Healthy & Inspired Leadership

Commitment for a new healthy and inspiring leadership healthy & inspired leadership is both commitment and program for healthier and more inspirational, and allow for a successful management of employees. Marcus Hein is to change that employees are healthy and stay, and motivates their actual performance potential in the companies and organizations bring a founder of this engagement, which has set itself the goal, executives and management cultures. As a trainer and coach, he supported executives on the way, a new understanding, to assume a new position in the leadership. The commitment index collected annually by the Gallup Institute for Germany shows that two-thirds of the workforce make service provision and about one in five has announced internally. And against the background that everywhere shortage, at least in individual sectors being discussed. Marcus Hein: Because it makes sense but, that the company first of all meaningful use resources.” Many health care organizations have warned that just mental and psychosomatic diseases will constitute the main cause of illness in a few years.

Pressure and stress are factors that contribute to one side. Lack of processing skills amongst the employees are the other side. The terms stress, Burnout, Borout and depression can be found in the media almost every day. Healthy & inspired leadership wants to serve healthier together deal that employees and managers. This program would work in the eyes of the staff makes sense. Out of work and organizational psychology, brain research and Neurobiology as well as many other scientific findings and practical experiences, we now know what must look like a healthy and inspiring leadership. The difficulty lies in the change of (leadership) behavior. And behavior begins in the mind.

Here to provide new tools, not advance, it needs a rethink. Marcus Hein: Our Managers must learn to make their behavior more flexible. Because of the flexible leads. We train new thought patterns with our participants. And we do so with great enthusiasm. Because – so we know from the brain research – learning and change is only possible with one, hormonal cocktail of enthusiasm ‘ in our brains. In the world of work, this enthusiasm can be found but barely. So it’s time to reconsider. We also discuss whether fit man and job to each other. “Maybe can be in this sense the year 2012 to a year of big change: we give up on the company against each other and come to an efficient and successful cooperation.” “A group on the XING platform on the Internet was established in the meantime, specifically aimed at senior executives and HR managers, who see the need for changes and in the direction of healthy & inspired leadership” want to engage with. Marcus Hein – mental and organizational Consulting provides seminars under the label healthy & inspired Leadership”for executives at. In particular, there are four pulse events on this topic this year. Information,. To the person: Marcus Hein has gained many years of experience in HR and organizational development and personnel management. He is trained as a trainer and coach and coached senior executives to a healthy and inspiring, because brain-friendly leadership. While he has focused on, to combine knowledge from different scientific disciplines, such as brain research and management theory, with the own experience.

Innovative Training Opportunities For Doctors

Successful Kongresssuchmaschinen for the medical training new Isenburg, February 23, 2009 – training sessions are an important part of any medical career. But the doctor where do you find useful information? When event takes place which nature where? Not just doctors want to be informed about this, speakers, organizers, and sponsors are interested in as well. The WEFRA publishing has found a solution with its innovative Veranstaltungssuchmaschinen dental and medical At Peter A. Levine PhD you will find additional information. Medical training and seminars are presented on these portals. Here, national as well as international organizer can publish free of charge their Congress messages. Training outreach and training operators benefit equally.

(Dental)Doctors and pharmacists can choose between 90,000 congresses and events. The Internet is the number one source of information for doctors. “Search engines have to look up the word” displaced in the area of the old fashioned and by Googling ” replaced. The WEFRA publishing relies on this trend and paves its training database users a convenient way by the Internetdschungel. and medical the user through detailed and accurate keyword word search quickly come to their desired information, news and addresses. But not only on the World Wide Web (dental) physicians can access this information. The new edition of the print compendium with over 4,000 medical Congresses has been available since January, and can be ordered through.

Annual Communicator Awards

On the launch pad: Make a career at euro Web prospects? Great. The selection? Varied. The employer? Award-winning. Who is looking for an interesting, varied and modern workplace, which should apply to the Euroweb Internet Agency. To bring small and medium-sized companies in the Internet, the founding idea of Euroweb Internet GmbH with its headquarters in Dusseldorf was when she formed in 2001. Idea and concept went on.

Today, euro Web has brought not only several companies in the network, but has grown itself enormously. The Internet Agency has an extensive service network in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Bulgaria with approximately 650 employees and over 40 agency locations. Other services in addition to Web design focuses on corporate videos and online marketing. “Only in may euro Web acknowledged at the 18th Annual Communicator Awards” from powerful in New York and collected nine awards. Three prizes were awarded for Web sites, the euro website for small and medium-sized Company had designed and which have prevailed against the websites of some large, international corporations. Always a team behind such successes.

Therefore, the team spirit at euro Web is implemented consistently. Own ideas and creative suggestions are encouraged and incorporated into the work. But it is not only the creativity of the Web Designer that leads to success. Equally important is the work of media consultants, sales and Office Communications. The way a team leads to success and satisfied customers. Euro Web staff can develop their ideas and incorporated into their job. And the company is growing with its employees. Euro Web offering places in different areas for the employment, training, internships or freelancer. The promotion of trainees was awarded several times by the Federal Agency for work. The owner-managed Euroweb Group headquartered in Dusseldorf is one of the leading, cross-industry businesses Internet agencies in Europe. The Full service concept includes in particular Web design, corporate videos, online marketing and other Internet services. Since its inception in 2001, an extensive service network in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Bulgaria with more than 40 locations and 650 employees was rebuilt. The Euroweb group committed socially by the specially established Euroweb Foundation and the Euroweb sports funding, among other gymnastics star Fabian Hambuchen promotes. More information on jobs at Euroweb, jobs

Expert Backup Priority

Hennefer IT system and consulting continues to focus on a wide range of training and a training place Hennef also provides for August 2012, 1 June 2012. The results of the online survey on training show 2012 of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK): the middle class once again proves to support of the education market. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Somatic Experiencing. 21 percent of companies want to train more 2012. In the operating size class of 200 to 999 workers of the value is 17%. Also the Hennefer IT trainers CONET confirmed this trend and offers a wide range of training with an annual six to eight new instructors in three different occupations, as well as the possibility of a dual degree. The specialist backup at CONET already begins with training. For more clarity and thought, follow up with cardiologist and gain more knowledge..

We take training seriously and have pleasure to offer young people opportunities. The education market has become a sought-after tight candidate market. Yet we make it through targeted events and an attractive training package many applicants for us to win. We therefore very much hope not only for this, but also for the following years continue with suitable candidates to occupy our apprenticeships”, explains Rudiger Zeyen, CEO of the CONET group. Currently the IT system and consulting company in addition to the training courses offers a free training place as administrator for Office communication for 2013 to August 2012. More information about the training courses and to the application process: DE/career/abroad/CONET-technologies AG/training merchants for Office communication via the CONET group the CONET group is as a hybrid IT provider of reliable companions of their customers in an economically successful future for IT.

The CONET technologies AG is the holding company of the embossed medium-sized group of companies and coordinates the central tasks of the group in the areas of human resources, communication, marketing, procurement and finance. The operational business of the group is located in the subsidiary companies: the Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH offered their customers solutions in the fields of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure since 1987 and with approximately 200 employees. The CONET business consultants GmbH focuses on SAP consulting and process management system and bundles the expertise of some 130 SAP consultants. ACCELSIS technologies GmbH from Munich strengthens the CONET competence particularly in the field of portal, Web and SOA solutions, while the Frankfurter CONET Services AG on a wide range of IT operations and data center operations managed services specialises in up to ITIL-compliant support, cloud computing and hosting service. Founded in 1997, QUEST software services GmbH looked after as IT recruitment agency with around 40 staff a network of more than 40,000 registered IT professionals. With around 400 employees in twelve locations in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland the CONET group as one of the German top-25 companies under the IT system and consultancy firms for the current financial year expects sales of more than 100 Millions of euro.