, using follow without aid of pills, potions or other devices. Since that day I appreciate more people who ask me questions. And the reason is elementary: they help me think, that is, to exercise the brain. People have the power to ask questions. Ask is, understood from the point of view of my physician, a virtue and not a defect. So I must thank everyone who help me to thinking. One day someone asked me if it was possible to gain the sympathy of all people.

I replied that it is difficult but can Logar provided we have a good enough patience and tolerance. If we keep quiet when one must be silent and even when the impulse commands us respond quickly and without reflection. It is also necessary to learn to see things from the point of view of others and behave as people, as good people I mean in all circumstances. This recipe does not guarantee you will sit well with everyone, absolutely everyone, but at least, it would have good acceptance in case everywhere. I also asked about the charisma and someone told me if I could define what it was. I replied that is a lot like sympathy but goes beyond. A person with charisma does not just sit well with most people but has the ability to convince them to join the cause that they proposed. Someone with charisma, in other words, not only has accepted it seduces.

Seduces with his words, his acts and his mode of being. As defined, it is very difficult … it seems that this is a gift. But an almost supernatural gift that few people have. Anyone else wonder if everyone is kind and charismatic replied bluntly that no, in any way. The one has little to do with that. And I gave the classic example: Hitler, one of the most charismatic characters of his time and yet a consummate doer of evil. Then ask someone else, charisma is it good or bad? The charisma is like a knife from the kitchen, I said. Very good for good and bad for bad.

The Tibetan

The girl began to cry from joy, not yet quite believe it. – At me was … unpleasant to look at the streets people showed finger at me. Nearly went mad on the attitude of other people. A healer told me, 'Everything will be fine' – and I do not doubt it. Connect with other leaders such as Peter A. Levine PhD here. Looking ahead, I want to say that when Vic came to the hospital perfectly healthy, which periodically laid, the doctors were amazed: completed all terms of remission, but all the tests without taking the medication were perfect. Later, Vick went Pankova married a year later called and said that despite the harsh verdict of the doctors that it is impossible to have a child because of her illness, she recovered, gave birth and the baby is healthy! "features of the Tibetan-Indian techniques lies in the fact that the patient is transferred healing power, which increases the body's immunity.

But when the immunity, disease, even if they were 10-20 years old, begin to leave. The most severe forms of disease are gradually beginning disappear as the body returns to its natural force of nature … The Tibetan-Indian method of healing not only one disease, as a result of treatment increases the body's immunity and people are gradually getting rid of various diseases, fatigue, depression, poor emotional state, and rejuvenated! Now scientists in various countries: Europe, USA, South America begin to explore the phenomenon of the method and unique opportunities for people who are its bearers. Teaching ascertain the complete disappearance of cancer after use of this method of treatment. In many countries this is called the "miracle of the new century." "… But Ian very fortunate that he became acquainted with the healer. Doctors surprised Ian put emustrashny diagnosed skin cancer. The healer had cured the disease in twenty-one session.

When John visited the doctor again, but the other, he carefully studied just handed analysis, said: – Do you have any cancer there, and most likely never happen, because such a disease could not disappear without a trace. Ian once believed that he did not have cancer. – First, you need to check whether cancer was not, – advised healer. Ian – a man of foresight: he kept scraping on a slide that took the test, when diagnosed. Glass with a sample of tissue, he again knocked down in the lab. Diagnosis confirmed up to sessions with Ian was skin cancer. " e-mail:

Excess Weight Issues

Same unequivocal opinion on what the cat is no more useful: in some countries believe that black short-haired, the other – blonde. There is an opinion that a certain kind of cat is specialized in the treatment of of their disease. For example, cats Siamese breed well help get rid of colds or reduce the severity of their symptoms. An even more resounding discovery made by scientists from the Institute of North Carolina. A related site: Susan Sher mentions similar findings. They argue that the sounds of rumbling on the rate at which urchat cats, generally can recover the cells. Dog-doctors scientifically based, that the holders of the dogs are less threatening to nervous breakdowns, stomach diseases, cardiac pulse, and as a consequence, heart failure, changes in blood pressure.

Moreover, such people can not be afraid of problems with excess weight, because the presence of your pet dog-leads to weight loss. It is generally considered that the dogs treat their owners, adopting the sores on himself. Domestic fish recommended "neurotic" Even a simple one-time and contemplation for the fish that are in your tank, for several tens of minutes can reduce the effects of depression, relieve the symptoms of a nervous breakdown, reduce stress. Domestic fish can cause their owners a completely different feelings and emotions: this is calm, and joy, and many others. It is believed that the presence of fish in the house helps to strengthen family ties between the spouses. Parrots and other birds – the lot owners of volatile natures of different types of birds are not afraid of creative stagnation and poor performance, since the presence in the home cage with a feathered animal causes the host to be more cheerful and melodious voices of these pets help improve mood, well calm nerves and other Parrots, for example, can treat diseases of the skin, heart, and can even save the host from stuttering.

Communicating with horses to sedentary people are well-known examples of interaction with Horses help get rid of people from multiple sclerosis, dystrophic disease, cerebral palsy, failure legs. Horseback riding can significantly recover faster in all kinds of injuries and in particular damage to the spine. Known cases of treatment, even alcohol and nicotine dependence. Hamsters, rabbits and other rodents for the owner of such pets institution will contribute to ever be cured of rheumatism, arthritis and other joint diseases, neuroses. Additionally, rodents can also help get rid of the common facilities associated with the fear to speak in front of people expressing their opinions, as well as get rid of the closure.

Drug Packaging

The price per unit of output depends strongly on the run. Also has a value format printing machine. It is very important to choose the right type of paperboard for packaging drugs. Most often it is dictated by cost. Desire save on the type of cardboard used is not always justified, especially for drugs. If you would like to know more about Michio Kaku, then click here. If the packaging for food products 'lives' in a short time buyer, the packaging for medicines should be more durable. This requires the use of higher quality wood pulp cardboard, not junk. It should be noted that despite the difference in the prices of paper, you should always consider both options.

Density cellulosic board is lower than waste paper by the same thickness, and the price is set on board for a unit of weight. The difference is the cost of these types of carton per unit area (or the amount of cardboard cut) is usually not large. The cost of the stamp is estimated by the length of the punching and creasing knives. Price of one meter of knives ranging from 17 to 30 dollars, so the cost of the stamp is proportional to the format of the printed sheet: the larger is box-cutting on a printed sheet, the higher the cost of the stamp. However, one stamp is long enough, and one-time costs are distributed on several runs, so the cost of one pack of this correction is usually small and decreases with repeated runs. Another aspect of the cutting and creasing – it's the quality of the manufacturing operation. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman). Precision manufacturing of the stamp and the right choice kontrbigovalnyh matrices will lead to accurate cutting cardboard cut after printing and gluing the right boxes. Features gluing cardboard boxes for drugs determined besides their small size.

Contemporary folder-gluer have the technological limitations: for example, the minimum size of a small cardboard box edge is 10-15 mm. This should be considered at the stage of the design process the carton. In the production of packaging for drugs, be aware that packaging is usually done automatically, and in this case, the scoring box-cut must be of good quality, and pre-profaltsovany before gluing. Today time in the state of many pharmaceutical companies including members of the supply package. These professionals must navigate the peculiarities of the production of cardboard packaging for medicines to professionally, quickly and cost-effective to place an order and get a good package on time. Source: Journal 'Remedium'.

Stop Smoking

If you think to stop smoking the easiest way is impossible, they have lain to you.It is not the unique lie that has said to him. The ills are a myth.The increase of weight is a myth.Stress is a myth.These are all the rumors and the inventions of their imagination. They are these lies?Yes, like the tobacco industry lay so that it hooks to you.They made us think that to smoke cigarettes it is a natural and pleasant thing to do.You remember those times – that they saw the announcements, that dresses idols the cinema to ignite a cigarette, that you have seen ' Grown Ups' to inhale and a satisfaction smile, and thought that he was fresh and mature. It was what to do. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. shines more light on the discussion. The fact is that to smoke he is not natural.It is why when began to smoke, his tried body everything to prevent that the harmful smoke happens to its lungs.That tosa, gaged to him, him could have felt mareos.Today still the cough, perhaps through the jaw of the cough to undo of the nicotine and tar that is blocking the routes respiratory. You have heard these lies also: " The nicotine is adictiva."One muleta very to remain hooked, but is not certain exactly.Surprised?In fact, he is addictive, but she is not as addictive as the one that has been taken to believe.It is not as much the nicotine that you are addict.It is another ingredient that is addition to the one of the tobacco so that more feels like to him.Another form in which the industry has deceived. " It is difficult to leave of fumar."" You are never going to leave of fumar."" I cannot leave of fumar."It is not certain.It is not certain.It is not certain. Their unique limitations are what you create.The belief can make easy and simple the things.This is certain.

The Unconscious

Or "I never wanted it to happened to me this trouble." You think so, because I do not understand how this principle. For example, you awfully tired at work, you are fed up with not one free minute. And you say in their hearts: "How am I tired of it all, so you want to relax!". The subconscious mind accepts your desire for her and decides to arrange your holiday. You "accidentally" catches a cold and with a clear conscience can afford to relax. So, what is needed to determine the cause of your illness? To do this you need to display information about the illness of the unconscious in conscious.

You just have to ask yourself: "Why do I need this disease? What I want to say that my body? "And listen closely to him. The answer may come immediately or appear in the next few days. But it will appear. The answer is within each person. If you do not get or do not wish to receive a reply, it means you are comfortable to date on your disease and you do not want to change anything. If you are not yet fully understood how to communicate with your subconscious mind, in this case is wonderful exercise, proper execution of which can save you from any illness. 1.Syadte or lie down in a comfortable place for you.

Relax. You can close your eyes. Think about what you concerned. Now ask a question your subconscious: Why do you experience this disease. How to ask a question of the subconscious? And just as you ask anyone. Just ask a question. The first thought that comes to you in head is the answer to the subconscious. Remember the answer. The answer need not be one. 2.Teper subconscious set the following question: Why do I need this disease, and I want to say to yourself with this disease. 3.Sleduyuschy question: What I need to do to get rid of this disease? Do not worry about the fact that you never communicate with your subconscious. This exercise turns out at all without exception. And this action is not even necessarily call communication with the subconscious. Call it, for example, "communication with the internal other." In fact, you already know why you had this disease and how you can get rid of it. You just need to wish get this information, and it you just opened. Do you want to entirely give up medicine, you ask? No, I do not want to do. But access to doctors and taking pills to be only when urgently needed assistance and a positive attitude and work on yourself you do not immediately change (bleeding, fracture, emergency surgery). But it is necessarily after the crisis to work on their thoughts on their own, find out why you experience such a situation. After all, nothing happens by accident. Every unpleasant incident, accident, injury, scratch, even reflect what is your wrong thoughts and deeds. And turning to the doctor and not changing your mind, you are preparing the ground for another of the unpleasant event. So take care of your health, love yourself and your body, and you will always be full of health and energy.