Mediation Gives

“A start for people who deal with the issue of conflict resolution and mediation as want to Marktheidenfeld, the October 22, 2009 (JWW) decision support is the mediation Guide” designed, which mediated emerged from the experiences of mediation. The authors Jurgen W. Wagner and Pamela Hirschmann are involved as mediators in the fields of economic and family since 2005. “The mediation guide attempts to answer recurring questions and to reduce uncertainty, people accompanied, if they focused on conflict resolution” deal. Mark Hyman, MD shines more light on the discussion. Press contact mediation-mediated Juergen W. Wagner Glaser at 5 D-97828 Marktheidenfeld mobile + 49 (0) 162 430 83 45 Tel.: + 49 (0) 9391 915 195 fax.: + 49 (0) 9391 8248447 E-mail: Internet: company portrait mediation mediates supports communication on different levels. In addition to the direct support through advice and moderation the offer is complemented by courses, training and workshops. There are specialists in family and social spheres, as well as for Economic Affairs and labour available. Mediation gives is a member of the German mediation Association, the largest Association for the promotion of communication and Konflikbearbeitung:

Vacation Time

Double security with the MILOCKIE auxiliary lock for safe stolen from the hotel safe? A taboo love is hidden from the big hotels and travel suppliers. But there are increasing the incidents and so also the coverage in the media. (As opposed to Dr. Mark Hyman). How easy, hotel safes can be opened by unauthorized third parties, is frightening (tested including RTL extra on August 31, 2009)! The dream vacation into a nightmare or the business trip is fast becoming a major nuisance! With the unique MILOCKIE auxiliary lock you can prevent just unauthorized opening of hotel safes: magnetic MILOCKIE anchor simply attach to the inside wall of a safe, safe normal lock, tighten the MILOCKIE, complete and finished. Without appropriate (burglary) tools, the safe also with the master code or master key no longer, unauthorised is open. Should someone MILOCKIE secured safe to create are nevertheless made have, can now simply the attempted break-in proof be because without breaking traces no insurance! With its handy Mass (ca. 0 11 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm) and the MILOCKIE hotel safe fits easy 285 g additional lock in any hand luggage. MILOCKIE is there for only 49,90 EUR in the MILOCKIE online shop. MILOCKIE POWER THEIR SAFE OF EVEN SAFER! About Milockie: Shortly after the development of MILOCKIE was awarded by the Dutch Remalux B.V.. as one of the best innovative products of the year 2008 in Europe and the United States: GOLD medal at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS IN Geneva, Switzerland, 2-6 APRIL, 2008 silver medal, THE INPEX, PITTSBURGH, United States, 11-15 June, 2008.

No. Hassle Loans: Immediate Cash To Meet The Demands

No. hassle loans are good for the salaried people of United Kingdom. No. hassle loans are a child of short term loans, and loans of this child is available free from faxing. The salaried people are tagged with shortage of finance, because they empty their purse within ten to fifteen days of the month.

It is another thing that demands of urgent nature surface and that they look for immediate cash. Sometimes, their friends and relatives support them, but this does not work always. No. hassle loans are important in this situation. No. hassle loans have something common with the secured variant of loans, as the loan payment is made against the paycheck of the following month.

This is to mean that the paycheck acts as security. No. something common with the hassle loans have again unsecured form of loans, as the credit record of the loan-seeker is not checked by the lending agencies. Therefore, people having a history of poor credit loans can apply for no. hassle. It is a fact that no hassle loans are similar to short loans and so to short term loans. The borrower can avail on amount between 100 and 1000, but the lender verifies credit status of the applicant to determine what amount of loan may be advanced to any particular person. The lender wants that the person would’t pay back the borrowed amount within 14 to 31 days. The lenders so charge interest for no hassle loans at higher Council. The borrower is advised to clear the loan amount within the agreed tenure. He should’nt not approach the lender to extend the reimbursement tenure, because this will make him pay fines or extra charges. It will not be wise for him to look for another loan before he clears the current no hassle loans. There will be unbearable pressure on him if he wants to disregard these suggestions. The loan seeker can apply online, and online submission is comfortable. He is not to fax documents, as evidence of his personal details, to the lender. Thus, processing of loan payment is free from hassles. The lender sends the loan amount to the bank account of the loan-seeker, just after he approves the application. This is why the loan-seeker must have checking account. It is important that he is a citizen of United Kingdom and that he is is over 18 his monthly earning must be at least 1000 he must be working in any legally approved organization at least for the last six months. Orlena Cooper is Finance advisor of Payday Loans.For any hassle free loans, Cash Loans queries visit

Italian Coffee Enjoyment

New coffee and espresso sets at premium-Werbeartikel GmbH for meetings and customer calls will be made many important decisions. As a speciality coffee should not be missed. Provide for a perfect appearance and coffee with the coffee sets of premium-Werbeartikel GmbH! Tea and coffee to be drunk for centuries, but in the Office you will disagree about the perfect enjoyment: Christian drinks his coffee black, Nadine, however, prefers tea with milk and sugar, and Michael. But either way, if everyone has his favorite drink, the work can start or start the meeting. And where so much coffee and tea is drunk, even cups and glasses are ubiquitous.

For this reason, cups and mugs are a welcome customer and employee gift. So you can bring your company on every table, premium-Werbeartikel GmbH has expanded the range of cups and mugs. For lovers of Italian coffee enjoyment, premium-Werbeartikel GmbH offers kits for espresso, cappuccino and Cafe latte. The sets consist each of a white Porcelain cup and saucer. The special feature of these products from the series of Cara Mia is that particularly stand out Cup and saucer with a round and elegant form and excellent transport thus ESPRIT and style of a company. As their partners and customers like their coffee, you ask yourself.

Premium promotional items definitely got that set up Cup, in the right color and the appropriate pressure. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax. + 49 (0) 5251-688 949 88 blog / email:

SLM Solutions On The TCT Show 2011 In Birmingham

You realize visions about SLM SLM solutions taking the SLM Solutions GmbH at the TCT show in Birmingham’s motto is knowledge. The technology leader in the field of selective laser melting introduces the new generative beam melting plant SLM 125 HL and the Schultheiss’s new strategic partner in the National Exhibition Centre from 27-29 September 2011 in Hall 3A, stand H28. SLM solutions, manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production, is represented on the TCT show in Birmingham and presented his generative (SLM / ALM) system techniques in Hall 3A, stand H28. The company from Lubeck presents the new beam melting plant SLM 125 HL. The machine covers the entire process of laser fusion. The compact construction makes the ideal entry-level model in the R + D the SLM 125 HL- and dental area for SLM process. With the introduction of the SLM 125 HL SLM solutions is equivalent to the customer once more for space-saving, quality – and cost-optimized solutions.

In addition to the SLM 125 HL Debuts at the booth the SLM solutions of the new cooperation partner Schultheiss GmbH. Others including Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala, offer their opinions as well. Schultheiss brings her leading metal casting investment portfolio for the production of prototypes and small series parts from aluminum, magnesium and copper alloys and the new high-efficiency vacuum casting equipment for high alloy steels in cooperation. “Henner Schoneborn, Member of the Executive Board discusses SLM solutions: our goal is advice & installation of efficient and high-quality solutions for the production of prototypes, small series and individual series products of metal under the premise, to provide the customers with a maximum productivity and flexibility”. The collaboration will bring previously unexpected synergies of two strong and innovative technology partner. About SLM Solutions GmbH, SLM Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production in Lubeck, Germany, supports its customers for more than 50 years with solutions in the fields of vacuum casting, metal casting and selective Laser melting. Focus industries of the SLM solutions are the automotive industry, educational institutions, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical technology.

Developed as a pioneer and technology leader, designs and builds SLM solutions technical and economic solutions for the benefit of their customers. SLM solutions brings many years of experience in the rapid prototyping a system construction, dominates the processes and has cross-industry know-how. SLM solutions has built their reputation and their expert knowledge in the market under the company names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH and last MTT technologies GmbH. The separation of the MTT group in 2010 allowed SLM solutions efforts in the development and manufacture of innovative products and solutions for generative (ALM / SLM) to expand System technologies and the global sales and service network to serve even more directly. Contact: Stefan Ritt SLM Solutions GmbH Roggenhorster Strasse 9 c 23556 Lubeck telephone: 0451 / 16082 0 fax: 0451 / 16082 250

Applied Solutions

Applied security GmbH gave donation to Medecins sans Frontieres’ Marketing Director Dr. Volker Scheidemann brought it to the point: data theft is limitless. the-U-S-‘>Chevron U.S.A.. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Hyun Kim on most websites. That’s why we had the idea to support a project that also knows no bounds this year. Said than done: the applied security GmbH (apsec) renounced customer gifts during the festive season of Stockstadt, provider of professional software solutions in the field of information security, and related the money for a good cause. So, recently proud 2,500 euros changed hands.

The joy was written nurse Leonie Heine in the face when their apsec CEO Frank Schlottke doctors without borders handed over a cheque for their organization. This is a charity organization which we are to trust fully justified the Managing Director the donate option. According to Leonie Heine the sum used right there depending on the current situation, where it is just most. Without private donations No project of doctors without borders would be possible, said the employee who voluntarily cares for doctors without borders regional public relations. The funds their information to staff, medicines and medical equipment for patients in crisis areas and refugee camps and to victims of natural disasters.

So even food for malnourished children can be purchased and infected in AIDS clinics get new courage. Corporate information / short profile: applied security moves knowledge. The experience of the Executive Board and the staff are the decisive success factor for our company. With team spirit and enthusiasm, we develop solutions and products that make sure your IT world. Applied security works for people. As a customer, you will appreciate our holistic approach. You know that we develop solutions individually for you and this to the user training closely with you vote all processes from the first conversation about the in-depth advice. And It goes without saying that we have always have an open ear for your wishes. Applied security developed future. Today, we lay the foundations for the IT security technologies of tomorrow. You as a customer actively participate in this exciting development.

Partner GmbH

A new seminar will teach from Voss + partner trainer and similar knowledge brokers, ‘AHA’ and learning to throw other people. How do people learn the fastest and most enduringly? “” “By them experience even for example the AHA, I can do it” or something goes… “or the work…”. How you specifically can bring about such learning experiences with other people, experienced trainer, in-house continuing artist and similar knowledge brokers in a new seminar, which carries out the training company Voss + partner for the first time from 17 to 18 November in Hamburg. “His title is: experience learning: learning with all senses”. Dr. Hyun Kim: the source for more info.

In the two-day seminar, the personal experience is central. In other words, the participants learn, including through practical exercises on his own body as reflected experience adjustment and behavior changes accelerate. This building they reflect then: how should the learning environment and the learning processes be so when the subjects the desired Reference experience”occurs that causes them to think, for example: I should introduce myself more in the team? Or: I should with conflicts to deal differently? Or: Maybe the coping with new challenges succeed me, if I…? Numerous practical exercises, the participants train then targeted to create such reference experiences with other people. “Also they practice to reflect these experiences with them so that the desired AHA effect” arises and you ask yourself for example: what does this experience for my behavior in the workplace? Or: What follows for my future cooperation with colleagues? Is also trained in the seminar with the learners”then concrete arrangements to meet, that ensure the transfer in the (working) life. “” Another central seminar theme is: what should a coach or similar knowledge broker exhibit behavior, so that he can motivate a person or stimulate, something new “or unusual” “to try out, so that the desired reference experience, from which the AHA effect” results, can occur at all? Also, the participants based on their behavior during the exercises shown receive feedback, at what points they should still work so that the learning trust them more, and where they are already tip. Participation in the seminar experience learning: Learning with all senses euros 997 (+ VAT). For more information contact interested at the Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg (Internet:) Phone: 040/7900 767-0; E-Mail:).


Holiday pleasure in the circle of like-minded people – as a horse riding holiday with excursions in the surroundings, or back of the Hacienda horse. Talk with other nice guests on the shows in the shop real Escuela and the La Cartuja Stud, evening exploring the old town of Jerez, or… just don’t do anything, the soul can be. relax and enjoy the holiday with a glass of red wine and Spanish tapas. And who knows: maybe a trip home is from the Singelurlaub for two… y.

The prize includes a “trial – dinner”, as well as 7 overnights with breakfast in one of the luxurious suites with salon, large bedroom, bathroom and terrace in a beautiful location on its own arrival. Amounting to 560.-and so are you: just click on this link to the contest, fill out the form, submit: to the winning form travel time: 27.1 03.02.2008 own arrival further information under: ArrangementDE9.html the contest ends on December 20, 2007.

Nuclear Power

“According to BR-online demonstrated in Mittelfranken on Easter Monday just 1,400 people, of which 300 in Weissenburg times ++ 1,150 participants according to police alone in Wissembourg WISSEMBOURG, April 2011 – curious googled a local Walker – Alliance partner for nuclear power in the Internet after protest marches against nuclear power” and found at BR-online. There he could read then black on white, that in Wissembourg, barely 300 people took part in the demo (BR-online article protest marches…) “). Police confirmed 1,150 participants resulted in a demand of the organizers of the demo surprised by the BR message, same number is also in the Press Office of the Police Presidium Mittelfranken, identified also the Organizer: 1,150 participants in White Castle. BR editor insists on 300 participants why BR-online on 300 participants came, the organisers of the Munich-based editor as follows declared: you got the information from a correspondent and the particulars of which can not be in doubt. The BR-Editor faced then with the fact, that the police has reported 1,150 participants.

Then was only admitted that both numbers in the article are mentioned (cf. amended BR article). This event brought then the credibility of the BR for some of the allies in the. What may not be, that will not also reported”was heard. But you would not bother here with conspiracy theories.

It was probably just a concatenation of unfortunate circumstances that the number 300 came and the editors of BR was just somewhat inflexible to correct such hoaxes. (Similarly see: Abraham Maslow). Rural areas in addition to protest potential has still more to offer fact is that 1,150 people from all layers of the population and different ages on the road are gone in a small town in a rural district with about 90,000 inhabitants. It has United a goal: phase out of nuclear power and entry into the faster expansion of renewable energies. How have the citizens to make changes, e.g. the energy policy, to bring about? There are likely to be following: elections (most recent example Baden Wurttenberg) protests, demonstrations or referendums (so that politicians can be alarmed!) Changes in behaviour (E.g. You may find Glenn Dubin, New York City to be a useful source of information. Exchange on green power, energy saving, acceptance of wind turbines in the neighborhood) all speakers and the reactions of the audience at the rally have confirmed this. As things stand, the protest against nuclear energy will won’t abate. The resulting consequences after the expiration of the memorandum in June, will show up. One thing is clear, however, just the rural areas offers the potential for the expansion of renewable energies. Be it wind turbines, hydroelectric power, biomass or PV! Note: The largest demo after the end of the second world war in Weissenburg was organized by the local Alliance for the phase-out of nuclear power: the Evang..-Methodist Church, the Evang.-Luth. White Castle of St. Andrew, the Catholic parish St. parish Willibald, the Freundeskreis e.V. Youth Centre, the federal nature conservation, the LBV, solid link youth and the Green, left, oDP, and SPD parties.

Berlin Contact

Announces designwelt24 for the spring an enlarged range of rattan furniture of all kinds. Especially the development of its own brand of furniture significantly expands the range and guarantees high quality. The brand Marysol”includes rattan furniture from the categories of seats, beds and dining area. Also, designwelt24 2011 offers its customers more accessories made of Wicker, to complement the seat and Lounger landscapes of the own garden. Open rattan flower pots on large umbrellas until and rattan hanging chairs hardly a design desire remains to beach chairs and rattan. And also applies to 2011: all the furniture can be ordered individually and combined. designwelt24 looks after a successful year 2010 with the development of its own brand of furniture Marysol”and positive on 2011. customers can get an enlarged range on information about one of the most comprehensive rattan garden furniture exhibition in Germany. Source: cardiologist. Contact: Marysol garden furniture GmbH of Kopenicker str. 19-20 12524 Berlin Contact person: Bjorn Wobig phone: + 49 (0) 30 633 1135-0 E-Mail: Web: rattan, rattan furniture, rattan garden furniture, Outdoormobel, designwelt24, Marysol furniture, Wicker