Hennes Weisweiler Academy

Ultrashort tutorials join coach in 2 minutes fit football software that easy sports-software company has five short tutorials on the Web provided for, where trainer 2 minutes to learn how to use the software easy sports-graphics and easy animation. With the new 2-minute tutorials, the company is breaking new ground in terms of the usual cumbersome software help pages: way of the extensive operation lines and lengthy tutorials, concise guidelines and the Ultrashort tutorials. “Our users are trainers and no computer-loving freaks. You have to save no time for tedious work in programs that actually time them”, so Becker-judge, one of the two business owners and inventors of easy sports-graphics drawing software. The easy sports software, founded 6 years ago by the former Schalke 04 A youth trainer Peter Schreiner and his partner, originating in the media production, had the field of football software with easy sports-graphics sign software reminiscent of children’s programs mixed up at that time.

The software characterized by little text, lots of pictures and continuous operation with the mouse. “Very simple operation and professional results are our motto”, so the Softwarkonzeptionistin. The success proves the company right: trainer of all leagues and associations from more than 40 countries around the world work alone with the football software of the small, resourceful company. The software is now standard part of the training of Hennes Weisweiler Academy of the DFB.

Boris Becker

Opening of the new body + soul Center in Brunnthal stars as like Mischa Barton and Molly Sims are you already addicted after the artistry kick from the Cirque Soleil. The ex by Boris Becker Sandy Meyer-Wolden tried the new Jukari trend exerciser at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal together with Magdalena Brzeska in her new Reebok outfit off. Not only Sandy Meyer-Wolden is plenty busy among other things as a guest judge in a talent show for hair stylists on VOX (source: Bild Zeitung) and as a jewelry designer, but also Boris Becker, who shows with BorisBecker-TV, the behind the scenes. Boris Becker, the ex-Tennis Pro, will marry on July 12 in St. Joel Courtney wanted to know more. Moritz his girlfriend Lilly cross mountain according to the Gala. The celebration according to the Gala at the five star hotel Badrutt BBs Palace “will be held. In the ZDF in the show “Wetten, dass.?” he already announced that he will marry. More info and pictures, such as Sandy Meyer-Wolden at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal, see.

Alpe Mountain

Basic rules for the mountain run of course are also to observe the basic rules of running the mountain run: 10-15 minutes to warm up, stretching exercises and a moderate pace are unavoidable. Also the proper running technique must not be neglected: so actively swinging arms, upper body easily prevent and occur on the front of the foot. Likewise, an adequate fluid intake should be ensured. Another important point: The knowledge of the terrain and route profile. It is very important that the runner knows that awaits him when a heavy or a slope increases the concentration on the present road and minimizes the risk of injury. Care should be used also on the choice of clothing.

The most appropriate short and long running clothes to choose from as well as footwear with shock-absorbing and robust profile. After the Sun in the airy heights has far more radiance, sunglasses, hats and sunblock here are a must. Beware of the downhill mountain energetic spares the support and movement apparatus, because the impact forces in a climb to a minimum are reduced and usually shorter steps be taken. The situation is different when the downhill: here, the movements are much more burdensome for the body. It is recommended very slowly and controlled downhill run or simply down to go. The Hill is very steep, you should run the zigzagging downwards.

Recommended short steps away but plenty, as well as an active and controlled suspension from the knees are out. Mountain running on Monte Pana holiday with fitness effect for such a high-altitude training has proven itself among other Monte Pana, where mountain run weeks and running competitions are held regularly. The circuit to the Alpe di Siusi (12 km) in medium altitude (1,600 m) is suitable, for example, through its varied terrain tread especially for Course professionals. Advise beginners are, however, better with the Panoramaweg Val Gardena railway”with a range of 10 km. During the week of the mountain run received all participants and guests of the hotel Cendevaves in St. Christina/Val Gardena-specialized care and meals. aktiv-in-groeden/sommer/laufen-suedtirol.html contact: fam. Stuffer Monte Pana 44 I-39047 St. Christina / Val Gardena

SPORTpark Moers

Easy, fast, and above all very effectively who opts for a health-conscious lifestyle, should take care in addition to a balanced diet also on adequate exercise. But usually the time for extensive training is not enough. Therefore, the active SPORTpark offers Moers with the Milon circuit training a training form, which is suitable for beginners and advanced with little time can-based training on the latest scientific findings up to 30 percent be more effective, than conventional training methods. The positive effect on the entire body is in a very short time. Already two rounds in the Milon circuit lead after only half an hour to a highly effective results.

This is made possible by a sophisticated chip card control, which adjusts the devices automatically individually on the physical needs of clients. So from the outset prevents incorrect operation of the equipment, improper selection of weights, uncontrolled movements or a high heart rate. In the active SPORTpark Moers is Aylin Wolf for the Milon circuit training responsible. Due to the chip card control and the individual consultation with our trainers, this training method is very effective, because it already 17 minutes are enough in the strength endurance training. So it is suitable for fine for people, who don’t have much time.

Two or three times already sufficient training in the week. And Milo is ideally suited for each type of training.” Helmut Gebel took back again with the Milon circuit training in life. The 61-year-old, after heart attack and stroke, was physically only a shadow of himself. I was ready,”remembers the service technicians from Moers. Then I met this kind of training. I’m now for half a year. And I must say: I feel balanced and very comfortable. Now I’m on the best way to my old fitness. ” Holger Bernert

Simon Straub

Finally, most people associate hence health and self-confidence. No wonder, then, that the first gym got a large crowds. More and more people were interested in the idea, to be able to train in bad weather without being disturbed. But when begins the story of the Ergometer? Already in the 18th and 19th century devices were developed by various people, where you could train. Of course, these first steps in the comparison were today very primitive and virtually not disseminated. The devices were often huge, expensive and impractical. Added to this was the fact that they often do not or at least not properly worked. The first Ergometer served mainly the training of joints, rather they had a medical as a cosmetic benefit.

In the following decades, also the first treadmills were used. They were at the beginning of used primarily medicinally. The first modern Ergometer was developed in the 1950s. Properly known these were but until years later. In the 1980s, there was a veritable fitness boom. To have a trained body, was in certain circles almost de rigueur and studios where you could train shot out of the ground like mushrooms. Today, there is a huge and varied offer in this area. A distinction is made between bicycle, treadmill – and other bikes.

There are more differences within these sectors, both the functionality as well as the quality concerns. Generally, but can say that today’s Ergometer are technically so mature, that you must worry little security. Also at the quality, the differences are largely insignificant. Only by the functionality produced must make cuts for certain devices. You should so before buying it sure which features you do without and which are not. Ergometers are today both in the medical Range used both in gyms or in private homes. In doctor’s offices and hospitals, Ergometer used often to perform, for example, stress tests. In certain situations such as pitch and slope can be simulated. Used in private households mostly, so that can be trained also in bad weather, without having to visit a gym here. You can sum up, Ergometer to enjoy increasing popularity and today hardly indispensable gyms and many apartments and houses. Interested users can check it on the Internet about the diverse functions of such devices. Generally, one can also say that correspond to the modern training equipment of highest quality standards and are also very safe as a consequence. You represent a good alternative for people who have no desire to pursue their hobby in rain or cold weather. It not is also more flexible, since after hours must set of fitness studios or the season. (Source: Ergometer test) Simon Straub.

Dive Bomber

For a good workout, a fitness studio is not necessarily breast muscles exercise at home without equipment. In many men, the training of the chest is often in the foreground. A well-trained, massive chest muscles makes a whole body in directly quite differently. What exercises can sensibly to train the chest? The classic is the bench press. Once on a flat bench and secondly on a sloping Bank. These two exercises should be sufficient for all beginners or recreational athletes at the start. The entire pectoral muscle is trained at the bench press, and in addition the triceps and partly under arms, specifically the shoulder with load.

But how can you train when you but is not a member of a Studio or just no time has 3-4 x per week to training to drive? Since then only the training stays at home. Best, it is of course, if you have at home at least a set of dumbbells with sufficient weight to perform appropriate exercises for the chest. A bank is not necessarily required, but actually a good gym mat or similar will suffice. You can then simply with the back of the mat lie on, hold the dumbbells at chest height and push it upwards. This is a kind of flat bench press only on the ground. Normally moves you naturally less weight than in the Studio on a right bank, but for all recreational athletes who intend no classic bodybuilding / muscle training but simply fit and trained will want is completely in order.

At some point, the point at which the athletes must ask comes naturally: had enough training, I must extend my equipment if necessary to a bench and more weights or to become a member at a gym? For those who have no dumbbells at home there of course exercises to train the chest muscles. The classic, everybody knows, is the push-up. The push-up is not only a good exercise to train the chest muscles at home, but rather an exercise for the entire Upper body and also very popular for this reason. The push-up you can in myriad forms to run and to diversify in the training and through different positions and movements change the difficulty setting. Example for different variations of push ups: classic push ups push-ups with the legs on an increase in push-up with close grip pushups with extra wide grip Spiderman push-ups Hindu push-up Dive Bomber push-ups a membership to a gym is so not necessary, if you know, what exercises you can perform an effective workout at home. In case of emergency equipment such as dumbbells are not even needed them make a training but something more effective and offer much more possibilities. So anyone who wants to burn fat, build a little muscle and will easily fit needs only a reasonable bodyweight workout and can get started. You can not train the excuse, because it is not in a Studio, is no longer one. Marco Gentile

Medical Device Training

Modern and effective fitness training at the Baumann provided and training centre in Poing offers state of the art fitness training with chip card control as a full-fledged offer diverse physical therapy and krankengymnastischen treatments the Baumann provided and training centre in Poing. Due to the upscale facilities with high-quality appliances, quite, one can speak of a full-fledged gym in physiotherapy practise in Poing. Problems and complaints with the musculoskeletal system, turn in Poing confidently on Physio Baumann. The traditional practice in the vicinity of Munich can also top modern, chip card-driven fitness training and medical device training waiting, why could be called they also expanded gym. In the gym, two unit circles of the renowned manufacturer are milon available, the strength and the strength stamina circle. After an individual check-up, to get his personal chip card, on all training parameters such as seat height, weight, resistance, heart rate, etc. be saved.

At the beginning of the training, the card is inserted in the device, what this automatically adjusts to the user. This makes more efficient the fitness training in Poing. For maximum safety and optimal training control wearing a chest strap is recommended, a heart rate monitor watch is also suitable. On the well-arranged display one has heard not only the heart rate at a glance, but also counting the past, because the device is one of the-all switch your device at the same time. The change will be shown by a column of water in the middle of the circle. The strength stamina circled 30 seconds change time facing, for example, one minute training on the device.

Up to 12 people can train simultaneously in the circle, without disturbing themselves. The power circuit provides a total body workout in just 15 minutes.