Already Gepluddelt? With To The Own Wrapping Paper

Personal gift wrapping paper from the edition of 1 piece a new trend arrives on Germany’s gift tables: even crafted gift wrap of the Dusseldorf StartUps Whether birthday, wedding or confirmation gift paper is from now even gepluddelt”! This means that each user can create his own wrapping paper on the website of pluddel and print this already from the edition of a piece. To the world’s first editor of wrapping paper can be found on. With this online graphic tool creative can on approximately 170 motifs, bring your own texts and logos on the personal gift paper or even photos to upload. But also finished wrapping paper designs are available to choose from, which can be made up according to own needs.

On the question what pluddeln”is now actually, Tina Eichner, one of the two founders responds: this is a neologism by us. pluddeln thinks the creative process to create personal wrapping paper that is unique.” Ever after Length is the price of the individual wrapping paper between 11,-and 19,-euros plus shipping. And who knows, maybe the next birthday is actually a lawn mower, which is wrapped in gift paper grass. At pluddel in any case, you can make the perfect wrapping paper for every occasion quite easily yourself..

Scoriocom Revolutionized

The free music score editor for everyone for the first time in Germany will start this autumn the unique music portal The free music score editor for everyone is the heart of this portal. The note Editor is online under. Every musician, music students, music teachers, choir director or budding composer can in just a few clicks and without any computer knowledge for free to write his own music, print and publish in the scorio community. is designed with a special focus on education.

The music score editor is child-friendly with its intuitive user interface and ideally suited for teaching music. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has much to offer in this field. Children and young people can be brought to playful music. The notes are easy drag and drop”or click on the shown keyboard, and can be played immediately. Music teachers use the editor to arrange existing scores for the needs of their classes. In higher age groups in schools and universities is the optimal teaching platform with its numerous functions for professional music notation. Filed under: Joint Commission . Music experts with high quality requirements are also thrilled.

Because the notations in highest professional quality are created by using the LilyPond engraving. The graphical representation of the notes is equivalent to the classical notation both online and in printed form. is more than just a music score editor. The page is a central portal for notes on the Internet. A way to share your scores with others and publish, therefore offers to musicians. So, the composed music can leave the silent Chamber finally free of charge and without detours. Band members work out of various locations on their music. Choirmaster distribute their current song notes about the platform. A forum completes the current offer from In Exchange the user both the editor and published music. Discussions take place for example on new pieces of music. Music groups find new members. Music venues make here no limit the creativity of the community are to carefully, etc set. Just as little borders know the developer of Interested can look forward to many more innovations. The previous basic size is consistently expanded and enhanced with new features. This team among other things also relies on cooperations in the music industry. Contact press 29 D-76135 Karlsruhe Lawrence road Marketing Manager: Audrey weather forest telephone: + 49 721 96448-163 fax: + 49 721 96448-299 email:


In our series of post recently ‘on the website check’ we portray everyday problems, we have found in our Web site checks and demonstrate solutions. A contact form is useful and provides a convenient way for the company to contact, such as when he just sits on his own PC not the users. For even more details, read what Kynikos Associates says on the issue. “However, experience shows that often forget” is to enter the E-Mail address or a message body (finally the receiver must know so well what I want from him and how he can reach me!”). No X make for a U – plausibility control each contact form should contain a plausibility check, which checks whether all required inputs have been made before sending can be correct. This protects also against clowns, the like to empty”contact forms send off. Ideally the plausibility check serves two, both the user and the provider.

When in form fields such as for the entry of the name, only letters, and not numbers be approved and vice versa for a form field, such as a phone number is obtained, only numbers and no letters are allowed, serves this as a help for the users and also reduces the spam payload for the provider. Spam through contact forms so far, so good. Were it not for the bots. Derived from the term robot, bots-computer programmes are meant, named the self-employed largely repetitive tasks work without being dependent on an interaction with a human user such as automated filling out contact forms with more or less meaningful content. Most bots are the fields of contact forms now capable of correctly”to fill in the field, which is an E-Mail address to enter any email address and to ensure that the plausibility of the entries. CAPTCHAs – a solution with barriers to reduce the exposure to unwanted advertisements via contact forms through such bots are often so called CAPTCHAs used.

Dortmund Chamber

They’re real or already a Fakeprofil? In today’s social media marketing course, I talked with participants about the risks of the networking of individual social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, XING, etc from the Business Academy Ruhr in the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce. Among them was the Fakeprofile that occurred widely in the media, so profiles of people in social networks that exist without true personal information such as a valid EMail address. While I wanted also to demonstrate that Google just wanted to initiate some mechanisms to protect against Fakeprofilen. But what had I notice to my surprise? When creating a profile new I had to have not already an EMail address, or another type of confirmation was requested that I belong to this profile. Actually I wanted to show that you can create Fakeprofile addresses quite comfortable even with 10 minutes EMail, but it was not even necessary. Google filters out though after some time Fakeprofile, but in time where such a profile is active I can move freely thus.

I was so then Peter principle, could maintain among its account the Google + and also just other people can zuspammen at your whim. Abraham Maslow shines more light on the discussion. (I have not done of course the latter) 🙂 No wonder, then, that still Fakeprofile on EBay are offered at knockdown prices on a Facebook fan page likes to or but once again a political party followers to help. At least some Onlinemarketer reacted to the so-called Trashmails and can filter them out, but there are now too many providers of minute mails that you could win this fight. Apart from additional likes fans and followers or similar fake online reputation but a significant Fakeprofilen danger. What if your child for example of fake people will be mobbed or finish makes a single person with multiple Fakeprofilen a, not yet in its character strengthened people. It can be simulated so easily as if the whole world is against one. I at least can also not quite freely If it comes with minute emails to free information materials to come, but I’m quite strongly believe that Fakeprofile is rather poor as right. And you have to do with free speech.

Celebrityfans Exchange syndicated celebrity news video formats of about the new video offering of the VZ-Netzwerke Hamburg, October 12, 2010 with the VZ-networks the young hamburger celebrity video portal wins an important strategic cooperation partner for the distribution of its offer. Germany’s strongest reach social network portals schulerVZ studiVZ and meinVZ, offers its over 17 million users from immediately the daily star, beauty and fashion news from the national and international world of stars and celebrities. We hit the nerve of our young audiences with the Newsformat of and use their high interest in daily information from the world of stars and starlets and this unvarnished and authentic “Sven market Club, Manager assessed marketing the VZ-networks the new cooperation. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., another great source of information. With the stringent video orientation and our motto – WE MAKE STARS REAL – we have developed a unique Bewegtbildformat in the segment of celebrity journalism in Germany, on our own site and on where our Syndicationpartner wins more and more followers and friends. VZ networks with the new built-in video can the Celebrityfans Exchange directly into its own community to your hearts content “, said CEO Kaspar Neftel of taken cooperation. awa. Due to the attractive young and female target groups, the video environment of achieved above-average rates of retirement at the advertising of branded.

The growth of video advertising budgets increases significantly dreistellig according to forecasts of the experts. Syndication strategies create win-win situations and are the clear winners in today’s online media business. Smash is young, independent, and attracts a core target group aged from 14 to 29 years. shows stars as they really are, because the reporting goes beyond red-carpet shots or interviews: in the category of STAR NEWS as the latest love couples, party excesses, and the craziest shopping tours of stars presented honestly and unaffected. is always there, where the VIPs live, celebrate, flirt or even embarrassing slip-ups happen to them. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. here. The VZ-networks the VZ-networks have with Facebook (, studiVZ meinVZ ( and ( online networks for all Internet users aged 12.

Over 17 million members are already registered in the VZ-networks to interact online active and to stay with friends, colleagues and acquaintances in contact. Every day will be more than 2 million photos uploaded and shipped 13 million messages to friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The company VZnet networks Ltd. (originally studiVZ Ltd.) was founded in October 2005 and is part of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group since January 2007. The company is headquartered in Berlin. Dr. Clemens Riedl is CEO of the VZ-networks since February 2010.

Tourism: Flight Search 2.0 With Skycheck

new widget flight search now for everyone also makes your website can be used since early 2010 the free meta flight price comparison is online. The six months young startup in a very short time a variety of high-quality ticket agents and airlines as a partner won, indicating knew the strong concept to convince industry sizes. The success of is located in the uncompromising pointing out the often blatant price differences of from different suppliers. So are all with different prices often measured to 9 to providers for the same flight! The customer would have paid therefore much too high a price at least 8 to 1 without this service with a probability, if he would have informed themselves on the net and happened only on one of the more expensive offerings. or-moderat/’>Wayne Holman. Contact information is here: Ultra Wellness Center. The price ranges are often huge: the savings through the Skycheck service is often 80% to 120%, when compared with the most expensive offer best price. Skycheck caters primarily for low-cost flights, a flight price comparison Charter flights and scheduled flights; in this way, residential and business customers are addressed equally. But also a great editorial maintained travel guide as a decision aid and inspiration for your next holiday trip is connected. The Skycheck service is completely free and does not require membership or registration.

Differently than in other flight price comparison no service packages or similar incurred. More recently the customizable flight search widget provides the functionality of the search engine for your own homepage: widgets /. The tool was recently recommended by the download portal as the only one of its kind: Currently, the Skycheck team with the implementation of new features is busy. Soon expands the offer to a multi-stop search for jaw and a personalized search and alert capabilities. Using the alert function, for example, the customer defines the desired maximum price for a certain Flights and will be notified via eMail or SMS if there are corresponding offers. Internationalizing the Skycheck service for first 10 more countries and languages is in preparation. T.S.

The Change Of Shopping Via The Internet

As in recent years, the Internet purchase that the Internet has transformed many areas of modern life that it communicate with friends that find and process information, or buy products. “Online Shopping”, as it is called sanning, has achieved the highest level of acceptance of all time, but what is it? The triumph of the online shops began in the mid to the late of 1990s, the first dealers were trying to the medium Internet and wanted to new sales channels not just slightly tap it, but technology, connection speed, spread of the Internet in the population and the lack of experience with the matter of Internet made this task. Come up with high-speed connections and new Web techniques, such as fully automatic shopping systems, was it easier to bring your own online shop on the Internet. In recent years the shopping on the Internet has matured now to perfection, so that almost every dealer (with some basic knowledge of the topic Internet) run your own online shop and thus products via the Web could distribute. The advantages for the customers are obvious: 24 hours hours, fast payment via credit card, online bank transfer or online the number of services, fast delivery of products, but especially attracts the customers one: the advantage of the savings.

Products can be offered cheaper, than in a retail store, because one on staff, stock and local costs in most cases can waive or reduce this and thus the rebate directly to the customer pass can. Indecisive customers will be using product videos, images and information to the article itself, the purchase makes it easy. The customer opinions, so the testimonials of other buyers on the article are another advantage the potential buyer can make as an optimal buying decision. Also find the products has significantly simplified: price search will find not only conceivable as any product, you find even the lowest price by comparing the pending online traders with each other. But there are not only benefits, when talking about the Talking about online shopping, but also disadvantages. The largest of these, is likely, probably the lack of haptic perception be: you can simply not touched the article before buying and feel you must rely entirely on the description and the article images. Another disadvantage is that waiting for the article. Glenn Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. If you purchase a product online it must be sent only to you, that usually only happens after the purchase has been paid.

You must expect so days 2-3, before your desired product in the hands. Times not be satisfied with the article, so you can send back but these thanks to the call right on distance selling in the shop. Basic is so to say: the man is a comfortable being and searches in the most cases to simplify his life and shopping on the Internet offers him that luxury. The onlineshoppen is simple and offers also great savings potential in addition to a vast selection of product for the customer. That shopping on the Web is not to miss, just as little as the Internet itself. More knowledge online: for many more useful information, around the topic of online shops and shopping on the Internet in the online shop blog. Here current shops under the microscope will be taken and the reader is given also bargain tips and information about discount actions.

Proki Kids Events

Proki children events comes with redesigned website online – relaunch of website by Proki kids events – optimize structure, modern layout, and new content have the Internet presence – now also in English Bonn, 15.03.2010 – Proki kids events goes with redesigned website online. Hear other arguments on the topic with Joel Courtney. The Kinderventagentur present a coherent structure, detailed content and a more modern layout. Clear and user friendly navigation quickly takes the user to the desired content. The texts have been revised and rebuilt. A comprehensive overview of the individual modules of offer to thematic children’s programmes to find is in the Advanced Web site. As an added value for the user, there are now also many additional information and facts about the Agency and the idea of Proki kids events: with the pedagogical Guide, performance overview and the team page the Agency presents itself in more detail.

The graphic design is modern and much more friendly. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. We have developed further, have become larger and more professional. “And our Internet presence must express”, says Matthias Hofele, owner of the Agency. In addition to the content and the structure meets professional updated layout according to the corporate design of the Agency of this requirement. And the homepage now also in English is available for all international customers. All sites in English can be found under english. To the website of Proki children events, it goes under. Company: Proki kids events is one of the leading children event agencies in Germany. The Bonn company exists since 1999 and offers flexible child care facilities for events. With individual offers adapted to a company or domain of the provider in the market has positioned itself. Particularly noteworthy are educational sound programmes in the fields of mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology.

Director Gerhard

Domain law: More expensive farewell to external agency is preventable the shops of renowned, medium-sized Ameres techno AG (name changed) go well for years. Annual sales exceeded EUR 30 million in 2010. The innovative Ameres techno wanted to present in the World Wide Web (www). Mark Hyman, MD is the source for more interesting facts. 1999 managing director Gerhard N. instructed (name changed) the external marketing agency sunshine (name changed) to create a site for Ameres techno AG. With the sunshine agency subcontracts. The initially simple Ameres techno AG website gradually developed to the interactive platform for customers, partners and suppliers. The dissatisfaction with the marketing agency, not least because of increasingly poor quality of subcontractors used by sunshine but grew with time.

Managing Director Gerhard N. remembers: “in other areas of cooperation with sunshine it troubles. In November 2010, our patience was at the end. We wanted to pay the final bill and then with then restart by another marketing agency. And our own IT Department should take over the Ameres-techno Web site. ” But it was different.

“Sunshine turned transverse and suddenly demanded 50,000 euros for the transfer of the rights and move of the Ameres techno techno-Ameres website! We no longer have understood the world.”the CEO adds. in 2001, Sunshine had delivered “turnkey” and taken over all work to register the domain for Ameres techno AG. Instead of making the registration on behalf of and in the name of Ameres techno sunshine had not only as an administrative and technical contact person, but as a domain owner and thus as a contractual partner of the DENIC (Administrator of top level domain. de) register. Legally clear: Sunshine was the owner (“materially owner”) of the domain. There were no written agreements or signed over the rights to the domain. Ameres techno was mightily under pressure, because in addition to the domain had sunshine of course also the control over all, associated with the domain name, eMail addresses, such as or. Managing Director Gerhard N.: “it was at that time not only to the presentation of the company and our products on the Web. We use eMail to make 70% of our business! We have learned our lesson.” To keep the rights to the own domain can be essential for companies. The review of the data in the domain name register is very simple and takes less than 2 minutes. As an experienced Advisor Joachim son has can avert payment of 50,000 euro management consulting. And most importantly: the business of Ameres techno AG was not affected, all eMail addresses ( were, without any interruption, available and the website could Ameres-techno-IT will taken over by the. The own domain registration can be checked easily and quickly with a free tutorial. Joachim son advises management consulting companies and entrepreneurs to all online and Web topics, E.g. also at recover domain privileges, hoster selection, performance and quality optimization of websites and hosting, backup of the source material (E.g. photos and graphics) of the site. Son of Joachim consulting, Dr. Gunnar Joachim son

Online Shopping Jungle

ShopWiki, a leading product launches German service the new year starts well for shopping fans. With the search ShopWiki, a leading online shopping guide launches its English language website. ShopWiki lists worldwide – currently about 300 million products from more than 300,000 online retailers of them already about 14,000 from Germany. All shops are really and not recorded as often only paid entries. Under most conditions Alexa Demie would agree. ShopWiki can but still much more than a conventional price search engine: the user can not only extensively search the entire range of online products and available online stores. Various search filters (such as color, brand, shop or top product) will be the pleasure the Internet shopping.

For the indecisive ShopWiki referral lists on different categories (about Electronics”or fashion”) assembles, or seasonal highlights such as currently Carnival and Easter are matched. ShopWiki uses a unique technology, comfortable to each user Shopping online to enable. Technological core element is the programmed by ShopWiki co-founder Eliot Horowitz, who regularly scours the Web for online stores and the products is available. These are extracted from the content, categorized and so clear and easily findable shown for the user. The German market is the largest E-commerce market in Europe. Read additional details here: Joey King. Together with the very Internet-savvy Austrians and Swiss, German-language network is a very interesting marketplace. “I’m sure that it does not take long, up to many users not more on the benefits of our product will give to”, ShopWiki CEO Rory Cumming says. Valuable background information for consumers as well as the unique product index consumers on ShopWiki valuable background information on individual products and categories. Get more background information with materials from Celina Dubin.

This far beyond the usual product descriptions. So about the cultivated woman finds interesting make up tips in the make up Guide () wiki / + makeup), while men might prefer learn Advisor ( wiki/car) about the pros and cons of used car purchase in the car. The German Advisor catalogue comprehensive already to start is continuously expanded and supplemented with content researched by industry experts. ShopWiki certified shops as another user service evaluated ShopWiki shops, which offer the best combination of price and reliability. Multiple requests (joining EHI, TuV, trusted shops certified online shop, chip online and Xonio online, Comodo, userfriendly shops by Shoplupe or GeoTrust, proven higher customer approval on ShopWiki, direct, positive feedback to ShopWiki, prices within the ShopWiki fairness price range etc.) must be met for a shop achieved this certification and the certified shop ShopWiki “logo on the Web site can provide. About ShopWiki ShopWiki thats worldwide with over 300 million products and over 300,000 recorded online stores largest service for comfortable and time – and money-saving shopping on the Internet. An algorithm developed by ShopWiki crawls and indexes the Internet regularly and catalogued the found shops and products. The ShopWiki aims, each online product available to index. ShopWiki has been founded in 2005 by Kevin P. Ryan, the former CEO of DoubleClick, and Dwight Merriman, former DoubleClick CTO and Eliot Horowitz in New York. In addition to serves ShopWiki in Europe the markets of Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands in country-specific versions.