He did not teach an eternal hell. He did not teach that there was to baptize babies, but said either: First you teach and later you baptize. Nevertheless the Church has introduced the obligatory baptism of the babies and it continues it to the present time maintaining. For even more details, read what Gina Ross says on the issue. A baby does not have the possibility of defending itself. This practical one is against Jesus de Nazaret; it is a manipulation, a psychic limitation for the defenseless children carried out by the parents and order of the Church. And in case not outside sufficient, the Church still spreads the pagan image of a God that punishes with the eternal condemnation those men who do not follow chaste the sacerdotal one. In this way cause fear in innumerable people, makes them lose the psychic health and them distance of God.

This it is a sin against the Spirit Santo. By all these psychic loads that the Church has imposed the people many psychic diseases arise, among them the calls eclesigenas neuroses. And as the people affected by these diseases are so many, it understands better the state in than it is east world. This Church that in addition is sexfoba produces great culpability complexes in the people, loading them with terrible bad brings back to consciousness time and time again and threatening them faults and like no, with the eternal condemnation. Despite later it has the audacity to affirm that through his priests, it can pardon the sins. But they really cannot pardon of any way to anybody. The Bible has been manipulated consciously in this aspect, because in fact the people are those that must be forgiven their sins mutually.

In the Padrenuestro one is still correctly: as well as we pardoned to our indebted ones. Also sexofobia of the Church causes serious problems in the society, mainly between the priests. The obligatory celibacy does not have any Biblical foundation, is therefore a mere tradition of the Church and in addition an unnatural state that often goes accompanied of pedofilia and of the terrible crimes that are from her. The sensation is transmitted of: All you you are sinful and surely you are going to go to hell, unless you are put under our ceremonies. This is a psychic blackmail that if the State or any association practiced, immediately would be found with reason more than just, alleging that it is to terrify spiritually. Extract of the demand presented/displayed before the Triunal de Friburgo (Germany) by Dieter Potzer and others against the Archbishopric of Friburgo. Free Christians by the Christ of the Sermon of the Mountain in all the cultures worldwide original Author and source of the article.


Who knows the others is a scholar. Who is known, is a scholar. You are somebody, you can be certain. Because God never would waste its time to make ' ' ningum' '. He thinks about this: Amongst more than the 6 billion people in this world, he does not have two that they are equal All we are ' ' originais' '! But many insist on being copies of the others. It refuses to be a copy. It advances beyond the average! You are much more of what 208 bones, 500 muscles, 7 a thousand nerves and some kilos of skin. He prevents the minimum, pursues the maximum.

The people who have fear to go up higher in search of the triumph are those that had lost the confidence Or that they had lost the faith in its capacity. Some nor perceive that it has potential to make something more. If you do not help yourself to leave marasmo, who you will help? Nor always of pra to make everything But, nor therefore, if he refuses to make something that makes the difference If he does not strengthen to be accepted, but he fights to be you yourselves. How many significant things we leave to make in the life for finding that it is late excessively? It has force She is necessary if to convince of that the success, the triumph, is in you! Unknown author. CVR/

Ancient Medicine

Balsamic-medicine of antiquity. Read more from Anita Dunn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Many of the products from the world around us has long attracted the attention of humanity to their unusual healing properties. Since ancient times people were aware of trees and shrubs, of which at cortical lesions arise thick, tarry, with a strong specific flavor of the liquid, quickly gusteyuschie and dries the air. In the writings of Avicenna, and other eminent scientists, they were called "balm". Essential oil and tolutansky, Canadian, incense, cedar and other balms considered a magic bullet for various skin lesions, diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract.

They are widely used for fumigation and air in order to "gentrification" of drugs that have an unpleasant odor and taste. Balms called celebrities myrrh (in Arabic "bitter") – resin kommifory plants growing in arid areas of North-East Africa, gum certain milkweed, benzoin, extracted from the bark of a tree storax the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo and India, is used in various religious cults. Mastic resin in a dried form were used as chewing gum to strengthen the gums and eliminate bad breath. Balsamic resin from North Africa sandarac sandarakovogo wood used in dentistry practice as a material for seals, as well as in dysentery. Balsamic resin has long been used for medicinal purposes as the outside and inside. Avicenna used sandarac for "ulcers, pimples in the lung and chronic coughing, as well as sleepiness and veins (inward and outward). In his classic work, The Canon of Medicine scientist gives a description of balm: "A strong tool for soothing a headache if they lubricate the whiskey, drops in the ears removes the ringing and noise in the ears, soothes toothache sighted, resolves the tumor and removes the tonsils pain.

The System

Clear that always there are small problemitas, but who worries about them .? The system of how to recover a lost love I transform the system is transforming the life. Appeared I to some of the great secrets on me, my pair and our relation. I know that it is certain, but when I watch backwards the life was so boring and sad. In recent months, cardiologist has been very successful. Finally I have included/understood the secret of a life happy. I feel very lucky. Before I was totally unconscious of the needs and exigencies of my pair: When I watch fodder in &quot backwards; the idiot who was " I always treated the things reason why tapeworm less interest. This system allowed to understand its mood me.

In truth " that idiot I was " The System of how to recover a lost love is an arsenal of secrets Before used to act in autopilot, did not have an idea and, finally, my relation crashed. It did not have nor idea on the handling of a relation it damages and it. This system helped to understand the problems me and also it helped to repair the damage until now me done. Those secrets are very different from the traditional approach that it is based so deeply on the unstable mind. Today I am really a different person and I enjoy a very happy life. The life that once soe If it is reading this and you face similar problems, please analyzes the System of how recovering a lost love. It worked for me and I am sure that also it will work for you, you are O-Man woman.

Why? , because I not recomendaria it if he would not have proven it same. You do not allow that the things are estresantes, painful and ugly. It is time to bring again to your pair to your life. The life is empty without the love. Revisalas now. Like recovering a lost love.