Swiss Health Insurance Companies

Compare health insurance companies, health insurance companies change and save money changing health insurance worth own health should have a very high priority whenever possible. Important to know however, is that of course can cause corresponding costs and bring with them health insurance, but also ways and means are available, with which these costs can be reduced. For example, it is important to mention the option of a health insurance comparison positively, because different insurance companies with their insurance rates and policies to the customers, what gives these opportunities and possibilities are competing in the Swiss market. Whether it’s better health and medical care or but a lower fee for the insurance of the health insurance Exchange can definitely for the individual pay off. James S. Chanos may find this interesting as well. The own options to explore the insurance market and this is a good or better find the better deal before it can go notice and the corresponding change to the health insurance companies, is it of course first of all or more favourable offer to find. Compared health insurance a lot has teamed in the course of time, because after all, looking for must be kept today in the Switzerland no longer by hand or in conversations with persen insurance brokers for the best deals, but rather that can offer Internet facilities here just once. For even more details, read what Somatic Experiencing says on the issue.

Based on the fundamentals of the own person, you can perform a comparison of insurance which can be sorted either performance or but according to price. Thus an overview can be obtained free of charge and completely without effort when searching quickly and easily, which offers according to can be used, or should. Whether the difference is at the end for a change of health insurance or not is still you left at the end. The notice and the change in the Switzerland it also applies to a good offer to meet the legal framework for a health insurance Exchange. In this regard it is important to say the current health insurance termination, which not only in the correct form must happen, but which must be deposited above all also timely. Only by this outspoken and correct termination can the new insurance will take effect and therefore the health insurance change be made. In the Switzerland, certain periods of notice apply when changing the health insurance or upon the termination of existing policies.

A basic insurance with equity participation of 300 francs may be terminated June or December deadline, for example, only at the end of the month. Other insurance companies with a higher participation or with restrictions such as when choosing a doctor may be terminated within three months each. The health insurance comparison is something which can save a lot of money and spending. The insured person should make sure in the Switzerland but not only very accurate, that a dismissal is pronounced, but that this takes place in the respective notice period. Associated with the new insurance policy can take advantage because only then legally, if this corresponds to Deadlines have been met.

Optimal Pension Plan

Base pension in focus: flexible and robust retirement many consumers the Rurup pension (also base) is completely unknown. Since declared it is again and again as a pension for self-employed persons. It is also to advisable employees and civil servants very interesting and attractive be attractive even as the Riester pension with its promotion through allowances. Because also the Rurup pension is funded by the State. Worth the Rurup pension as a pension? In contrast to the Riester pension funded the base pension not through allowances, but through tax benefits. Therefore, the Rurup pension worth just for self-employed persons and good incomes.

76 Per cent of the posts can already be used in 2013. This includes the Rurup must specify posts only in the tax return as special editions. The Rurup is funded up to a maximum pension of 20,000 euro for single and 40,000 euros for jointly assessed married couples. In the year 2025, the full promotion claim can then taken be. Before that the percentage increases continuously. The Rurup pension can be completed as a classic insurance or as unit-linked Variant.

Also, no conditions are linked as a minimum capital amount the contract then. Here everyone can depositing as much as he can and want. How does the Rurup pension in independent tests? Both Stiftung Warentest and focus money have tested the Rurup pension on their suitability as a pension. Through the promotion and their flexibility is attractive. Tariff Alliance, Huk-Coburg, PB life, people are the Federal Government and of the HanseMerkur according to the testers to recommend. Unfortunately still no current test exists in the year 2013, therefore consumer on the tests from the years 2011 and 2012 have to Dodge. The Rurup pension test from 2011 is to said that UNI gender tariffs were not yet introduced. What are the characteristics of the Rurup pension? Who a Rurup pension completes, it can no longer really cancel. Only the contract are free, works. The insurer still retains the capital saved previously and it pays off on the agreed date. As well, there is no way the capital payment. The services from a Rurup pension are paid as a life annuity. Also, taxes fall, on such as the statutory pension insurance. This is called downstream taxation. However, the personal tax rate will fall here less than during the working life.

Take Liability Risks Lightly

Freelancers take liability risks often lightly she needs one, or do not need it? Every Freelancer should examine thoroughly the question which IT liability insurance for own use is necessary. Because it comes to the claim, it can be quickly threaten for the freelance expert or the IT services company. The risk of liability for inadequate or not completed insurance is often unaware of the companies of the IT industry despite the high responsibility which professionally, they are. Especially in complex IT projects the question of guilt can be unclear. And an unexplained complicity enough already, to be confronted with specific financial demands. An IT liability is tailor-made for the needs of self-employed entrepreneurs and designed by medium-sized companies in the IT industry. So due to contractual not only – as in all insurance – damage due to legal liability are included in the specific condition works, but also those Liability arise. For freelancers and self-employed IT industry, it is important to know which claims are at all relevant. Read additional details here: Jon Medved.

Lutz-Hendrik Groot Bramel, Managing Director of the online insurance Portal, explains, what damage as a freelancer: how in the private sector of freelance ITler cause an injury or a damage in his professional activity. “They often happen without warning, can create quickly large amounts of damage and within the framework of a third party liability with secured.” In addition, there are other scenarios that quickly can lead an independent on the edge of his professional existence, as Lutz-Hendrik Groot Bramel: a freelancer in the course of its activities for its customers through unintentional but culpable behaviour adds a financial damage to a third person, it might be a so-called financial loss. Protection against damage to property is one of the most important components of an IT liability insurance. Protects active independent in terms of IT from legitimate financial claims, if even a catastrophic mistake them. James S. Chanos usually is spot on. Ideally the asset insurance includes an equity loss component, to compensate for their own failures and loss, when it comes to Auftragsausfallen, for example, because of an error.” From the perspective of the insurance specialist, Groot Bramel is a risk coverage against liability for any freelancer and freelance entrepreneur is an absolute must to protect themselves from threatening claims. On its online portal, the estate agency he founded gmbh bundles be entire information and product offerings for IT professionals and independent engineers in Germany and offers comprehensive information in cooperation with reputable insurance companies tailored protection for this target group.