Support Contributions

With the separate BU insurance (SBU) Nuremberg students and young professionals, but also other groups already with contributions from 1 euro per day can protect themselves. The risk of workers from all professions should hedge against today occupational disability. As evidenced by a recent study, about every fourth regular retirement will no longer be in the course of life capable of, to practice the learned profession. The health impacts such as a traffic accident or a serious illness significant come economic consequences: the State full disability pension is only 30-34 percent of gross income on average, this is equivalent to a pension of only 722 euros on average in a month. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. To receive a high standard of living even in the case of disability, disability insurance (BUV) should be completed in a timely manner.

Basically, Nuremberg advises citizens to do so as early as possible against the risk of disability, to ensure best during studying or teaching, or at the latest to the professional entrance. Young people receive usually no benefits from the disability pension when of a disability, because it is linked to conditions such as 36 months of paid contributions (in the last five years). You are assigned to a private screening in a special way. Nevertheless, an early decision for an occupational disability insurance worth mainly because of favourable conditions, that apply to a young person. Who buys no diseases or other health impact against the occupational disability, pays usually significantly low rates. With the separate BU insurance (SBU) Nuremberg students and young professionals, but also other groups already with contributions from 1 euro per day can protect themselves. Another advantage: The SBU can be combined with other insurance of Nuremberg for example with the daily sickness allowance insurance or the SchnellHilfe, which in the case of severe Support makes diseases. More information on the subject of disability are available under:

What Are The Options For Private Health Insurance For Students Is There?

Saving money from the very beginning is possible students should make private sick sure young people who start studying, often ask for the necessary insurance. Credit: Margaret and Richard Riney-2011. So, about the proof of own health insurance during the registration is compulsory. The private insurance Portal shows which ways of insurance for students. Most students are health at baseline. This means that they are covered on the parents and must pay no contributions itself. This provision shall apply only up to the age of 25. Then, students must assure themselves sick. Before they do, students should consider the ways for private health insurance in consideration.

So the private insurers for students offer special rates. This form of insurance especially comes into play when students already studying start their own businesses or work as a freelancer. But especially, if University graduates after graduation continued independently want to stay. Private health insurance is therefore especially attractive, because academics seek more upscale items. Insured persons can reach a permanent cost savings with private insurance. While the social insurance contributions from your salary, at the car fees are according to the age of the policyholder. The younger you are so upon completion of the insurance, the basic rate is the lower. Although this is adjusted dynamically with time.

Because of the low launch costs are however usually still under which compulsory health insurance contributions. Private health insurance in comparison is the cheaper way for Commissioner.

Optimal Pension Plan

Base pension in focus: flexible and robust retirement many consumers the Rurup pension (also base) is completely unknown. Since declared it is again and again as a pension for self-employed persons. It is also to advisable employees and civil servants very interesting and attractive be attractive even as the Riester pension with its promotion through allowances. Because also the Rurup pension is funded by the State. Worth the Rurup pension as a pension? In contrast to the Riester pension funded the base pension not through allowances, but through tax benefits. Therefore, the Rurup pension worth just for self-employed persons and good incomes.

76 Per cent of the posts can already be used in 2013. This includes the Rurup must specify posts only in the tax return as special editions. The Rurup is funded up to a maximum pension of 20,000 euro for single and 40,000 euros for jointly assessed married couples. In the year 2025, the full promotion claim can then taken be. Before that the percentage increases continuously. The Rurup pension can be completed as a classic insurance or as unit-linked Variant.

Also, no conditions are linked as a minimum capital amount the contract then. Here everyone can depositing as much as he can and want. How does the Rurup pension in independent tests? Both Stiftung Warentest and focus money have tested the Rurup pension on their suitability as a pension. Through the promotion and their flexibility is attractive. Tariff Alliance, Huk-Coburg, PB life, people are the Federal Government and of the HanseMerkur according to the testers to recommend. Unfortunately still no current test exists in the year 2013, therefore consumer on the tests from the years 2011 and 2012 have to Dodge. The Rurup pension test from 2011 is to said that UNI gender tariffs were not yet introduced. What are the characteristics of the Rurup pension? Who a Rurup pension completes, it can no longer really cancel. Only the contract are free, works. The insurer still retains the capital saved previously and it pays off on the agreed date. As well, there is no way the capital payment. The services from a Rurup pension are paid as a life annuity. Also, taxes fall, on such as the statutory pension insurance. This is called downstream taxation. However, the personal tax rate will fall here less than during the working life.