Children learn behaviour on the roads of Ulm, July 2008 – who wants to prepare his child on the road, should be on Jimmy’s bicycle driver’s license of zoneLINK set: the computer program shows playful children, what they can do their own security and what street signs have significance. The signs can be also printed and painted by the kids. As a reward, a certificate to the passing bike driver’s license examination beckons the small user. The CD-ROM is inserted into the PC simply and without installation, you can start immediately: read tasks and child-friendly displays the child can concentrate on learning. The small transport students is through the two main characters, Jimmy and his girlfriend hat, accompanied. Together look to the players once the bike on: How does so a bike? And what things must be attached to the bike, so that it is safe? Jimmy and Cap clarify these and other questions.

The bike is now safe, it goes to the Street: Jimmy, Cap, and the small user experience each other various traffic situations, learn road signs, simple traffic rules and prepare themselves so well on the actual situations in traffic. Everything is properly filled, still a certificate to print out beckons as a reward. Learn more at: cardiologist. You shows that the new bike licence owners well on the road is prepared and safely and confidently masters traffic situation. The main program features: Interactive educational game, complete music Installation not necessary, can be run directly from CD-ROM All traffic signs coloring Many interactive learning exercises Child-friendly lessons on bicycle and traffic safety Reward feature: Printable, customizable certificate price: 9.99 Euro EAN: 4260133814141 system requirements: supported operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, optional: a printer is to print out the certificate and the labels required zoneLINK looking for Jimmy’s bicycle driver’s license try out for themselves? It’s simple: Ask for right now your personal review copy under. zoneLINK label zoneLINK founded based in the Science City of Ulm/Donau, in 2007. zoneLINK is one of two new brands under which the HMH hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs GmbH develops software and published.

Application software in the fields of productivity and utilities, security, and entertainment appears zoneLINK under the brand. The product portfolio includes software which brings direct benefits the user in everyday life, as meet also title, the current trends. Contact information is here: Anuradha Saad. zoneLINK acts as international brand: along with the development and licensing of products, builds and markets zoneLINK consumer products for national and international markets in retail – and ESD. Contact: zoneLINK Claudius Daiss Einstein str. 59 89077 Ulm of phone + 49-731-159 37 580 E-Mail: Web: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel. 00 72 77 E-Mail: Web: Presse.xpand21.com

Marketing Management

Automation comes at the expense of the individual address of Karlsruhe, 29.11.2010 – output management has gained significantly in importance for the company in recent years, because it helps to document processes efficiently. So, it can make the entire process of producing a document on a basis of defined content processing up to the personalized sending through various channels to the addressees, and a filing. Thus, output management generates significant economic and temporal advantages. From the perspective of legodo ag these benefits not sufficient however to meet today’s requirements of a modern customer communication. Output management systems are not designed for a personal speech about form of address and name, but impersonal form letters already no sufficient effect trigger when the addressee”, legodo Board Member Marc Koch explains. Details can be found by clicking Dr Jee Hyun Kim or emailing the administrator. That’s why they have their place in his opinion especially where a company formally necessary information required such as, for example, General Customer information, invoices and reminders need to realize, but not where the quality of the content of documents has significant influence on the customer relationship. When it comes to communicating with a personal contact, the solutions for output management bound to fail, because they are designed on an automated mass handling”, he refers to the fundamental limitation. Relevant customer communications, characterized by individualized content, therefore cannot be of such letters.

Without personal information can not speak of a personal correspondence.” How important it is, the results show a current survey by legodo. After more than half of the companies in the near future wants to say goodbye the form letters suffering from declining acceptance. Instead, they want to communicate personal also on written way with their customers. That this so far there has been no was according to a large part of respondents missing solutions for a more customized cutting of began or electronic mass communication. In fact, automated mass communication and the individual customer approach represent a contradiction. “But by we have thought about output management, we succeeded with the solution of C4, to solve this apparent squaring of the circle”, the legodo Executive Board shows the way in the future.

It will included the whole slumbering in the CRM and various other IT systems of the company knowledge of each customer in each letter, to forge a possible demand for him information from it. Thus the customer dialogue acts, so personally as the spoken word”, Cook explains the benefits of legodo C4. About legodo ag: The legodo ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe develops solutions for a fast, flexible and above all personal design of customer communications across all modern channels. With C4, it is for the first time, the information from the ERP / SAP-, CRM and other enterprise applications for the Marketing associate. Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Dillinger Huttenwerke, already more than 40,000 employees in well-known companies such as DAB GEHE Pharmahandel, Integralis, RWE, Lufthansa, Swisscom and XELLA work successfully with legodo solutions. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Booming Market Business Apps

More and more companies invest in mobile apps for your own, professional use which is boom of the mobile apps alone not a mass market phenomenon. More and more companies can build apps for own professional use. According to current studies, 42 percent of U.S. companies plan their own apps for their employees (source: the guardian: technology/appsblog/2012/feb/21/business apps-antenna-research). B2B apps are an integral part in the professional life”, says Norbert Striedinger, Managing Director of app-full service agency all about apps (www.allaboutapps.at). Also in Austria: in the order books of the app specialists are for example apps for calculating bending, as well as a mobile application for the pharmaceutical sales force. Striedinger predicts a rapid increase in B2B apps in Austria.

Cost-saving and variety are just a few of the arguments that speak for a development of professional apps for a small group of people. B2B apps: The way out of the niche in the United States and in 43 Percent of the companies invest in the development of B2C apps United Kingdom. Followed closely by the 42 percent, a mobile application specifically for their employees working on. B2C apps are not geared to massive download, but aim primarily for professional use. So, for example, sales representatives or employees in the warehouse or production benefit from applications built specially for them.

A main reason for the boom is the cost savings: companies can use an app of the acquisition of more expensive usage devices (example: bar code scanner) counter. Since a majority of the employees/customers with the use of smartphones is familiar, the low entry threshold and high usability and acceptance gain advantages in the B2B area. Furthermore is greatly simplified the rollout of new software or updates to existing infrastructure, and over the air”. B2B apps also in Austria asked that in Austria apps in business demand to business area, the full service agency shows all about apps. The Viennese company “” “already developed apps for companies from different areas of the profession: the Trump bend Guide”for bending calculations, an app for the financial and sales as well as cialis”, a B2B app for the pharmaceutical sales force of the company Lilly”. That the B2B industry relies more and more on mobile apps for their employees, bringing benefits for the whole company. Especially for the field/sales, customer support or process optimization the apps developed specifically for a small group of users are a workload and strong support”, so Norbert Striedinger, Managing Director of all about apps. Whether a B2B app finds its way into the respective app store, left the company. An app is too specific or linked to an internal system, a publication not worth. Have benefited from the application such as, for example, when a catalogue app for a furniture company offers a publication to but also the consumers. About Enterprise stores can be made accessible B2B apps only to the limited range of users”, so Striedinger next. Photo Norbert Striedinger, Managing Director of all about apps, moves the business apps in the foreground: all about apps all about apps (www.allaboutapps.at) is a full service agency for mobile applications (apps”) and mobile Web. The Agency offers services along the entire life cycle of an app. The offer includes consulting, design and development of apps (for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone, and webapps), application and marketing and performance monitoring.

Microsoft Silverlight

Portal software Intrexx makes the graphical modelling of processes now economically through the transfer of the operational processes to electronic workflows are much clearer, quicker and safer. Solutions for business process modeling (GPM) are but usually not cheap. The portal software Intrexx makes the graphical modelling of processes but now economically. Freiburg, June 10, 2011. Abraham Maslow has firm opinions on the matter. The electronic processing of previously paper-based processes saves working hours per employee per day up to one hour. It converts this to a full year, arise in substantial financial savings. To convict the processes to electronic workflows, you need a tool for business process modeling (GPM) but first of all the cost of which can be easily reached a five-digit euro sum. Unlike two new tools in the Intrexx application store from United planet.

These allow the graphical illustration and optimization of business processes quickly and thus economically: the Intrexx process Visualizer (www.intrexx.com/ Intrexx process visualizer) is a smart solution for the visualization of processes in the company. Learn more about this with Dr. Mark Hyman. Within an enterprise of the Intrexx portal so that interactive process diagrams and organization charts are provided. With the help of the extensive collection of the item can be according to ISO flowchart – and Swimlane processes. The Intrexx process visualizer 598 euros. With the Karlsruhe Intrexx partner ipro consulting developed by get application Intrexx process Visualizer Pro (www.intrexx.com/ Intrexx-process-Visualizer-Pro) companies for less than 2,000 euros a comprehensive GPM tool with graphical modeling component. The app, developed on the base of Microsoft Silverlight allows the graphical modeling of processes and organization charts within the Intrexx environment.

Also for an intranet-based document management systems, she can be ideal. So that the company can start immediately with the construction of its process management, is a pre-configured platform to capture the complete organizational structure and flow of the company in the Application is already included. Through automated processes, companies save time and money. Time savings are not uncommon by up to 30 percent, and customers”, says Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United planet. By automating the business processes, errors can also avoid and improves the quality of business processes”, as Waller next. about United planet United planet has over 3,000 installations and more than 450,000 users of its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionalities much faster create than with comparable programs such as Microsoft SharePoint. Intrexx enables the integration of existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc., creating more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers.

Combined Use Of QLogics QDR InfiniBand Switches And HP Systems

New QLogic TrueScale ASIC technology lays the Foundation for cluster the next generation the announced by QLogic InfiniBand solutions that are based on the proprietary QLogic TrueScale ASIC chip today, according to a statement of the manufacturer in conjunction with HP systems are setting new standards in the areas of cluster performance and scalability. In addition rate (QDR) InfiniBand switches and HP systems is the common usage of the 40 Gbit/s Quad data leverage the existing network infrastructure and improve their utilization. HPC customers who operate increasingly complex applications, expect a high cluster performance. Objective is to maximize system productivity and accelerate the expansion. HP systems in conjunction with the QDR InfiniBand products by QLogic are used, is the necessary for compute-intensive applications high bandwidth available to customers. Also the solutions can scale and thus appropriately adapted to the respective requirements.” Ed Turkel, product marketing manager, scalable computing & infrastructure Organization, HP QLogic-QLogic InfiniBand Solutions offers a comprehensive range of InfiniBand network solutions for HPC environments. A leading source for info: Michio Kaku.

This ranges from QDR host channel adapters (HCAs) QDR multi-protocol Director switches and edge switches to a complete software package, all containing applications required for the installation, the operation and the maintenance of high-performance fabrics. The InfiniBand HCAs by QLogic are characterized by the highest message rate and effective bandwidth at simultaneously lowest MPI latency. Their use allows MPI and TCP applications to an unprecedented value for money across thousands of nodes to scale. The QLogic InfiniBand switches include the currently the most comprehensive and flexible einsetzbarsten available on the market interconnect fabric solutions for the HPC cluster. The products come with management tools for delivery, providing a minute-quick installation and commissioning of InfiniBand fabrics as single applications.

This facilitates the administrators to meet rising demand after powerful Rechnerclustern and grids efficiently. More quotes plays for the future of cluster-based high-performance computing InfiniBand-(HPC) environments an important role. New technologies such as the QDR InfiniBand switches allow to build more powerful smaller clusters and virtually unlimited scale large clusters. current but also future HPC users” Earl Joseph, program Vice President, high performance computing, IDC “the QLogic QDR InfiniBand switch technology based on our own TrueScale ASIC chip enables HPC customers complete flexibility to design cluster of the next generation. The extremely low power consumption combined with compact dimensions and high performance QDR InfiniBand market sets new standards. This applies especially against the background that the implementation period shortened due to the performance characteristics. HPC customers who operate sophisticated cluster applications, benefit from a faster operational readiness of the chosen Solution.” Jesse Parker, Vice President & General Manager, QLogic Network Solutions Group

IKOffice MoldManager

IKOffice has once again expanded the capabilities of its successful ERP solution is planning and organization in tool and mold making increasing pressure on costs and lower margins more important than ever. A smooth process, the timely provision of material and control of external services decide on profit and loss of a project. Now is the ideal time for the integration of new Planungsmittel! Because during a peaceful order the software can in the company optimally be integrated and adapted to the individual production processes. All employees from the outset intensively deal with new job aid. The software is implemented, the company can structured start in the recovery and make well over the competition floor. The simultaneous display of capacity under the proven time bar is new and unique to the planning system of IKOffice GmbH. Here, events, such as vacation, illness, and unforeseen, sudden reductions in capacity are clearly presented. Through a simple color scheme detect bottlenecks and potential impact on the overall planning estimate.

Work plans can be adapted immediately and made available to the employees. The feedback of the work is ensured through integrated time and attendance terminals. All information about progress and progress of work are the planners on the same day. For the evaluation of projects many controlling mechanisms and-Reporte are available at your fingertips. “The planning must not run behind the reality! To detailed plans are hourly overturned by reality! “, explains Ingo Kuhlmann accepted no systems Managing Director of IKOffice GmbH. have our customers, whose maintenance effort took more than half an hour a day.” he added. Markus Riel, Managing Director of Riel GmbH & co.

KG, which deploys the scheduling engine of MoldManagers since April 2009 his company, expressed enthusiastically: our planning meetings have a right through the new overview Get boost! Bottlenecks can be seen already weeks in advance and by the prompt confirmation of the work we have always an overview of status, progress, and performance.” The IKOffice GmbH has integrated this powerful planning and control instrument in their ERP-solution IKOffice MoldManager. It is can be integrated in an existing software landscape. This process is the IKOffice GmbH as expert consultants available. Interested companies can sit with the IKOffice GmbH in conjunction. The staff of IKOffice are available with help and advice companies target industries. You advise the companies during the implementation phase and advise on the integration of entering master data, the establishment and organization of the system.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

The auditing company Deloitte Netherlands has decided as a software partner for ZyLAB. Frankfurt – the solution provider for E-Discovery and information management will integrate its technology into the Deloitte discovery platform. It provides forensic services for the clients of accountants. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Through the collaboration of Deloitte and harmony, this can save costs, reduce risks and simplify complex processes in meeting today’s discovery and compliance requirements. Forensic & dispute support services (FDS) by Deloitte work with numerous services including by accountants, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies. The Deloitte discovery platform it provides useful functionality for each of these services. Nancy-Ann_DeParle can aid you in your search for knowledge. So allows it based on the eDiscovery and production system”of harmony of the efficient and effective collection, indexing, search, and review large amounts of data. With the help of the discovery services of Deloitte clients can emails, electronic documents, Browse audio files, databases, backup tapes, paper documents and even laptops and all servers.

Here the platform ensures the protection of confidential information, so that he can use online discovery service for examination and analysis. The platform is suitable for corporations, law firms and legal service providers. “Clients expect quality and best service from us, we need high technology,” explains Arthur de Groot, partner of the Dutch practice of Deloitte FDS. ZyLAB supports us in being able to offer a faster processing, sophisticated search and all around better analysis. By the capabilities of the platform to the legal review, sorting and, where appropriate, destruction and sighting data, our clients can more efficient and effective investigations at the same time lower costs to perform.”cooperation with Deloitte is a big win for us”, says pie-ter Varkevisser, CEO of harmony. Through these Agreement gives access to our proven eDiscovery and production system a number of new industries and customers through one of the world’s leading consulting firms ‘. This partnership is exactly our vision, together with leading organizations to provide our technology companies around the world.” About Deloitte Deloitte refers to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Swiss legal Association, or its network of member companies.

Spam Sperre.de: Intelligence Wins

What is so special about good inventions? They are new and useful. Inventions are usually made by people who want to take personal advantage of this invention. Thus, you could set up the thesis, that selfishness is not always a bad thing. So the egoism of an IT company has not only paid off 97857 Urspringen in Lower Franconia, it also shows you have to think sometimes just something more than others. Andreas Hoffman, Managing Director of the company of ETHA, was of the opinion that conventional spam filters offer not the optimum would be appropriate in this sensitive area. Conventional spam filters sort incoming mail for keywords and discard spam suspicious mail in a spam folder specially created. Especially in companies with high email traffic, so a folder can take on huge proportions and therefore waste much space on the computer.

When filtering the incoming messages also the network speed is thwarted, as the incoming mails all spotted and desirable and undesirable must be sorted. Unfortunately land also mails in the spam folder that there truly have no business. Many job could lose the spam folder would not be spotted. It takes time and there are more risks, because unwanted E-mail viruses or Trojans that threaten the network cling all too often. ETHA was tired to quarantine folder, to take risks and maybe find mails that were really important from the waste mountains of spam. So the company changed entirely selfish, how one should proceed to such problems to avoid.

And they are the realization came, that when a mail is not accepted, the sender, a message will appear. Further, it was aware that no folder consumes less space than one that doesn’t actually exist. Spam Sperre.de is resulted 2008 the ingenious idea and the absolutely new product. Spam-Sperre.de does not filter for keywords, but goes through a check of the sender’s data. Spam Sperre.de spam mails blocked and don’t put them in quarantine. The product is designed so that it constantly learns and thus adapts the principles of spam. Spam-Sperre.de detects off, before they end up in the recipient’s E-Mail basket and blocking the entrance spams already on the Internet. The sender receives a message that the reception of the mail was rejected. Contains a message that has been sent not as spam, so gets spam suspicious content (spam, virus, suspicions, etc) the sender the appropriate notice that the adoption was denied. A job may not be lost, because the sender that was made aware that his post is incorrect content and is given the opportunity of remedying a defect. Spammers have bad cards thanks to this innovative product, get it back but now lots of mails, without the chance to be appended to the recipient folder to mullen or viruses. This selfishness of ETHA is truly anything other than negative, at most for the spammers. For more information, see to spam sperre.de.

The DiskDoctors

But also contacts, notes and appointments, E-Mail archives in the ZIP and RAR format and password-protected files takes the software to. The user interface is clear and easy to use for all users. Disk doctors data Shredder safety by purge data deleting important data now has become a very high priority in the context of data security. Whether secret corporate data or private data, which are stored on hard drives, memory cards or USB sticks, always get into the wrong hands. In particular, the exchange of new drives, sales of PCs and storage devices pose great potential for data thieves if it is not carefully prepared. The DiskDoctors data Shredder allows it irrevocably to delete the storage media in three levels with three different algorithms, such as with the methods of fast overwriting with zeros, German VSITR, DOD standard 5220.28 STD just to name a few.

Even data remains of already destroyed data then belong to the past. A detailed program help and online updates to assist is the easy to use user interface and an easy file browser. The DiskDoctors data Shredder disappear data and information where they belong. Data recovery operates worldwide with more than 15 years experience disk doctor Labs Inc. since 1991 over 50 data recovery Labs. The specially developed algorithms are among the fastest and best around the world. Shredder combine this award-winning approach to disk doctors Outlook recovery and data with an incredibly simple operating concept. Awarded in the United States and now also available as a German version of the Franzis Verlag GmbH.

Prices and availability of the FASHOLA is disk doctors Outlook recovery (ISBN 978-3-7723-8760-9) for euro 79.00 and disk doctors data shredder (ISBN 978-3-7723-8760-9) for euro 29,00 available immediately in specialist shops or see. About Franzis Verlag GmbH: The Franzis book and Software publishing is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography, and Advisor for everyday. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. In the market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio, Photomatix and Photoshop extensions are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the books. Latest products in the product portfolio is the data recovery software disk doctors Undelete and disc doctor’s digital media recovery, 1-click wipe photo editing, as well as the DesignCAD 3D MAX v18 and seat of the company is Poing near Munich. PR contact Franzis Verlag GmbH: Heiko Wenzel Press service of H. Wenzel Tel.: + 49 (0) 531 3499459 email:

TuV South Opts Mobile BI Solution By Reboard

? Reporting and access to SAP business warehouse via Smartphone and Tablet PC. Stuttgart, March 14, 2012. TuV SuD is a business intelligence solutions of BI specialists reboard for mobile reporting and mobile access to SAP business warehouse. The Board of Directors of TuV South can retrieve now relevant, centrally stored business data such as key reports, sales figures and data of individual business units flexibly and anywhere via Smartphone and Tablet PC thanks to the cross-platform the software of the Stuttgart-based developer. Mario Ruger, head of business intelligence, TuV SuD, explains: Re-Board brings us tremendous flexibility.

“Thanks to the mobile data our Board can create analyses at any time and from any place in the world, check the profitability and the status of individual business units and much more.” Kai Wachter, CEO of reboard, explains: we are pleased to have won South with TuV an innovative, technical service companies as customers. Our BI solutions have high safety standards and can be connected to multiple data sources. “We adapt them to exactly the unique requirements of our customers that’s why also TuV has chosen South for our solution.” Cross-platform access multiple data sources in addition to SAP is the only German provider of cross-platform mobile BI solution reboard. Decision makers and salespeople can access with reboard by travelling on key figures and corporate data. BI-reports can be then accessed via mobile devices such as Tablet PCs and Smartphones, and it can be used.

Reboard is available for the major mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. The open BI server by re-Board at the data sources or the respective customer SAP BI system is BW, SAP BO, Cognos, Hyperion, Microsoft, Excel, Google Analytics and more connected. About reboard GmbH, reboard GmbH (www.reboard.net) developed mobile BI solutions for decision makers in medium-sized to large businesses. Reboard was 2010 founded by the company M-way solutions and bi excellence GmbH and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. About TuV SuD in Germany TuV South creates greater security for its customers. More value.” The technical services group headquartered in Munich is more than a pure test institution: as a committed and responsible process partner with extensive industry knowledge, TuV’s experts and technical advisers accompany South the entire value chain of its customers. Here, the experts focus their services on the core consulting, testing, certification and training. More than 17,000 employees of which about 10,000 in Germany ensures the optimization of technology, systems and know-how. In 2010 increased TuV South group sales worldwide of 1.43 billion euros to 1.55 billion euros, an increase of ten percent; roughly two-thirds of the revenue earned TuV SuD in Germany. Press contact CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg T + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91 26 F + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91 27