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The patented Vacuum wave massage has been developed together with experts from the German air and space society (DLR). The Vacustyler promotes the blood circulation and metabolism, it stimulates the lymphatic and venous drainage and supports the detoxification. To do so he uses the so-called intermittent vacuum treatment combined with a unit of magnetic field therapy. Tired legs can feel as good as new and the appearance of the skin can be tightened visibly. This is not just a problem zone treatment, but wellness pur. Who wants to try vibration training with Galileo or the Vacustyler, should make an appointment in the Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf.

There are all the info and more offers of the Vitalis of health centre in Dusseldorf under about Vitalis health centre is Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf not only a fitness studio and a health centre for movement with affiliated centers of excellence for figure, nutrition and therapy. Not lifestyle or discount in the Foreground, but supervised health training for young and old. The certified programs in the prevention and rehabilitation sports are recognized by all statutory health insurance. Thus, the cost of the courses in the framework of statutory provisions are applied. Friendliness, helpfulness, warmth and family atmosphere are relevant services, with which the Vitalis wants to be measured.

The range of services includes the gym with machine training, courses and sauna, the Rehasportverein RehVitalisPlus e.V. with supervised health sports, Vitamed plus physiotherapy for all cash and private patients, as well as the Vitalis beauty center with cosmetic treatments, wellness massages, medical foot care and nutrition consultation with targeted fat reduction. Contact Bernd Schranz Vitalis health club GmbH & Co KG Prof. Oehler road 7 D-40589 Dusseldorf Tel: + 49-211 – 79 10 80 agency Nikolai Tauscher Horn printing & publishing KG bridge meadow str. 6-10 D-76646 Bruchsal Tel: + 49 (0) 7251/97 85 16

ETM Erlangen

Tailored to your personal training goal the athletes on the basis of a narrow teeth receive an individual fitness and health coaching performance diagnostics and consulting”, explains Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Landa, Director of sports and movement medicine of the Institute, the medical concept. Individual health and performance diagnostics for cyclists “we address our offer to any ambitious race driver who is also in the leisure ambitious targets in addition to his professional challenge. Also a Manager running Bike Marathon”, so frank. He knows what he’s talking about. The Erlanger tourism Manager even 2010 participated in the tour of Germany.

Exercise ECG, Spiroergometry, heart ultrasound and blood tests, as well as mental coaching form the best basis on which balanced to prepare personal cycling season goals. For 2012 was a modular system with many of the competence partners elaborated various different dates. The health-conscious recreational athletes can coach themselves for the Middle Franconian Cup, the Metro pole Marathon, the Nuremberg old town race and also the Erlanger Triathlon. The sports medicine check-up is available for each level of performance available: “we want to attract but also throughout Germany the cyclist with the competence, long-term want preparing Giro or the tour of Germany on events like the Arlberg. And with an individual and healthy cycling training”, invites Frank to the new supply in the sports and medical city of Erlangen.

Company description of Erlanger tourism and Marketing Association e. V. combines the tourist service providers of medical and university town Erlangen since 1950 and promotes the economy and tourism. Specifically for city marketing the City Management Department was established in 1997, which is active in the interest of retailers and marketed the shopping city of Erlangen. As a business location by Siemens and innovative companies in the medical technology the business location of Erlangen has an international reputation. The dynamically growing middle Franconian bicycle city has currently over 100,000 inhabitants, of which around 30,000 students. The millenial Huguenot city offers a variety of art, culture and events, such as the comic salon, the poet Festival or the international puppet theatre festival, citizens and tourists.


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