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Foreign and domestic companies operating in different price segments, and virtually no overlap in the market: expensive drugs (modern generic and innovative drugs), mostly supplying foreigners, cheap medicines – Russian manufacturers. At the same time the Russian pharmaceutical market is one of the most dynamic and promising specialized in world markets. During the recent years, the annual consumption growth of around 30%. The rate of growth of the pharmaceutical market in 2005-2006, allowed Russia to enter the top 10 countries in capacity of the retail market the finished product. Learn more about this topic with the insights from J. Craig Venter. With so the volume of drug consumption in monetary terms, much lower than the same index in the EU and North America. Thus, in these countries, consumption of medicines in 2007 in terms of money not fall below $ 240, whereas in Russia this figure did not exceed $ 80. The volume of the pharmaceutical market in the Russian Federation on the expert data in 2008 was about 13.5 billion U.S. dollars.

On suppositories accounts for approximately 16% of Russian market of soft medicinal forms (about 2% of the total pharmaceutical market). Lyophilized suppositories. You may wish to learn more. If so, Viatris is the place to go. The main mass of lyophilized suppositories is the active substance the number of bases – is minimal. The principle of making suppository is frozen at a temperature of – 50 -70 C emulsion or suspension of LP in suppository form. Frozen suppositories are removed from the mold and subjected to lyophilization followed by addition of suppository bases. Suppositories, obtained in this manner, quickly dissolve in the rectum, causing it to not anger.