Pomerania Hotel

The 4-star wellness hotel Lubicz invites for relaxation and wellness enjoyment on the Polish Baltic Sea, a Berlin the 10.06.2010 – first-class wellness hotels with luxury ambience and flair, providing exclusive wellness services are recommended for a summer holiday in Poland. You can relax after walks in delightfully fresh jodhaltiger Baltic Sea air and Sun baths in the spa and Wellness Centre and pamper the stressed-out body with soothing massages, baths and beauty treatments. The 4-star wellness hotel Lubicz in Ustka on the Polish Baltic Sea coast is especially recommended for a summer holiday in Poland. The hotel Lubicz 2010 prepared an attractive and cheap package for a summer holiday. The offered arrangement includes either five or seven nights, half board, free access to the spa and many extras.

The recognized hotel Lubicz has won a special place in Poland. For professional wellness services, the hotel was in 2009 by the SPA Awards, the most prestigious Polish prestige Tribute for spa hotels, as the best Spa Hotel Poland in the category of FEMI SPA awarded. Hotel in Poland and across the border is also pioneering in the wellness world. For years, the House offers wellness programs with regenerative medicine, which combined with high service quality health, beauty, fitness and body soul regeneration successfully. The heart of the hotel is an excellent SPA and Wellness Centre with modern facilities providing complex spa treatment with a variety of Spa and therapeutic treatments. Go to Mark Hyman, MD for more information. In a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere can indulge too exquisitely guests in many studios.

The selection of beauty and body treatments leaves nothing to be desired. The beauty center offers an extensive range of treatments from classic massages Thai massage, ayurvedic massages, Polynesian massages beauty treatments to complete the professional cosmetics of international top brands THALION and ISABELLE LANCRAY. For the biological Probably the guests ensuring the hotel Lubicz perfectly. The cuisine is excellent. The House offers tasty and healthy food of the highest quality. The menu offers mostly traditional dishes of Polish and Mediterranean cuisine. The seaside resort of Ustka (german Ustka) in Pomerania to the Baltic Sea is one of the most popular and most beautiful sea and spas of Poland and known as the summer capital of Poland. The place has a fabulous coastal location on the Baltic Sea on the shore at the mouth of Slupia. Wide sandy beaches, which are characterized by their fine sand are on both sides of the city. The sandy beach of Ustka is one of the most beautiful in Poland and was awarded in the year 2009 as the second best beach on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre describes an additional similar source. The Spa Hotel Lubicz invites German tourists for a few relaxing days and to the wellness pleasure on the Polish Baltic coast. Medical tourism Poland Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de Web: corporate information / short profile: the online Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is a mediator for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness, wellness programs and matching wellness and preventive and rehabilitative treatments in Poland. Thanks to insider knowledge, good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is available through the travel portal.

Knowledge Management

It is a mixture of various elements; It is a stream at the same time having a formalized structure; It is difficult to capture in words or to fully understand logically and intuitive. The knowledge exists within people, as part of the human complexity and our unpredictability. Although we tend to think in concrete and definable assets, knowledge assets are much more difficult to handle. Knowledge can be seen as a process (flow) or as a stock. Knowledge is derived from the information, as well as the information is derived from the data.

So that information becomes knowledge, people do almost all the work. This transformation occurs through: comparison. Consequences. Connections. Conversation. These knowledge-building activities take place within and between people. Just as we find data in records and information in messages, we can obtain knowledge of individuals, groups of knowledge, or even in organizational routines.

Not the slightest doubt, that new and powerful arm of business management, the management of knowledge together, to the theory of shared information, have become new factors of production of contemporary business, whose novelty lies in that while more information is consumed, richer returns; It grows as more used. These factors or new revolutions which are moving towards a society of knowledge, are shining a new concept of enterprise and society based on knowledge. Business and society in which progress no longer depends on just machines and technological advances, but the knowledge of people. Broadly speaking, knowledge management, is a process both cultural and technological, hence culture that does not encourage and reward knowledge-sharing can not expect that technology will resolve their cognitive challenges. The terminology and concepts related to the management of the knowledge they are spreading widely. On the other hand, knowledge sharing is becoming an irreplaceable element in the enterprise that requires good governance. I.e., it show the profitability that involves sharing knowledge and to help the growth of the company.

Medical Assistant Training

The education for the Medical Assistant secure job prospects / double qualification later study provides the profession of medical assistants and Assistant (MTA) is little known to the general public. Past activities such as the analysis of blood samples or the studies with x-rays, doctors or nurses are often suspected. Whenever John Craig Venter listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But MTA, performing these activities at the interface between patient and medical technology. For young school-leavers, the profession offers not only very safe job opportunities, but increasingly good further training opportunities. In the Lower Saxony Stade can qualify prospective MTA now “in one go” twice and in addition to the training also a vocational diploma. The school on the Elbe Klinikum Stade is the first so in Lower Saxony and the second in all Germany offered such a double qualification. MTA- students can parallel to their training extra lessons in German, English, mathematics and Physics visit (to the extent of 220 hours during the school year) and then a vocational diploma examination. Many teaching content of the regular MTA education recognised for the baccalaureat, which makes clear the additional overhead for the students.

Who successfully completed the “double” of MTA education and vocational diploma within three years, which are both open the direct route to the profession as also further studies at all German universities of applied sciences. Stade belongs to nationwide at the forefront. So far only the MTA school in the North Rhine-Westphalian Lemgo offers such a double qualification. Bavaria tested similar models in a school experiment. “We expressly welcome the new offer in Stade. Medical assistants perform a highly qualified activities the double degree ensures that the career ladder is open to the top”, as Anke Ohmstede, Chairman of the German of technical assistants of Association of and Assistant in medicine (dvta). The Professional Association for a long time an MTA degree espouses, so as usual in other European countries.

Aspiring MTA expect attractive job prospects: work in Germany approximately 90,000 medical assistants and assistants in the disciplines of laboratory medicine, radiology, functional diagnostics and veterinary medicine. The unemployment rate is extremely low at around four percent; in many regions, there is already MTRA shortage. Progress in modern medical technology experts continue with a high demand for MTA. The profession is very popular especially among women; Depending on the specialization, the percentage of women is between 90 and 95 percent. MTA are mainly hospitals, medical professional practices as well as in research institutions. Are paid mainly to public collective agreements. Company description of the dvta is with around 20,000 members of one of the largest German trade associations in the health sector. It represents the interests of medical assistants and Assistant (MTA) in Germany. In this country, about 90,000 MTA, work mainly in hospitals and medical practices.

Natural Bodybuilding.de Is Internet & Multimedia

German magazine has now its own website with shop the German first edition of the prestigious US magazine, natural bodybuilding & fitness”already caused sensation in the local scene. The newly released Second Edition provoked lots of positive reactions. “We are satisfied, welch quickly is our new magazine a corresponding degree of popularity has drawn up”, says body attack managing director Jan Budde, who wants to further intensify the dissemination of the magazine in the coming weeks and months. Recently Nancy-Ann DeParle sought to clarify these questions. “Body attack (www.body-attack.de) would like to NB & F” on the German market, establish and expand. A first step has already managed his company. Body attack had set up a homepage for the magazine. Interested book posts of past expenditure, training tips, and portraits as well as interviews can be read at. You can secure but also current information or come in contact with the editors of the magazine.

We want to put a permanent replacement, the Opinion our readers”, says Budde, who won by an experienced and respected natural bodybuilders as Chief Editor for his magazine with Berend Breitenstein. As an additional plus, the makers of the focuses sold via the Axel Springer sales GmbH consider the fact that an Internet shop for dietary supplements has been integrated in the online version of their magazine. We want to offer our readers or users in the network can directly and quickly to look appropriate supplements for”, so Budde. The entire presentation is open. For the following issues those responsible want to tackle more Crossmedia steps. Check out Alex Lustig Elgrably for additional information. Our main goal is customer – or reader and user satisfaction”Budde says.

Nail Treatment Folk Remedies

Every woman wants to show off the beautiful and long nails. But, alas, is not always possible! Very often suffering from fragility and brittleness of nails, a woman pays attention to not treat them, and appeals to the specialist capacity, thereby worsening the situation. Many writers such as JCI offer more in-depth analysis. In this article I would like to pay attention to is the problem of treatment of nails, after building, and ask all women to be cautious, starting at such a procedure. Thus, start with the fact that the nails become weaker after the increase, often break down and fade. The reason for this behavior is clogging the nail, which has long been under a layer of gel or acrylic. Also cause brittle nails and disease are unhealthy diet, in which the body does not receive all the necessary substances required to maintain strength and tone to nail. Before treatment of nails, you should enter into your ration of milk and dairy products: yogurt, milk, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, whey, sour cream and cream.

Also, for full saturation of the body with essential vitamins, calcium and iodine, which are so necessary for the health of nails, eat at least three times a week: carrot, sea kale, beets, and use olive oil for salad dressings. Also olive oil is suitable as a nutrient and invigorating bath Nail. Warm the olive oil over low heat to room temperature and gently rub it around the nail and the nail plate. Then, on the hands, wear cotton gloves and leave the full impact all night. Tray with olive oil will help you get rid of skin cracks around nails and will significantly enhance and moisturize your nails. Help your nails to breathe freely in your power. For this to monitor the state of the cuticle, which should be removed regularly, allowing the nail plate to obtain the necessary oxygen. Before removing the cuticles to soften it in warm salt bath for preparation of which is the best fit ordinary sea salt.

After softening the cuticle in the bath, it should be removed carefully, using a special tool or orange stick. Region after removal be treated with a soft brush, which can be bought in every pharmacy. After the bath, and treatment of nails, preferably oil cream or lemon juice. Well as to strengthen, bleaching and saturation of vitamins nails use plain lemon every day. To do this, cut a lemon in half, put back the nails, as in the tub and soak them for about 15 minutes. One lemon can be used only twice, after which you will need more fresh fruit. And finally, I would like to remind all women about proper care of nails. Choosing a nail file give preference to glass or plastic, since metal spoils nails. Do polish only when it is needed, as very often this procedure is having a devastating effect on the nails, and making them thinned brittle. Use tools to remove the varnish without the content of acetone, and Strengthens nails with a special colorless funds intended for the treatment and strengthen the nail and nail plate. Erasing, removing or going to wash the dishes – Wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from the harmful effects of chemicals and detergents. Look after your nails, and they repay you for this beauty, strength and healthy appearance!


What is heroin? In its pure form, heroin – it's completely white powder. But more often he found a pink-gray, brown and black. Its color depends on the impurities which it is diluted. These include sugar, caffeine and other substances. Street heroin is sometimes 'diluted' strychnine and other impurities. Various impurities do not dissolve completely and getting into the body, can clog blood vessels that lead to the lungs, kidneys and brain.

This alone can lead to infection or failure vital organs. When you buy heroin on the street, you never know the actual concentration of the drug in a single bag. Thus, addicts are constantly at risk of overdose. Addicts take heroin by injection, smoking or inhaling through the nose. During the first administration the drug creates a powerful euphoria. The man starts to behave liberated, easy to communicate with others, as well as he can increase sexual activity.

But all this while. Heroin is highly addictive, as breaking from him extremely painful. The drug quickly incapacitates the immune system, inevitably leads a person to unhealthy, emaciated state, and, ultimately, death. Statistics. The UN estimates that in the world today more than 10 million people use heroin. Out of every thousand taking opium, three will die this year. More than 85% of the world opium production accounts for Afghanistan. The cost of the crop is 600 million dollars a year. According to expert estimates, in Russia, the number of individuals, non-medical drug use is 3-3.5 million people, most of whom are drug users of opium. Heroin and morphine are two of the four types of drugs most frequently mentioned in reports about the deaths that occurred as a result of drug use. HIV cases registered in 87 Russian regions. The greatest number found in Moscow (15 805 cases). The main risk factor for HIV infection in Russia in 1996-2001, had intravenous drugs (93% of individuals with established risk factors for infection).

On The Wheel Of Germany

Cross by Germany cycling holiday is now made easy soon again, but where in the holiday? And more importantly what holiday? By car, or perhaps just in the plane inside and off the flight to the destination is? There are so many alternatives, where you would like to spend the holidays and especially as you like during the holidays. For even more analysis, hear from Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. But one thing is clear with the wheel is across the country with security the most exciting ever. On the wheel of Germany discover, is a kind of holiday, which is always popular. Every year several hundred Germans prepare their bikes back create many exciting kilometers. Cycling in Germany is easily the many developed and excellently signposted cycle paths.

The most beautiful bike long-distance routes can be found either on the Internet or through bookshops, because the literature on the many cycle routes in Germany is very well represented. Since the paths are often many kilometres long, you should inform himself in advance of any focal points. The brochure is useful bed and bike in the the gastronomic establishments are executed, which specializes in the needs of cyclists. They offer not only accommodation for a night, but also a kalorienbewusstes breakfast, have a drying room for wet clothes and can ensure out there also stealing the wheel. Furthermore, these companies offer extensive information material to the attractions of the region, as well as wall maps. To recognize this bed and bike are certified company a uniform logo, because not everyone is put on cyclists on the routes. Bed and bike are taken each year scrutinized companies, however, by the ADFC, because they must meet certain criteria to be included in the overnight leader.