The Element

If the interior of the apartment a lot of black and blue tones, you should add the color of the tree – all shades of green, thereby you weaken prevailing in the house the element of water. WATER in turn depletes the metal. Jon Medved does not necessarily agree. The stronger the ether layer (metal) of a person, the less influence on a person can have the essence of the astral world (the water). If the ether layer (metal) is weak, then the astral world (water) will deplete both mental and physical health. Kidneys (water), drain the lungs (metal).

There is practice of correct breathing (lungs-metal), who forge an exchange of water (kidney-water) in the body, which is very important for all living cells. If a person has a persistent cough (many metal) should go on the water diet. Bullies and bully, should wear a black and blue (water), clothes to weaken the influence of the metal element. If the apartment predominant color of the element of metal: silver, gray, it's worth a little slow this element by adding water to the interior (black, blue), but it is important to remember that there are examples of common, do not immediately make changes to the interior, First you need to know what items you are useful, and what does not, it is also important to know what area of life you want to activate. METAL depletes soil depletion closing the loop elements.

In the bowels of the earth are born all the metals. Our health (metal) has its roots in our daily lives (land), we are totally dependent on what we eat, how we sleep, what we do, with whom we communicate, that is due to what our daily lives (land) so is our health (metal). Lungs (metal) drain the spleen (earth). If the interior of the apartment a lot of yellow-brown (earth) colors, it is diluted by adding the element of earth-colored metal, such as white or gold (metal). Strong brooding or stupidity can be lessened by the use of metals (zinc, copper, iron) as dietary supplements. Or go on a diet containing foods related to the metal.

Diet Mediterranean Benefits

The inclusion of all groups of foods such as cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, meat, fish, eggs, etc make the Mediterranean diet among the most complete and varied in the world. Noteworthy nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet:? It is a balanced diet, get make us the perfect combination of macronutrients (50% carbohydrates, 15-20% protein and 30% fat). Great contribution of monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil and other foods of vegetable origin. Large presence of fiber and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). Contribution of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. The contribution of these substances from your diet is very important, because our body is unable to synthesize them in sufficient quantity. Use moderate of fermented drinks (wine, cider or beer) valued its cardioprotective power.

Very rich in antioxidants like some vitamins and minerals, and others like polyphenols and tannins among others. Minor presence of saturated animal fats, and enough monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat intake. Contribution of high quality easily assimilated (proteins of high biological value) protein. Most of complex carbohydrates that regulate blood sugar. Ingestion of live bacteria through fermented food, favoring the intestinal flora. Do these nutritional characteristics translate into benefits for our health, some of which are described below:? Nutritious and light: its great density of nutrients get to be an extremely nutritious diet as well as moderate in calories, avoiding the risk of deficiency diseases. If the goal is weight loss, a lightweight version of the Mediterranean diet is always the best choice for short and long term.

Heart healthy: The presence of healthy fats from olive oil and fish mainly improvement of blood lipid profile, decreasing cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Depurative: Its great content in the high consumption of vegetables, legumes and fruits from fiber cleans our body from the inside, dragging part of ingested fats and other undesirable elements such as oxygen free radicals, very harmful to our cells. Rich in natural antioxidants: the wealth of antioxidants in vegetables, fruits, legumes, fermented and fish among other foods, drinks are capable of reducing oxidative stress in our cells, which relates to the prevention of certain chronic diseases. The Mediterranean diet anti-aging properties attributed to him. It prevents diabetes: inclusion of sugars in moderate amounts and increase foods high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, are calve to moderating blood sugar levels and regulate insulin release.

Louisiana Spell

Moreover, the witch, practicing the love omens, often like to be reinsured warnings like this: a single, suitable for all situations of love spells do not exist, a love spell gives no more than a probability, not one hundred percent guarantee of the desired result, operating for a certain time, with privorozhennym sure there must be a common link (Work, recreation, friends), etc. For even more opinions, read materials from Anita Dunn. It turns out that a love a love spell is based only on pure chance? Many will argue with this statement, and will be right. In spite of everything, love magic can still affect an object at a distance. How and for what such laws of physics – are unlikely to know and even the witch. But if the personal things really possible to read information about their host, if the photograph you can heal from disease …

Why, then, deterioration, or a love spell and could not run away. Solid practical experience in such conspiracies are adherents of voodoo – formerly religion brought by slaves from West Africa, and after – the magic, received its present shape in terrirtorii Louisiana, USA. Love omens in voodoo magic, as well as healing spells are used more frequently than black magic with which the concept of 'voodoo' and associates for the most part of us. Of course, the impact on the person using it embodies doll hard as ever to interpret theoretically, but also to argue with the obvious facts proving the real power of magic, too easy. Although it must be borne in mind that we know mostly only on successful attempts to omens, and all the other cases remain forever unknown.

The main issue in this case – how done a love spell, and for what purpose. A simple physical attraction is unlikely sometime in the future be able to flow into real love. And hardly a man who has achieved the result from the use of ritual can be happy with that. Except that, if everything was done with the practical motives. After all, what matters most to loving person – a fortune's favorite, where and with whomever it was. And if only love love spell can make him stay close, whether to apply this ritual at all?