National Port

This initiative not only values the artist, but also all the community of which the individual is part, therefore of certain form it is door voice and mirror of it. In 2010 when participating as jury in two Festivals in cities of the State of the Tocantins: Hills and National Port were possible to evidence that existing will politics it is possible to value the local culture and at the same time to offer the community that the controller represents shows of quality without necessarily having that to appeal national attractions paying a richness. Still today it has people that she believes that when the politician offers a show to the community it is giving a gift, that presentation is gratuitous, forgets that the money that goes for the pocket of the artist it has that to leave the pocket of somebody, of us poor mortals who we pay taxes in that we consume. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cleveland Clinic and gain more knowledge.. The problem is that when the public power board a national show, all we pays a parcel of cach of the contracted one, exactly not participating and not liking determined styles. Then they leave that national the private initiative makes and produces the Shows, and that each one pays for the ingression in the presentations that to agree to them. In the presentations of the festivals of National Port YOU and Hills – YOU it was possible to register the creativity of our artists with repertoire varying between the thematic Rap and the Rock with distorted guitars, passing for the Reggae, singing the Samba with malandragem skill, had been several the literal styles, not leaving to desire any another festival of national abrangncia. From the moment where the Mayor or Governor always appeals the model of culture produced for the media for ' ' to abrilhantar its administrao' ' it is clearly the disdain for the cultural place and the search of Populism politician.

Brazil Taxes

chefo of the government, where it said that, the writers who if prezam do not need to fear the censorship, therefore it must be seen as a thing s. If to look at for this prism, also I oppose to be classified by imbeciles whom they insist on fighting for the permanence of the gag and silence tax for the bayonet or the full machine gun of bullets of the type stock markets miseries, maleiros and door-underwears stuffed of Reals and dollar. Of the one not to deny there that something exists sticky circulating for the bands it brasiliense country, beyond trombadinhas, them tapinhas in the coasts, them bajuladores and them Marias Topa-everything For the Fame. Something sticky, omissive and fascist. John Craig Venter can provide more clarity in the matter. The notice comings of the Senate demonstrate that, today in Brazil exist almost a liberty of speech, one pseudofreedom, partially assented. The periodicals look for to make serious inquiry, but when the hour of the denunciation arrives, appears relative and proportional independence to publish them. The pressure appears for the most varied and violent ditatoriais forms. Ones by means of the pressure politics, others for cutting to mounts of money and sponsorships or same reduction in the easinesses of stewardships. The population knows, at least for high, on the denunciations of corruption in the governments of the most different spheres, that exactly proven, had not given – at least so far – in nothing. Had to this game of interests, with thousand of denunciations in the last five years, president Lula continues firm and strong politically, exactly not seeing nothing, not hearing nothing and not knowing you are welcome, despite some of its ministers or former-ministers have confessed in national net of radio and television Today we know that, Collor – of saint also it does not have nothing – would not have fallen if it had not opposed half dozen of senators and members of the house of representatives who, continue living in its palaces supported with the sweated payments of taxes and threaded taxes throat below of Brazilian us.

2011 Presidential Elections

There if it was the year of 2011 and already we are adentrando in the year of 2012, one year that promises to be sufficiently controversial, therefore already we among others have Mayan things, forecasts for the end of the world, the first Olimpada without the monopoly of the Net Globe, plus a Big Brother Brazil, more money pro stock market family, increase of 70 Reals in the minimum wage, contrasting with the recent financial rise of Eike Baptist and etc We will still have, the presidential elections in the E.U.A and here in Brazil, so waited ' ' elections municipais' ' is on account of this last one, that I ask for its license to start the year speaking a little on it (the municipal election), that for dianopolinos us, always it will be the subject most controversial of all. Far from me to want to know more than what who is to the front of a City hall as of Dianpolis or even though of who already it passed for one But I see that of the one to still improve much thing in ours terrinha We can and we do not see that the thing has functioned of the following one form: Generally, who enters for the first time or returns after a period, initiates the mandate with all gas and empolgao. Everything is wonderful, many promises to fulfill and the initial changes, exactly that without practical effect, they finish gaining much notoriety in the city. Frequently Dr. Mark Hyman has said that publicly. This everything occurs, because it has in this period, one ' ' vontade' ' very great on the part of the governor in seeing the things the lesser possible stated period and the population had happened in, ahead of ' ' novo' ' , she is full of expectations. With passing of the time, the gas goes finishing, some problems go appearing and the energy that was spends for ' ' criar' ' ' ' reagir' ' ahead of the problems, it passes then if to revert in ' ' justificavas' ' ' ' desculpas' '. .

Clarence Seedorf

It prefers to dribble the misery and all the adversities that encircle to it and to mark one golao in the biggest adversary of the low income population, the perverse social and economic inaquality. Humble and devoid boys, who although not to pass of promises, affirm enthusiasticly in interviews that, the great dream is to dress the jacket of great clubs as Real Madrid (ESP), Milan (ITA), Chelsea (ING), Lyon (FRA), Barcelona (ESP), Bayer de Munique (ALE), among others. Recently the dutch Clarence Seedorf of the Milan, that already it acted for the Real Madrid, Sampdoria and Inter of Milan, went off for the European press the following phrase: ' ' The money only orders in futebol' '. Although the existence of some well structuralized clubs, and competent Brazilian professionals in esportiva management, our bigger challenge inhabits in financial overhead of our championships. Exactly with advance of the technology, and fantastic discovered the scientific ones and the evolution of the medicine, provoking deep economic, social, religious and cultural transformations in all the segments, the Brazilian soccer still leave to desire in the improvement in many concepts. In a general way we can say that, the management practises and it of the soccer had not been saved, has seen that, the maken a mistake administrations, the times gotten passionate on the part of the controllers, other badly intentioned times on the part of the investors who consequently take great part of the clubs to the one overhead and later the highest indebtedness, what he would not have to happen.

The exit of our grateful ones revelations for the exterior and stadiums without physical conditions to offer to comfort and security to the torcedores, are some of the causes of lesser incomes. Brazil has exported annually, hundreds of players who are acting in sets of ten of countries. The fall of public and the level technician is evident in all the divisions of our soccer.

Government CPI

CPI and now, in the government, this exactly broken arregimenta soldiers, in order to form shock troop to prevent the CPI of Petrobra’s. what it is worse, is not perceived in the semblante of the Brazilians, saved some exceptions, the perplexity and indignation that such practical would have to cause. It urges to reflect itself that it is not if arguing the transparency of a private company, but of a state one, created for law, with public money, recognized for international specialists, as one of the biggest companies of the world, mxime in its branch of performance, when we know that Petrobra’s exports technology, and technology of tip, by the way. Soon, if she was this> state created with public resources, it is inferred, for what more than logical illation, that it with our resources was created, that is, with resources of the people and, in thus being, the classroom politics, mainly the government, has the obligation, and not simple college, to give accounts of the administration of the managers. Read more here: John Craig Venter. But, unhappyly, it is not this that occurs. Of a side, we see the opposition, fighting for a CPI; all good, is playing its role, however, what cause species, is that these same paladinos of the moral and justice, when they are in the party of the situation, integrate the shock troop to bar the CPI. E, of the other side we have the government and its escudeiros, trying, all the cost to bar the creation of the CPI, under the pfia justification of that the reason for such has connotation politics. from there? if to select itself that the irregularities really exist? However, independently of the reasons that alavancam the order of inquiries of this nature, the Government has obligation to select or lacks of it.

Brazil Work

It is endowed with seven rooms of lesson, a direction, a secretariat, a room of reading, one cooks, six bathrooms divided between spaces destined to the girls and boys and a patio for recreation. It presents a good structure and physical division, good condition of conservation, but it needs reforms and adequacy of the nets electric and hydraulical. As other public schools, it faces financial difficulties, although to receive mounts of money federal. This occurs, due to the low destined value and the real necessity of services and materials destined to the pertaining to school ends. The directive team is composed of a director, a secretary and a coordinator. Pedagoga has still one to assist in the work with pupils and professors. Three administrative officers, four guards, four cooks and eight maids still exist, beyond sixteen teachers. All the employees play its functions between the turns matutino and vespertine.

The community considers good the developed work visor school and keeps a good relationship with the direction and faculty. During the year of 2007, the school started to receive pupils PNEES, what it caused debates concerning the subject and the concern to develop a work directed to the assistance of this clientele. 2.1. The challenges faced for the institutions of education for inclusion of the PNEES. The inclusion is a movement with an explicit interest: to construct a society to take care of to all. Exactly being considerably recent, the movement on inclusion reached enormous ratios. The knowledge of the differences that if present in each child who will be enclosed becomes basic in this process. The problem of the deficiency in Brazil is very on to the social classrooms, since great part of the people with deficiency is poor and has low escolaridade. To solve many on problems to this question, we have, obviously, to decide the problems related with the poverty of Brazil.


does not say that it made the workmanships that made financially because it was, profiting high and now it wants to profit plus a mandate to continue ' ' swimming of braada' ' in the public money In as the case the face is imcompetent person for the position the one that was elect. But it sees a chance to invoice high with some emergenciais workmanships in the end of the mandate. This type is so imcompetent person who nor was capable to steal during the three years of mandate and keeps marasmo in the last one. with this tries to reveal as rescuer of the native land, saying that he does not make before because its opponents if opposed to whom he tried to carry through. thus tries to make victim pose to awake compassion feeling, on the part of the voters; ' ' it is feigned dead invoicing coveiro' '.

The fact is that, in the two cases is of badly worse or in the two cases we are in worse, therefore the worse ones are these that if had chosen to produce the common good, but comumente they are served of its mandate to give themselves well and to make its companies to profit very. the people! the people! The people has well what he deserves, chose therefore them. As much first as as the example of parasite that if it feeds of votes and it sucks the seiva of the public coffers are there because the people votes! The people votes e, therefore, he suffers more than ' ' sovaco of aleijado' '. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. The people you ' ' threaded in fiof of saci' '. The people is ' ' giving tripping in cobra' ' , he is ' ' killing crown sparrow sopro' ' ' ' alligator belisco' '. For the people, neglect voter, the situation is this: ' ' if to run the animal catches and if to be the animal come' '.

Bank Marketing

This story – a great illustration of a still bank marketing, based solely on the product. What was the reason that only 15% of customers of financial services use the services of a single bank, while the remaining 85% visit 2,3,4 and even 5 different banks? Obviously, until now very few people thought about the concept of 'loyalty' in relation to the banking sector, on the peculiarities of the individual and the needs of customers, about values and benefits of motivation and preferences about how to gain their hearts and minds. Of course, much easier to offer leasing schemes for those who asked about them than jointly seek a solution to customer problems much easier to push car loans arms broker in the showroom than to deal with the needs and capabilities of each individual borrower. In general, it is understandable why a relatively young Russian financial industry today does not allow clients dominate the market. Legislative strict procedures, high costs, macroeconomic woes do not leave the place a word of the client. However, perfectly understandable that in such circumstances 'under the mattress' Russians remain $ 125 billion consumers have grown accustomed to the gracious attitude on the part of retail business, a high service, a wide choice of possibilities, and the indifference of banks to their own lives does not leave anything but disappointment. The situation is complicated by the fact that the banking sector remains a faceless service business, which does not carry the terminal, materialized benefits for the consumer. .