Lufthansa Routes

A moscovita that has predicted that year a trip to Nicaragua can realise it of several forms. The worse thing is than the capital of Nicaragua are no direct flights from Moscow for the city of Managua, that is to say. So to arrive at Managua a traveller it must choose some of several routes that make change him at least twice of airplane. There are these routes here: Moscow-Frankfurt-Caracas-Panama-Managua? Moscow-Amsterdam-Panama-Managua? Moscow-Paris-Caracas-Panama-Managua? Moscow-Madrid-Saint-Jose-Managua These routes are offered by several airline companies. Miles D. White is often quoted as being for or against this. First it is realised by two companies: the flight from Moscow to Caracas is offered by the company Lufthansa, as well, the flight from Caracas to Managua is offered by Airlines Glass. Which is the best one? Concerning the routes? 2 and? 4 these are cheapest, since they leave by about 2300 American dollars in high season. The best thing is than these routes do not require visas.

In addition, to price of laughter is a route in comparison with the previous ones, that is to say, Moscow-Madrid-Miami-Nicaragua. This comes to cost about 1700 $. The worse thing is than the one than takes this route to arrive at Nicaragua needs the American visa, reason why this special supply is not able to catch many clients. Which of the two supplies is favorable, You will decide same. This year I realised the trip to Nicaragua and then, she took the route I number 4. As I speak the Spanish but, I do not speak English, for me the one of I number 4 is the best one, since an airplane did scales in hispanohablantes and then paices, I have not had any problems. In addition, I traveled with the Iberia company, the one that is of Spain, thus the stewardesses were hispanohablantes. The pros of this route: – it does not require a visa – the stay in traffic zone does not exceed 12 hours – the best price The cons: – a traveller veniendo from return to Moscow one is with having to wait for in the traffic zone of the Barajas airport (in T4S) 12 hours without it can leave to the city – this route does not enjoy much demand, reason why it is offered with little frequency.

PAL Dragos: The Future After Postmodernism

The future means also the overcoming of the intellectualism, selfishness and a unilateral materialism after Postmodernity from Postmodernism to the overcoming of the postmodern retro modern. This effort includes the development of new skills, in particular a new access to the human body. The matter”of the human body, we talk about the physical body, must be understood in connection with those forces that provide this material with a structure and make. The natural sciences have a methodological problem with these powers, which we can also call body forces, since they are subject to the laws of matter. Body forces are not irdischer and this provides the opportunity to establish a connection with the cosmic forces, to lead the people from his materialistic isolation and to get back with the wholeness in connection. We call the ability to communicate with the body forces sentience. They must however the intellect work together. If I call the future after Postmodernism as a retro modern, I emphasise the need, the skills of the intellect and the Enlightenment, these achievements of modernism, to take in the future.

These skills come through abstraction and speculation in postmodernism to serious damage. The ability still to be developed the sensation (using their structure) is the basis of individual ethics, which can replace the collective morality, like any kind of collectivism. Retro modern redeemed even the individual Socialist movements with their enemy the body rule catalogues. Capitalism also requires a metamorphosis. His vivid design requires the liberation of this formation of society from the grasp of the bourgeois subject. “The crisis of the bourgeois state economics see also from the same author: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation”, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: to the postmodernist you can from the same author Read also the press release from the 17.01.2012: what is postmodernism? -Infighting – self destruction”under:, under the heading: more press releases.

Internet Art

Science fiction and fantay world for a long time agitated the mind of men. Conidering the work of artit, people gradually forget about the viciitude of the real world, and even a couple of minute, tranferred to a fully another ituation where the pacehip, fantay creature, magic and advanced technology are quite common. A couple of decade ago, painting depicting fantay and fiction could be counted on the finger of one hand. Epecially characteritic of thi ituation wa for our country, in which fiction and fantay are conidered harmful tyle and deign for girl and at all conidered public a a challenge to the moral foundation of ociety. Fortunately, thing have changed. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. insists that this is the case. Today, picture of fantay can be found eaily via the Internet. In addition, there are reource that work a 'art gallery', where all poted picture orted into different categorie and allow for long hour admiring amazing univere, created by the ll of artit. By the way, about the artit.

At the moment, a nice loong image depict not only World-famou international artit, but talented artit from Ruia. I mut ay that the picture in a fantay they do no wore than that of all the recognized authoritie of the genre, and it pleae, becaue the Ruian-Slavic culture boat original mythology, and to the boundle expane of the myteriou como, we are not indifferent to tradition. If you mention pecific name, then, firt of all, it make ene to eparate the picture Artit Bori Valeggio, Han Rudolf Giger, Lui Royo, , Oleg Babn, Vladimir Cooper and Eugene Deco. (As opposed to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). All thee artit, of coure, were not pioneer in the field of fantay and fiction viual art, but they did everything to beautiful drawing of fantatic univere have attracted the attention of the ma audience. Skeptical art lover might ak: 'Why in the Baically thi or that art gallery exhibit a fantatic painting? Why all thoe empty dream of a miracle, and heroe do not exit in our age where running the how the percentage of profit and realim? " The whole point i that a beautiful painting – by it perfect. After all, thi nd of art amaze u with your mooth line, an intricate interplay of color, the game of contrat (for example, image of young, attractive women on the background i abolutely trange, alien background), and, of coure, fantatic toryline.

Surely each of u from time to time want to forget about the realitie of the world, and cience fiction work by artit like the bet way to cope with thi tak. Beautiful picture may well be placed on the dektop, or end a gift to a friend, a well a upload them to your computer in order to create their own collection of beauty. Further details can be found at Eva Andersson-Dubin, an internet resource. A place for imagination there jut great. Technology enthuiat intereted in picture of craftmen on the endle outer pace, our ditant future, where fighting between a flotilla of pacehip, and the intrigue i already trailing in the entire galaxie. There are dozen of comic book lover hundred of picture your favorite uperheroe. And fan of magic and word can dicover the magnificent image of fantay. Immere yourelf in the proce of creating their own collection, add to They liked the new picture, and generally do not dwell on the daily work and reality. Sci-Fi univere i much more intereting and give hundred of unforgettable image, including each of u ha omething jut for yourelf.

Genetically Modified Crops

Recently I heard about the unpleasant fact: it turns out, the bodies were buried people are put at the present time is very slow due to the fact that in life, they consume food with synthetic impurities. We will not be able to avoid this, because the processes that occur in society and make it impossible to trust to the sellers and producers. And the politicians, bureaucrats as well. And the producers of cultural products. To neighbors, and, worst of all – to itself. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. Credibility both products have their own opinions, ideas, moral totems and moral taboos. Intellectual property, creativity in the consumer society are valued only when they have the cash equivalent.

Culture allocated a place somewhere after the professional events and weather. At least in the news. Undoubtedly, the world culture is now very degraded, especially the arts: music, practicing in painting, literature. And the more she degrades, the more asserting itself. After a total lack of trust, although the Cold War seemed to be over. When some of my interview threw a quote from Marcel Proust: “The book – a child of solitude and silence.” Maybe feared that the reader will be hard to understand it. And this little event has forced me to understand one simple thing: in a world where everything is permitted, allowed, not all. For example, the solitude and silence as a condition for creativity – the truth proven. The corpse of contemporary culture will rot for a long time, apparently, a long time, because when its existence it has consumed the food and created a synthetic genetic mutants who are afraid of loneliness and silence.

Byzantine Empire

" – On three pages. Clearly, tezisno, in the form a brief synopsis. As the authors draw their common places of past and current statements of philosophers and political scientists, have them stop. Stereotype of the Soviet Union – the empire ", but the Russian empire, and in the subtext – Imperia Evil, "" totalitarianism "," autocracy "and the like – now owns all the political scientists and cultural studies. You see, with the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the xv century, the dream of monks: "Moscow – the Third Rome, became an imperial ideology of the Russian state.

"This imperial ideology has played a large role in Russian history. She inspired the aggressive aspirations of Russian tsarist. Under its influence all the forces had been spent on acquisition, protection and development of the vast territories and the ensuring economic progress, and to cultural development of their people have no choice. " You see, what Russia! Meanwhile, the Russian state was originally developed as any other European country, in the first all Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, Denmark, Germany – with the same imperial ambitions and messianic dreams of individual kings. "The integrity of the vast country has rested on a centralized autocratic government, and not on the unity of culture. This determined the importance of statehood in the history of power and little attention to the development of culture. " Such is the history of European countries in different historical periods. However, the criticism sounds only against Russia. "On the basis of imperial ideology emerged messianic consciousness – the idea of this from God's great mission of Russia in the history of mankind.


Tambourine plays a major role in shamanic ceremonies. Its symbolism is complex and magical functions are diverse. It is necessary for the implementation of the session because he carries the shaman in "The middle of the World ', allows him to fly in space, and encourages the 'charms' spirits, and, finally, because the hum drum allows the shaman to focus and re-establish contacts with the spiritual world, the journey on which he is preparing. As we remember, some initiation dreams of future shamans include the mystical journey to the 'Mid-World', to the place of the Cosmic Tree and the Lord of the Universe. One of the branches of this tree is the Lord allows to fall to the shaman made her rim of a tambourine. The value of this symbolism, in our opinion, clearly comes from the complex, in which she (symbols) are included: the link between heaven and earth under the mediation of the World Tree, ie through the axis, which is located in 'Center World '. Precisely because of its hoop drum made of wood of the Cosmic Tree, the shaman, beating a tambourine, magically transported to that Tree, he moved to the 'Middle of the World' and, simultaneously, can ascend to heaven. Viewed from this perspective, the tambourine can be identified with the shaman tree, the steps which the shaman symbolically ascends to heaven. Climbing on the birch or banging a tambourine, a shaman is approaching the World Tree, and then successfully it climbs. In the Siberian shamans have as their personal trees, which are nothing more than a prototype of the Cosmic Tree, and some also use the 'upside-down trees', that is set back up, which is known to be among the most archaic symbols of the World Tree.

Han Shan

I see my task is to guide people and to accompany, to unlock your own deeply hidden wisdom and strength and this apply profitably in their lives. (Master Han Shan) The Nava DISA is Retreat Center for all suitable deep knowledge and understanding would integrate into your life. Whether to open new doors to create new alternative courses of action or to experience just a break at a place of harmony and to collect new energy. Harmony, culture, meditation and nature pure without giving up luxury is located in the Nava DISA retreat center. The Nava DISA retreat center Shan was designed by master Han trained proactive and is designed according to Feng Shui principles. The generously in the forest parks combine with meditation Islands, pavilions, relaxation areas, gardens, ponds, waterfalls and special symbol places harmony with stunning wild beauty. The heart of Nava DISA is the octagonal Meditationssala, is given the opportunity to the guided meditation. The restaurant Pavilion with its large terrace serves as a social Center for the exchange of views, relaxing and getting to know or even in silence fresh coconut milk to enjoy.

The bungalows with their large window surfaces are harmoniously integrated into the nature and allow a living close to nature. They are equipped according to international standards with air conditioning, shower, toilet, refrigerator and kitchenette. Approximately 60 to 100 square metres large bungalows are decorated according to facilities with living room, bedroom or living room and two bedrooms, with seating and many useful accessories. A dream is the corresponding terrace, which is ideal to rest and relax. In accordance with our biological clock, vegetarian specialities are served for breakfast and lunch. Enjoying the meals at this pace facilitates the optimal mental performance and physical freshness. There is a light evening meal on request.

The vegetarian meals are prepared by two cooks of the international gastronomy. In a retreat you are equipped with master Han Shan with the tools and methods, enabling it to open your deep inner wisdom and your powerful potential to develop. In doing so, retire completely from everyday life and allow themselves, without practicing the basics of inner opening external interference in a harmonious atmosphere. They are in themselves learn how the “law of nature – the natural laws of energy” your life influence, how can you deal with these energies and profitably applying it to your life. Learn how to overcome the limitations imposed on conventional training systems and Sciences us, through the development of the deep, inner wisdom. The results are new options and optimal results. In the Nava DISA retreat center, you will understand how the energies that determine your life impact. And permanently and profitably use these energies for himself. Just who can properly assess its own strength to apply consciously know positively guide other people and can act from a position of wisdom and strength. This wisdom and the deep, powerful Findings allow you insights into the law to win the natural energy laws of nature. Step by step you see how the phenomena of our world arise and pass again. You will learn how these phenomena can affect you and how to deal effectively with them. Strengthened and retooled from the retreat–go ready to face the world. Information and organization in Germany Katrin Mountain in Hindenburg Street 12a 35683 Dillenburg phone: + 49 (0) 2771-5000 fax: + 49 (0) 2771-5702 E-Mail: Internet:

Internet Marketing

Many marketing experts say that web design of a site may be something irrelevant in comparison to Internet Marketing strategy. Personally I think that web design and Internet Marketing are linked, because everything is eventually designed to seduce the user who visits the site and greater action by the. The purpose of this article is not to enter into dispute with these experts, but to understand the importance both of web design as Internet Marketing and, as these two factors can help you increase your winnings on your web site. Let’s begin by understanding that web design gives the first impression, and that this influences in large part that the user will want to stay or leave the site after 8 or 10 seconds. Suppose that we visited a site that shows strong to view colors, uncomfortable pop-ups, overloaded images or videos that take an eternity to load, very probably are going to want to abandon the site before knowing the benefits of service are we looking for truth? It is for this reason that should not be in the background the web your site design, because finally this aspect is going to provide the user a positive experience and therefore the good acceptance of the brand on the internet. On the other hand, one of the biggest advantages that offers Internet Marketing is access to information at all times and available to the public target either local or international. The key to Internet Marketing is in the form of how it presents offer humans who expect much more than a nice web design of the site.

Do you use email, blogs, banners, SEO, PPC etc to direct qualified traffic to your web site? does your site have orderly and clear information? Das to learn about the benefits of your services to visitors and invite them to take action with striking and direct messages so that they acquire them? You catch the important data of prospects such as name and phone number with intentions clear as subscriptions or consultations that facilitate reaching them? Your web site presents professional images and testimonies that give confidence about your services? You include keywords in your text for the optimization in search engines? Do you make follow-ups and changes of your online campaigns to take absolute control of your investment? When you put in practice these actions of Internet Marketing you will see how you’ve conducted and recorded data of the potential customer, submitted your services and you’ve finally managed to make a sale or acquisition of the service with a successful marketing strategy. On Xzito creative solutions we focus mainly on your Internet Marketing strategy so you get good results, we also give the same importance to the web from your site design so that it reflects the quality and reliability of your corporate image. Call us now! (401) 709 – 43-42 or program your appointment at and receive a free consultation to help you build your Internet Marketing strategy and design your website. Xzito your best solution.

Sanatan Dharma

Rules of love for the Kriya Yoga wants all mankind wants all nature wants all creation loves God above all loving all around you try your love making an honest and useful work try your love making others happy try his love being in love with the opposite gender test your love sharing everything with all in concreteKriya is a specific meditation technique which accelerates human evolution and which leads to the realization of God. It was revived in the modern age by the immortal guru, Babaji and brought from India to the Western world in the early 20th century by Paramhansa Yogananda. To be able to successfully practice Kriya, is meticulous preparation Anandaespanol org. It tells us that we take into consideration, Kriya Yoga form part of a body of teachings than in the India called Sanatan Dharma, and that Yogananda called self-realization. In his book the hindu path of the Lighting, Swami Kriyananda writes: Sanatan Dharma, properly understood, takes its root in the foundations of the universe. As teaching, does not exclude any practice that is designed to ennoble and elevate the mind, to awaken the selfless love in the heart, to inspire longing for the truth, to loosen the chains of the egotism and selfishness, and deepen our awareness of what is in opposition to what appears to be.Said more simply still, the goal of Sanatan Dharma is twofold: the elevation of human consciousness, on one hand, and the expansion of our identity through love, on the other, so that we embrace all life and all reality as ours. Any practice that it will encourage people in this direction, even if it not so specifically defines the goal, legitimately belongs to the domain of Sanatan Dharma. Original author and source of the article.