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Love seeks nothing, wants nothing, needs nothing, no “shoulds.” So when I hear people say they love someone and want to be loved in return, they are not talking about love. They are talking about something different. ” Belief 3: I need to win the love and approval of others This is one of the most painful beliefs about relationships. Note how you live your life when you look for love and approval?. We are afraid of being alone and modify our behavior to gain the attention of another person and to win her love. We change our behavior to avoid rejection or criticism. By changing who we are someone we become inauthentic. Hide aspects of ourselves for fear that others will judge or not like.

We put on a mask and live in fear to discover who we really are. We do things we do not want to please others. And this is a very painful and stressful life, pretending to be who we are not This belief leads to a false life and stressful. Look now how would you live if you did not believe you need to win the love and approval of others?: You could enjoy being who you are, you feel comfortable, giving to others as you are, doing and saying what you feel in every moment. When we free ourselves from a belief like this, we can let go of fears of being who we are. We are real, honest and relaxed in the relationship. It makes it easy express love and be happy again, regardless of what others say or think. Belief 4: My partner has many flaws.

What if I told you that the apparent shortcomings of your partner bother you that both are an opportunity for self-knowledge? The others are a reflection of our thoughts and creencias.a Byron Katie says, “Once we start to question our thoughts, our partners are always our greatest teachers. There are no mistakes about the person you are, he or she is the perfect teacher for you, whether or not the relationship work for you, once you start to question your thoughts, you start to see this clearly. There is no error in the universe. So if your partner is upset, either. If there is something about him that you consider a flaw, well, because these defects are yours, you’re projecting those, and you can write, question, and be free. People go to India to find a guru, but you do not have to: you are living with one. Your partner will give you everything you need for your own freedom. “To develop healthy relationships, loving and respectful is required to identify those beliefs we have about love, relationships and our partner and dissolve these judgments and beliefs. For this you can use the process of Byron Katie, four simple questions can help you rid of those beliefs that prevent you from enjoying your relationship and above all of your relationship with yourself. When you question your beliefs stressful your partner becomes a very important in your journey of self-discovery. Sandra a Iozzelli specializes in helping others to reduce negative emotions, stress, fear and limiting beliefs in their lives.

The Idea is to Control Experience

Everything that happens is experienced within our body. There is no experience outside of our body. The body is medium and so our relationship with the external environment ypodemos to account for what happens within us? This experimentation is not given to the mental level, mind you do is rationalize the experience. Streamline is trying to give an interpretation, content to experience. Streamlining is not known, is to build an idea about something, it aims to control this thing. amending ySearching experience? YBreast transforms mind? yModifica experience to mind? There is no doubt that experience undergoes a transformation, to be adapted to the category of thought, or fit your parameters.

This is a level of control, a certain operation. This does not mean that their impact is reduced or that are amplified, only to be pigeonholed. This way of categorizing experience is typical of how the mind works. The mind identifies, brother noticed something does an act of disticion then constructs an idea, which is nothing more than a difference makes the difference. This feels a certain control. This means that when we look at any object, or a person, what we're seeing really is an idea we have of that object or person.

All we can agree on a myriad of ideas that we share and that makes communication possible. Eva Andersson-Dubin contains valuable tech resources. However within this shared vision there are significant differences that make a table better than another for you. But the idea we form can be in a gradient from the exaggerated and false to harmonious and balanced is when you tell someone too much! or control your feelings! In the latter case this involved the experience of the observer who observes the reactions of an individual concerning an alleged experience has had and expressed his opinion.

Say Yes to Healthy Thoughts

This is our website, where anyone can enter, no one can damage your display, your inner world because no one has permission to access this site. This time we have created the universe in your mind and mine, and no one else has access. It is a safe place. Around us are our positive thoughts, positive because it fills us with joy, peace, love maybe. When you think positive, you feel that way. Let's call every thought, or rather to all of them: a Angeles. Why? Because we are in heaven right? In this case we had stayed.

Well, we are surrounded by angels a now. (Positive thoughts) However, what happens when this balance is broken? Or let's put it in other words, what else can interrupt the beauty of Heaven? a If our angels are positive thoughts, negative thoughts that interrupt the Demons will be the beauty of this moment. And can a Demon (negative thinking) obscure the sky? Treat yourself as if you were Yes Now, why should we allow a dull our Sky Devil? Well, the first is very easy to say that would not allow it, the more it is also true that it is not so easy to notice a negative thought, or opposing it, because often our environment has more power over us than we realize. As we walk through this beautiful valley will tell you an experience. (Not to be confused with Celina Dubin!). One day, I had gone to a coexistence where there were several very cool people.

Carlos Saul Menem

For businesses, there is still a further risk of deflation affecting their profit margins. During the month of June, according to data from Eurostat, the euro zone showed the first annual price deflation (which was 0.1%), since the introduction of the euro. The logic of the entrepreneur who sees an economy that is contracting and that their margins are also shrinking caused by low prices, tends to consider that this is not a year to invest, or if there doing so, better to opt for short-term alternatives. Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. With this way of thinking to understand European business, it creates a vicious circle that deepens the economic downturn in the euro zone. It is wrong, but so good (Carlos Saul Menem, during his presidency in Argentina, 1990).

This sentence clearly reflects the situation of the euro zone economy. In this regard, an encouraging sign for the industry was, as he realized a week ago expansion, which in May reported its first monthly increase since August 2008, beyond on-year the industry saw a 17% contraction during that month. Francis Collins usually is spot on. The growth in the month is a sign that increases the hope of recovery industry in the euro area. Industrial production accounts for about 17% of GDP in the euro area and therein lies its importance in terms of the way out of recession. The way out of this recession and recovery Eurozone industry, is highly dependent on what happens in the U.S. economy. Families and businesses are not too strengthened to boost domestic demand and hence economic growth.

Canine Nutrition

All dog foods are not the same food for dogs to keep your dog healthy you need a lot of fresh water and food should be fed good quality dog in amounts proportionate to meet their energy needs. Always follow the directions on the package of dog food in the recommended amounts of food. Choosing a dog food for the first challenge in choosing a dog food is it good quality food. The term that appears much about dog food is human grade. Implies that human grade dog food is good enough for us to eat. Many commercial dog foods are made from materials unusable or less desirable for human consumption. Often, the meat used in dog food quality is inedible for humans.

Major dog food companies try to provide balanced pieces of vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit of your dog. Celina Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. Although you can see that many dog food brands have labels almost identical, a well known dog food company will offer an explanation for each supplement and how it benefits your dog. Always read the label to see what proteins, vitamins and minerals gives your dog. Try not to use the store brand of dog food that little can change your dog the nutrition they need. Studies have shown that the main ingredient in dog food should be meat based protein, not flour, corn, corn gluten meal or flour.

Talk to Yourself

You’ve probably heard of auto-suggestion techniques. Many intend to condition the mind to success. But nobody talks about what is the harm that such methods can inflict on the minds of people. Yes, it is quite difficult to say anything against because of what has been written in favor. But in all honesty to admit that there is bias in their employment.

Consider first what is auto and what are some of their applications. We talk about auto when a person repeats itself a few sentences. The purpose is to try to induce certain states in his mind. Those states are generally positive. “I feel calm” “I will have success in today” “I’ll be able to say everything I want without getting nervous” “I will stop smoking” Example also have when someone says to himself that everything will go well in an attempt control their fears.

Also when your mind tries to focus on feelings and ideas optimistic for the purpose of feeling better and calm your spirit. A common feature of all methods that require autosuggestive is some repetition of phrases. It is necessary to mentally repeat the same ideas. That is a necessary condition for deploying the ideas autosuggestive enough to have any effect. Carl Rogers has firm opinions on the matter. It is undeniable that the auto and autogenic training and hypnosis have positive effects in many cases. But it is erroneous idea that all human problems can be solved with these techniques. Sigmund Freud himself abandoned them when he noticed something surprising. After removing a symptom of hypnosis, but then later returned more difficult and rebellious. Here it is where the harmful effects of the act of using auto-suggestion. Most people eventually become totally dependent on this technique. Are ultimately unable to address their daily lives if it is repeated over and over certain “reassurances.” And thus achieve the opposite of what they were looking for ie are becoming more insecure about themselves. Not a few of these people away from using these techniques to find serenity in the long term fall in states like obsessional states. If you have not repeated the phrase a certain number of times they feel really at risk. Under these conditions do not want to take the simplest of tasks because they are afraid that things do not go well. To make matters worse your mind becomes mechanical. You lose the freedom to think themselves naturally and become empty phrases. The brain becomes exhausted, and instead of encouraging the emergence of more effective mechanisms of their own, is impeded. Finally, caution should be exercised in the use of mentally repeating phrases. Not misused or believe that this technique will solve life. In its place should be sought other personal resources and rely more on ourselves. I honestly do not need to repeat any words to convince you of anything. Take your normal life, get busy pleasant task, think positively and stay prepared to face the bitter of life. These are inevitable.

Your Internet Business

The biggest problem when I decided to create my own internet home business was and the great amount of information to that in a blink of an eye you are facing. Then I asked: What information will be good with so much garbage on the Internet? I can trust not to lose what little I have? Real that has all this new method to make money and start a business even if they know absolutely nothing about internet or business? Which product to sell if I have it and how to find it? And many, many more questions .. I’m sure you also have. My only elixir for monitoring and acting was my fixed idea of working for others NOT to follow the same time if he could be home with my children and build their own capital without having to worry about the day when I retire and that will be of my family? So that time is running ACCION told me. Stephen Porges is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The first is to seek out who affiliate that offers what you need to get started earning money by doing this because they savings time because it will keep a path already carved and headaches by avoiding the saturation of such information and that this engenders paralizis when it comes to action.

As seek or find yourself in a program that is your solution? It was a long time that what you learn will always be with you and help you when you need it, so that knowledge and good training is the first thing to keep in mind. Find a member who not only give you the tools necessary but will train you and keep you abreast of the latest technologies ideas and discoveries. Then and something that is very important when it comes to an internet business is to create a list of your followers or buyers. By the same author: Celina Dubin.

Holistic Education

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master Gallegos Ramon Nava and holistic education WORLDWIDE freight Rosa Ana Sanchez Meraz, Culiacan, 2009 In the following essay with a reflection of the holistic education created by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, the knowledge gives us and directs us to an educational model which over time and with different paradigms has evolved and gradually has been moving in our current era. I admit that I was one of those people who know of such education, until one day the engineer Jose Luis Mendez Navarro at that time director of the institution for which I work and I can say now great friend, was the one who approached me and somehow I started getting interested and studying these books I have ever acquired in this year and a half of studies, where self realizes that the world is full of trouble making easier solutions are often unaware that they are not correct as drugs, suicide, vandalism, violence, etc.., and lacking a low awareness of the tools we can use to solve these problems is holistic education, where its center is the spiritual human being with whom you work for this being able to identify a real nature so that their spirituality grow and evolve your consciousness. Holistic education is based on a radically different set of principles about the nature of the world in which we live, about human nature and about the intelligence, thinking and learning. Such education is considered as the new educational paradigm for the twenty-first century, offering a new framework for understanding the meaning of education in the new era, first retrieved the best of classic and educators on the other than cases where false was based education during the twentieth century. . Joint Commission may also support this cause.

History Of Money

The invention of money throughout history has provided an endless array of activities such as trade, buying and selling from other financial activities, which over time have become the main human activities, not to mention another important aspect I play the money was the social sphere, because thanks to this social classifications exist today. Money is an intermediate value artificially to represent the economic value of a material through the exchange of it for goods or to pay her debts and financial credits, money is the recovery artificially given to an object (coin or note ) which is accepted by society as an absolute value for the correct economic performance of economic movements. The main functions of money are the easy exchange of materials, as these by providing an economic value to an object facilitate the commercialization process, in addition this also acts as a unit of account that allows through the numerary function easily know the amount of resources which are held financially and materially. For more information see this site: Somatic Experiencing. Money makes its appearance in ancient Phoenician civilization where the exchange of raw materials for food or items such as tools, began to take shape, from this then there is the emergence of barter and money somehow. Margaret and Richard Riney: the source for more info. A few centuries later civilizations such as China and Egypt began to benefit from this practice with certain differences, the creation of surplus value different commodities represented in the raw material gave his big break, these surplus assets were represented by gold, silver, bronze, wine, sea shells and on occasion by quartz, which initially acted as a money, the creation of such things as money contributed significantly to the peasants and the poorer classes who often stopped eating food in exchange for tools, but also contributed directly to the holders of these tools got more resources money, this influence centuries after the social differentiation by means of money.

An important icon of the money was given in ancient Greece where the currency units (coins) began to be decorated with the local emblem of the era in which it was, and from here the emergence of money as we know it today. In the eleventh century the emergence of the ticket by Kubali Khan a Mughal emperor, was given as the meaning of having a certain amount of gold deposited in boxes or saved, that began the creation of paper valued not for its establishment in gold or silver, but for their numismatic significance. Average age for the use of money not only focused on the purchase and sale of goods, but also as an important social icon, because people who had as much cash resources were able to obtain various resources not only commercial but also special services. Given this we can deduce that from that time creating the kinds of services providers was at its best. For now the money is a fundamental part of all civilizations, and thanks to him, the possibility of obtaining resources (loans or financing) to the extent of various objectives is one of its major applications, not to mention that thanks to its creation economic movements can not only focus on a local level but also globally, because the expansion of the money in all societies of the world is just that.

The Five Rules Of Engagement Applied To Chuang Tzu

Today I bring you a link I made between the rules of engagement written by Chuang Tzu and business. Accompanied by a series of tips that will answer five simple questions Why?, Who? When? Where? and How?, which occur when the growing face and often ruthless competition. 1. THE WITNESS: Before entering a battle, one must believe in the cause of the fight. Why? You must clear your goal: to capture your market. You define what you pursue and commit to achieving it; is the main reason to face the competition. We strive to not stay out of the market, to get more clients, referrals, consumers, etc.., And for this we must be mentally prepared, your motivation will be that will have you on the road. "Fight, our reward is in the effort, not the result, a total effort is full victory" Mahatma Gandhi.

2. THE COMRADE: choose your allies and learn to fight together, because no one wins war alone. Who? Forming a team is a requirement for business, surround yourself with capable people, people better than you, which you can always learn something new, and requires you to better yourself. Of people who can help you when you are having difficulties, bearing in mind that you must repay that support. Use with your own allies skills and learn how to maintain an alliance and when it ends. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" .. Niccolo Machiavelli 3. TIME: A fight in the winter is different from a fight in the summer, a good warrior pay attention to the timing of going into battle.