Medication and Pain

Much easier to swallow a pill and calm down on this. It does not matter that "thinks" with the liver, stomach, heart … the main thing – we quickly did something to improve health. And, it's probably something to help – otherwise in pharmacies were no queues … Long-term effects us, basically, are not worried.

It hurts something now! And this hour the pain should be removed. Do not touch deeply here a question that any pain – this is, in fact, saved for our body. This is a direct signal about where the problem is in the body. And if we removed pain medications (pills, injections), this does not mean that we have coped with the real problem, which is present in our body. We have just drowned the pain … DENS device will work with the reason for definition.

The phone will cope with many irregularities in the state of health – just give him time. And, most importantly – to treat something you will not the phone itself, and your own body! DENS not simply removes the pain syndrome … The device sends low-frequency current pulses, which penetrate into the skin by no more than 1 mm, interact with our nervous system – and so it is something the central control of our bodies – and starts a cascade of local reactions (improving blood circulation, nutrition, nerve conduction, etc.), leading to functional recovery of organs and systems. And believe there should only in the fact that your body knows better than you (or rather your ego), which where and in what sequence it should be restored. DENS device simply helps a disturbed equilibrium (a state of health – this is the balance in the body) to recover by running the self-healing mechanisms – Through the effect on the nervous system. DENS-therapy – is evidence-based medicine. To date, numerous medical studies, including placebo, on various fronts, most various clinics and research institutes of the country and abroad. Our senior staff are involved in national and international scientific symposiums, exhibitions, medical equipment, and TV. And the question I BELIEVE, DO NOT BELIEVE just ridiculous, really. Believe it or not can be in something that can not be verified or disproved. Here is the solution simply to horrible – take it and do that – and you will be the result. In support of these words – solving problems with health users DENS devices, which for 12 years existence of the corporation DENAS MS – more than a million people. Do not have a machine right now – ask your neighbor, friend to help you cope with illness. No such DENS device in a close circle of friends? Contact your nearest DENAS Center. Call DENS consultant. You are invited to a presentation to the office or come directly to your home or work and conduct demonstration session, it is free. DENS devices do an excellent job with the problem of non-drug treatment and prevention of diseases – heal, restore, relieve pain and swelling and even diagnose the condition of the body! (But that's another story). So, do you personally still do not believe in the DENS-therapy? .. Listen, look at the experiences of others … And finally, try it yourself.

In Israel

Come to a place of birth need to advance, 3-4 weeks before delivery. That – and the condition of foreign clinics and most airlines (deadline – 36-38 weeks). For longer pregnancy is best to avoid long flights and exhausting travel by train or car in order to avoid complications. Yes, and a doctor and a midwife need to know about in advance, as well as a complete examination of mother and fetus to plan births. Not recommended abrupt change of climate in the second half of pregnancy and childbirth, which also affects the choice of the country and, accordingly, the cost. One of the most important issues that need to decide in advance – a visa based on an invitation from the hospital and thereby – obtaining legal status of private patients. In each country – its time for obtaining visas and the package of documents to be submit to the Embassy (in case of travel to give birth is better to have multiple-entry visa). However, be sure to 100% of its receipt of the citizens of cis countries in our time is not possible.

Necessary to organize accommodation new mothers before and after childbirth, to the point where she can be with your child to return home (not before 3-4 weeks after birth). In Germany and Israel are waiting for a month before giving birth in France – for two months. In Israel, Britain accepted write down two days after vaginal delivery and five days – after caesarean section, in Germany, Austria, the clinic is usually held 4-5 days after vaginal delivery and 7 days – after operative delivery.

The Chimney

Furnace flue must not have horizontal segments longer than 1 m. When passing Chimney through walls, ceilings or roofs should be used through-connections are made in accordance with the rules of fire safety. Safe installation of chimney flue should eliminate contact channels with electrical wiring, gas pipelines and other utilities. To clean the chimney at its base should provide a removable part (a glass) or a hole with a door. When an internal installation option vertical sections of the chimney of metal pipes are indoors. Flue pipes (tubes) are placed in internal walls and partitions. Outputs the chimney through the roof and floor decks with Special walk-through pipe.

When you install the chimney inside the mines is necessary to provide the door, enabling easy access to the inspection hole. If an inspection hatch located near impossible glass, allowed the extension of the chimney to the inspection hole. As a tip the chimney in mining performance should apply fairing mouth. For external installation option, vertical sections of chimney placed outside the building with a side terminal through the wall, subject to the warming of the outer pipe section to prevent condensation of moisture from the discharged products of combustion. The chimney is attached to special brackets wall. Flue pipes (tubes) that are usually placed at the internal walls and partitions of incombustible materials. The vertical sections of the chimney of metal pipes are placed outside the building to the side of the through the wall, provided the outer insulation of the pipe portion.

Spiritual Intelligence

Peace is something alive, awake trying to subjugate the forces of war holistic education only implemented from the initial levels of the schools can achieve a culture of peace in their students, current mechanistic models promote educational in that sense the internal belligerence in students, as if in combat is the slogan winners and losers, where are awarded to the former and the latter are excluded. From this perspective, the educational model does not fulfill its role of ethics and comprehensive training, to become the quintessential, exclusionary and discriminative. In the book "Intelligence Spiritual (beyond multiple intelligences and emotional), Dr. Gallegos reveals spirituality as transformative moves us, mature us, frees us from fear, and ignorance of the units of our true nature and through she assumed responsibility for our own enlightenment, spirituality gives us power, confidence and certainty. So far only have been written on the second level of intelligence, but the third level of intelligence is the top level and corresponds to the spiritual understanding that is uniquely human and its base is wisdom, that is, the holistic vision capability a really deep and meaningful interpretations.

It is the transcendence, going beyond the material, the biological from the psychic, is the transpersonal intelligence, multiple intelligences beyond (until now considered in some models of education), religion, psychology paranormal, or personal development. Spirituality has been present in man to Throughout its history, sometimes hiding other periods of time standing out, is perennial philosophy, is universal love. This book takes us from the hand so that we ourselves find that spiritual intelligence, being an inside job that only be achieved through the Auto inquiry. The book "Education for Life and Peace. Beyond the quality of education.

Dr. Gallegos has masterfully central aspects of holistic education, and some of them, the nature of holistic vision, spirituality, new awareness, obstacles to a comprehensive vision, learning, intelligence, role of educator and inclusive society. It also offers the most significant dialogues 6 lectures given at the World Education Forum Holistic based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. CONCLUSIONS Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, has helped us to recognize meaning rigor connections characteristics of different types of approaches are currently showing in the educational environment. But here most important issue is the general reflection on what I tried, among other things to capture in this essay. Historicism, Dr. Gallegos highlights the aspect of spirituality, from the Kantian position that Western culture has sought to eliminate by reducing the person and the entire society the concept of "human nature"; "rational man", thus erasing potential of individual subjectivity and canceling the same as the basic sense of compassion that individuals deployed in community. The high value that societies have given reason and the scientistic approach, has done more than distract and marginalize the significance of other aspects of the individual and society that has to do with his current life, as would be the beauty, values supreme humanity. Dr. Gallegos has clarified that holistic education is not only an educational alternative, but a life education, as the four pillars of learning have been made by the Commission for the XXI Century Education of UNESCO. '.

European Measures

3. Be happy. As a healer, I see every day that most of the diseases and physical problems are consequence of situations unresolved emotional or mental bodies. The concerns, suffering, not being able to love enough, lack of awareness of who we are, not make us as human beings, not to follow our purpose in life, the inability to forgive, all this are some of the reasons why we get sick. They are not always avoidable, but with a good formation, training and a little guide, many Yes can be avoided or solved until they escalate into a disease. It is our responsibility to accept this fact and take appropriate measures. And when we have to go to a therapist, is very important to remember the best thing is to create a team formed by the doctor’s header, the specialist they are needed, and a healer who collaborate in the healing process, facilitating it and complementing it. In some European countries, measures are being taken to involve more patients.

For example, smokers have to pay more for your insurance doctor. Some obese people should reduce certain amount of weight before undergoing certain operations that are not urgent. I think that if we do not awareness of that we get sick because we are not careful, will a point that such measures are going to generalize. Personally, I think that if we start to change and educate our children to develop healthy habits from the beginning, we can get the next generation to be healthier and make better use of medical resources. In summary, we are responsible for our health, with an emphasis on prevention and focusing on healthy living. The Governments are to provide us with adequate means and therapists to collaborate with us when needed. But our health is in our hands, not in theirs.

To speak about responsibility not implies guilt. Being responsible for something means being aware of what you can do, and do it. There are no excuses. Almost everyone knows what is good and what not, and who do not know has plenty of resources to train and learn. To blame is: either not have realized by ignorance or apathy, or be aware and not do anything about it. And you, honestly, which Group belong?

Biological Networks

I am the biological networks that supports each and every one of the species inhabiting me you my beloved human included. Gaia lately has been writing, commenting on the end of the world, sobe which brought prophecies, especially that of the Mayans and everything concerning to the year 2012, specifically in December of that year. Some will say Wiles, fantasies, perhaps others will take it a little more seriously, considering what messages contain, what we have predicted for this year. There is a popular saying that says that when the River sounds stone brings, so before this excitement you have to stop and evaluate what. He has been written, that the beliefs and ideas are not only product of the mind, also are mental beings that have life and power. We need to be well aware that since the beginning of mankind was born the noosphere-sphere of the things of the spirit – with the unfolding of the myths and gods. From fully our souls and our minds, the noosphere It is in us and we in the noosphere.

. Indeed, there is already a movement of publicity about this year, which has interested many, as happened with the predictions of Y2K that nothing happened. A book named December 2012 of Juan Carlos Garcia, who many consider that it is commercial, has appeared regardless of the information that can bring. The fact, that the objective of this article is to delve into the evidence presented with respect to this year. .

mundoprofecias. com presents a writing of journalist Kate Ravilious ten theories about end of the world 2012 namely: theory of Reinhard Stindl, doctor of Medicine of the University of Vienna, climate change: at the end of this century is possible that gases greenhouses have doubled and that the global temperature has increased at least two grades. This is more heat of what Earth has experienced in the last million and a half years.

Banal Criticism Separate Feed

The system of food combining American nutritionist Herbert Shelton, sufficiently known, strictly regulates the compatibility and incompatibility of food. Settle such claims alleged unsuitability of the gastrointestinal tract of man to the simultaneous digestion of meat and fish proteins to polysaccharides of bakery products and cereals second dishes, and protein from dairy products proteins of plant origin. The vulnerability of the conclusions of Mr. Shelton's visible even in the non-specialist, as even an approximate consideration of this concept allows you to easily identify its superficial and ignorance supporters of the basics of food combining physiology of digestion. Their views dominate the mechanistic view. Here are the main arguments of modern nutritionists, raised against the concept of food combining.

1. In nature there is no pure proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Most foods contain several ingredients. Maybe it's someone seem surprising, but the meat, which is considered an important source of protein, the latter is less than a fifth. Fat in it is much more than protein. In cereals a lot of carbohydrates, but quite a few proteins. So it's hard to bring the body from food proteins or carbohydrates in its pure form.

Therefore, whether we like it or not want, but during the meal in the stomach at the same time coming, and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates. 2. Digestion and absorption of food takes place largely in the stomach and the intestine. Digestive juices contain a set of different enzymes and are ready to digestion of a multicomponent food. Simultaneous entry into the blood amino acids, fatty acids and glucose facilitates, and in many cases makes it possible to own synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Of course, the mixed diet digested longer. But for this organism and appropriate and acceptable, and optimally, since has grown deep substances enter the blood gradually. Where separate feeding some dietary factors, such as glucose into the blood quickly and in large quantities, which complicates the process of digestion, contributes to overloading of enzyme systems responsible for this process. (The attack on the pancreas!) Finally, the food in the stomach is delayed by at least several hours. So the plus-minus 30 minutes, no significance, no matter whether you eat protein first, and at the end of dinner, carbohydrates, or it was done the opposite. That being said, within experimental error. In the stomach, under the influence of peristalsis all content – and the food and gastric juice – thoroughly mixed and digested it will only proteins. In a short time in the acidic environment of the stomach can not start rotting carbohydrates, especially since decay does not occur in acidic and in alkaline medium. In such an environment can not be destroyed and pepsin. On the contrary, pepsin better 'work' is in an acidic environment, while its alkaline reaction activity decreases dramatically. It is well known how much more difficult to digest protein foods in the stomach in people with low acidity of gastric juice. Medicine is not confirmed the feasibility of the recommendations of Mr. Shelton: – at the same time use only starchy and sugary foods and eat melon necessarily separate from any other food – in the morning eat fruit and cream, yogurt or sour cream, afternoon meal, rich in starch, and the evening meat, fish and other containing protein foods – avoid desserts, along with vitamins in pills to treat not only as a commercial venture pharmacists.